He Led Me To You

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A young girl Kylie and her boyfriend Christian adore the world of each other but throw in her boyfriends dad who instantly falls for her but is a bit of player but will do anything to get her .......... can he give up his playboy ways and give her his whole heart or will someone get hurt?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kylie is 23 from a little town in the countryside in England, she has long mid black raven hair, green eyes, curves in all the right places and has been dating her boyfriend Christian 21, built, muscular, blonde messy hair, blue eyed boy since she was 20 but they had been friends years before that too, tonight she was meeting his father (aged 38) for the first time, he had Christian along with his mother aged 17, they were young their self, his mother died sadly and Andre was left bringing up Christian on his own.

Kylie lived with her dad Archie, since her mum left her at a the age of 2 when she couldn’t handle being a mum, although Kylie had been together with Christian the past 3 years, she never got the chance to meet his dad, he was always busy with work and Christian also kept putting it off, she started getting a little suspicious of him because of it and I think he knew that, because suddenly out of no where he decided tonight was the night, she was kinda nervous but thankful that she finally got this chance.

As she she finishes getting ready, she heads down stairs to say good bye to her dad she heads out the door where Christian is waiting “Hey baby”

Kylie runs out to him hugging him, leaning up and planting a kiss on his lips “hey you!"

He smiles down at her embracing her “you ready?"

She smiles and nods "as ready as I will ever be!"

Christian pauses for a second “I have to warn you my dad can be a bit...hard to deal with sometimes, take what he says with a pinch of salt!”

Kylie laughs “Baby It’s going to be fine, I promise” he looks nervous but nods, as they jump in to his car and make the drive to his.

Soon enough they pull up outside his and they climb out, Christian offers his arm and she loops hers through as they head in to the house, Christian calls out, and a tall guy strides out towards them “Hey son, so I’m guessing this is Miss Scout” he looks her up and down with curiosity in his eyes, she gets all nervous and a little giddy, she knew he was young himself but she didn't imagine him like this, muscular and broader, light blue eyes, blonde brown hair just above the shoulder, stubble tracing his jaw line, she had to snap back quickly as possible.

“Nice to meet you Mr Quin” she holds her hand out, but doesn't take it instead he pulls her in to a hug, she is a little taken back, he seems to linger there, she instantly pulls back hiding the fact her face was probably bright red and the fact he made her feel really nervous

He smirks down at her like he knew “Please call me Andre, my son has told me so much about you”

As she stands back, Christians loops his arm around her waist and pulls her close, she raises her eyebrow looking between them both “Has he now” Christian looks embarrassed and looks down Andre and Kylie laugh

Andre looks her up and down once more like he was studying her and turns “please come in, I will make drinks” Christian takes her in to the living room.

After a couple of hours dinner was finally ready as all 3 of them sit at the table, everything seemed to of relaxed more now, but she couldn’t help how much she burned under his gaze, and feel a little flushed, she pushed it away as best as she could, I mean she thought he was so beautiful, but she also had the alarm going off in her head every time a thought would cross her mind “HELLO THIS IS YOU’RE BOYFRIENDS DAD!" it started making her feel a little guilty, she was majorly crushing on him, she had never felt so spellbound so enchanted by some before, like a magnet, but the way she caught him looking at her, he knew how he was making her feel and he made sure she knew it.

They all sit and eat dinner together talking away, a little while after finishing she offers to clean up and heads to the kitchen to start washing up, while Christian heads to shower before dropping her home, she stands cleaning as a voice startles her she spins round “You know you didn’t need to do that”

Kylie smiles up at Andre “I wanted to”

He just smiles and nods “Well thank you, can’t say I am used to it Christian doesn’t do anything around the house” she nods and turns back to finish, she knows his still standing there, she feels his eyes burning in to her from behind her, feels the heat of his body she knows his close, she feels him walk up behind her so his practically pressed on her from behind, she could feel his excitement on her back, and his breath against her neck, she could just melt to his touch, her legs were turning to jelly, he leans across putting a glass down in to the sink, she holds her breath, her hairs stand on end, she wanted to turn round and have him take her here and now, he knows the affect his having, and leans in to her ear “thank you again” then he walks off, she exhales

As finishes off the washing up Christian comes back in “you ready to go babe?"

She turns smiling and nodding “Lets go” they say their goodbyes and head out.

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