Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Chapter 5: The Traitor

“Ah, I do love a very good story,” the woman said before I was looking at my husband, and then I was looking at her.
“But then, I love the plot twist more. It was something that I cannot think of anything would be better when the hero betrayed his love interest after all,” she said before she was looking at Ashton with love. And he did the same.
I felt like a gut was punched to my face.
“Now, I will leave you to get the information that I know you will get from her. Have fun,” the blonde woman said as she pulled him by the name and kissed him fully. Ashton was gripping her tiny waist before I turned to look away. I don’t think I can stomach this any more than my heart can.
Ashton betrayed me. My husband, the love of my life, betrayed me and it pierced through my soul.
“I see you later, love,” Ashton murmured before I rolled my eyes. The blonde woman turned to look at me before she smirked and exited the room. The door closed and I was left with the last person that I would be expecting to see.
The silence was stretching as far as it could before I sighed and chuckled bitterly.
“So, this is where Fate was telling what a cruel sense of humor it has,” I mumbled as I was looking at the blonde woman before I was turning my gaze to look at Ashton. It has been a few days since I was looking at him and he was still the same husband that I loved.
The traitor that I called my husband.
Ashton was turning to look at me clearly. He was looking at my wrists before he was looking at my bodysuit. It clung to my curves and I was taking a deep breath. My chest was rising and falling before he settled on my face. His hazel eyes were unreadable.
“Is this how you spend your work in the outstation? Filling in people with information as well as warming someone else’s bed?” I chuckled before I shook my head. “I’m a fool,” I whispered before Ashton was clearing his throat. I turned to look at him.
“As much as I wanted to lie to you, Ashley,” he called my name. No more endearments that he always called when we’re alone. I guessed that was a lie after all.
“You can see that you are in a sticky situation and this time,” Ash turned to look at me as I was focusing on his handsome face, “you can never escape,” he said as he smirked at me. I felt a familiar ache inside me as I was concealing my emotions. But Ashton smirked before he was tracing his fingers on my jaws, like when he used to when we were entangled in bed after making love. I flinched.
“Seeing that you are walking right into our trap, I think it was only a courtesy for me to be gentle with you. As long as I got the information that I wanted,” he said before I laughed humorlessly. The sound echoed before I turned to look at him sharply. I squared my shoulders as I was burning my eyes for the fact that I thought loved me as I did for him.
I was wrong and it was my first mistake.
“Try me,” I said as I was looking at Ashton. He smirked and then leaned closer.
“Oh, believe me, I will and you will do exactly like I say, Ashley,” he said before he stepped back and he was rolling up his sleeves. I don’t know what was about him but the look that he gave me was murderous. Now I know I was not dealing with Ashton Flammen, my husband that I have sworn for my life. No, this was Frederic Rhein, the man that I was supposed to kill. Only, I was not the one that was calling the shots.
“Now, we have to check if you’re carrying anything that might be used to escape when our backs were turned,” he said before he was stepping closer into my personal space. I was looking up at his handsome face before his hands were roaming my body.
I know he did not mean to do it for I can see the hatred in his eyes. I felt his hands on my arms, searching for any concealed weapons before he was putting on my shoulders. I was breathing hard as the hormones were acting up.
Damn it, pregnancy!
Then, his hands strayed down on my chest as I was trying not to arch my back at his touch. I have been waiting for his return and I don’t think that I could ever see anyone else that would be daring to do as such when clearly, he hated me.
Then, his hands were on my bosoms. And I bit my tongue to let out a moan.
“Well, there were no weapons here,” he whispered as his hot breaths were on my face. I can smell his minty breaths as I was leaning closer. Just one kiss and I can forget him.
But Ashton did not stay there as he was kneeling in front of me. He was tracing his hands on my stomach before his hazel eyes were looking at me. I was staring at him stoically before he went on.
He put his hands on my thighs and I was gulping. Good god! What is wrong with me?! he’s the enemy and he will not hesitate to kill me if I was to escape from here. And I was thinking about getting in bed with him!
I am a sick person.
Ashton dragged his hands to my calves before he was patting my behind. He was putting on my buttocks as he got to his feet before he was searching my back. My bosoms hit his hard chest and I gasped for a moment as Ash was arching his eyebrow. I turned away from his gaze before he was gripping my nape and I was forced to look at his handsome face.
The black hair that I gripped whenever I can.
The hazel eyes that I loved so much which flared with love for me once upon a time.
The body that belonged to me and I can seek pleasure and safety in it.
I was looking at his face, trying to memorize all the simple details, and yet it was something that I know I will always see in my dreams when this was over.
A single tear rolled down my cheek.
Ashton stepped back as his face was expressionless. I cannot know what he was thinking before he was straightening himself and looked at me for once before he turned away from me. his back was in my sight as he was walking out of the room.
“Tomorrow, do not expect the same courtesy as you had today,” he said before he was walking out the door. It slammed shut before I was drowning in my misery and the tears were rolling down even more as I sobbed of the loss that I don’t think I would ever have.
The next morning came. My eyes were puffy and I cannot see well in the damn room as I was looking around. I know for sure that my eyes were red as I was crying and sobbing for all the deception that Ashton did.
No, not Ashton. His name is Frederic.
I was gripping my hands into fists as I was thinking one thousand and one ways to kill him. I know that I would not regret it when I have to kill my husband. And that was what I will be doing.
Killing him would be easy enough.
As I was contemplating to rip his head off his sinful body, the door opened and I was looking at the blonde woman and Ashton.
No! Frederic.
“Well, I can see that your method was a success, Fred. You made her cry and I never thought that you can be so heartless,” she said as I was looking at her, trying to look for her angle in this sick game of hers.
No, I was a prisoner. A dangerous one, yes, but a helpless one as well.
“What? No snide remarks?” she asked before she went to the tray that held any kind of torture device. I sensed some shifting but when I looked, Ashton was standing still.
No, Frederic!
“Now, shall we get on with our experiment on your body, Ashley? I know for a fact that you might be an assassin but right now, you’re hopeless and your husband,” she chuckled when she said that, “was not really your husband. Ah! What a dramatic ending, would you say?” she asked me.
But I stayed silent.
The blonde woman tilted her head before she clicked her tongue. “Very well. if that’s how you want to play it. Then, I just have to make do,” she said before she took something in her hands. I looked at it and it was a knife. A small knife but deadly all the same.
“Now, let the fun begins,” she said before she slashed my arm and my screams filled the room.
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