Irresistible Affair [Villainess #5]

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Chapter 6: The Torture

I don’t know how long have I been here. I don’t think I can think correctly right now for every day and night I have been tortured by the blonde woman as Ashton was looking from the other side of the room.
I know I should not hope that he would change his mind but a little part of me, the hopeful one, was thinking to convince him to get out of here and turned his side on his comrades. But of course, that would be taking life for if I cannot change him in one year, what will it be for me to change him forever?
This was his family and he protected them. I was not his family. I thought I was when every night he would whisper something sweet nothings and we would make love to each other. I thought I have his heart but the blonde woman that was kissing him right now, knowing that I was there.
I know the answer to his heart.
After every torture that they put on me, I would scream and shout as they would ask questions about the military defenses. We have been trained to keep our mouths shut when it was time to surrender.
And I did my best in that training because I was an assassin and I was the one that suggested the training.
But there was a time when I would wish that they would kill me. Bruises were everywhere as my suit was torn and no one noticed it. I was whipped, cracked, jabbed, and many more that I don’t know what they were doing.
I was lost for I was not the controller of my body and I let my mind wandered. Sure, the voices were my own but at that moment in time, I was not in that room.
I was somewhere safe, somewhere that I know I will have my own happy ending, somewhere my husband Ashton Flammen was mine and mine only.
“Stop,” Ashton—Fred—told my torturer as he was instructing something. I don’t know what I was doing at the time for I just surrendered. My eyes were burning with tears but I don’t shed it.
No one deserved to see it, not even Ash/Fred.
“I don’t think this will be efficient as anything else we tried. This wench is a tough cookie,” I heard every word as I was focusing on the ceiling of the room. but I don’t think they know that I was not in the moment as well.
“Leave,” Ash said before the torturer was arching his brows.
“But, sir, milady—“
“She will agree with me. or have you forget who was the one that warms her bed every night?” Ash asked him before the torturer was excusing himself. Ash sighed before he was kneeling in front of me as I was being chained to the ground, knelt to feel the pain on my back.
“Why are you being difficult, Ashley? It was simple, you just have to tell me everything that you know and you will be free,” Ash said as I was coming back to my body now. I turned my face to look at his and I saw that his hazel eyes were holding some emotion in them.
Hatred? Longing? Yearning? Regret?
Perhaps I don’t know what it was for it was gone when that blonde woman came back into the room. Ash turned to look at his beloved before she was focusing on me.
“What are you doing, Fred?” she asked before Ash stood up and I was looking at his long legs that were going to the woman. No, not this torture. I cannot bear when Ashton was kissing another woman.
Another woman that he loved so much more than me.
The tears were rolling down now as the woman turned to look at me again. She smirked before she was pulling Ash by his nape and kissed him. they were kissing sloppily as I can hear the noise and the moans that the lady released from her mouth. I wanted to smack her and I wanted to kill her.
But first, I have to get to her.
The lady stopped kissing Ash before she went to kneel in front of me. my eyes were tracing her body before she smirked at me and she was tracing her hands on my face. I flinched before I leaned back.
“Ah, are you finally ready to spill your tea, Ashley? It wasn’t difficult to say when your heart was so on display for everyone to manipulate,” she said as she turned to look at Ash. He leaned against the room now.
“And it was never a good thing for the enemy to know your weakness, doesn’t it?” she said before I was turning to look at her face. She was pretty for a villainess but I don’t want to say that out loud.
I took a deep breath as I was looking at the ground. I have to time it right before I can strike and when I can take her by surprise. She was near me now and I was looking at her. I smiled as I was staring into her hateful face that I know I will enjoy the killing later.
Just bidding my right time after all.
“Well, you’re right. I have a weakness that you can use and manipulate at your fingertips,” I said as my eyes drifted to Ash. He stilled.
“But you also show your weakness today, lady,” I said as I was smirking at her. She arched her eyebrow.
“This,” I said as I head-butted her and the crack was sounding across the room. I laughed before I was flipping her and I was on top of her as far as the chains let me before I smacked her ribs and she was grunting with pain.
“How’s this for your torture, wench?” I said before someone was gripping my arms from behind. I was shoved off from the blonde woman before I was trashing to get out of the hold that locked me in.
“Control yourself,”
It was Ash, he did not want me to kill his stupid wench.
“Let me go,” I hissed before the blonde lady was taking something from the tray as her eyes became murderous. I was screaming and shouting before something was embedded into my stomach.
My eyes went to look at the woman that was pushing the blade into my stomach to its hilt. The lady smirked at me before Ashton released me. The blood was pooling in front of me as it slid down my suit.
“No,” I whispered as I knelt to the floor and I was gripping the blade. Then, I took it out as I shouted. It was deafening before I was trying to stop the bleeding.
“If you think that you ever had the upper hand here,” the blonde woman spat at my face as she was gripping my hair, I was wailing now for the pain of the wound on my stomach.
But it was for my unborn child, the child that I promised to tell my husband after his outstation. And now, it was all gone. Those memories of us together in a suburban neighborhood and the family that we will eventually build.
Gone, turned into dust.
“You might want to think again,” she said before she put another blade and I cried. I was crying now for I know my baby would never survive if I was bleeding to death. I was sobbing before the blonde woman was removing herself from the room, smirking as she did so.
“Let’s go. Let the wench bleed to death for all I care,” she said as I was trying to stop my bleeding. I was wailing before my eyes burned with my hot tears and everything that was focused on me was Ashton.
The traitor husband of mine.
“Please,” I said as I was trying to get the words out of my throat. I need to tell him the truth. The truth that what I spent with him for a year has resulted in this. and this was his legacy that I would carry despite the change that has happened between us.
“I love you, Ashton,” I whispered as Ash stiffed. I can see his shoulders tensed as I was putting those words.
“Even you hate me so much, would you hate your child even more?” I said as Ash turned to look at me. his eyes were indifferent.
“Even when I die, save him or her. save our child, please,” I said before I was laying on the ground, feeling the blood was coming from the wounds. I caressed my stomach as Ashton was looking at the movement of my hand. He smirked.
“Then, I suggest you kill the bastard before it came into this world,” he walked back out of the room, hatred was flaring into his eyes.
“For you’re sure to know how to act sweet and innocent when I know that you’re a she-devil,” Ashton said before I was closing my eyes, prayers on my lips as the darkness was coming to claim me at last.
At last, I will feel the peace that I have been searching for when I was captured in the enemy’s hand on day one.
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