He Led Me To You

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Chapter 10

The next day she wakes up to her doorbell going, she heads down stairs and opens it “Andre not now”


“I will keep you up to date with appointments and the birth you can be there I ain't going to begrudge you that Andre this is still you’re baby too, but us can’t happen, If that baby is yours then you need to be there for her too” tears fall from her eyes as she shuts the door and heads in to the kitchen.

A few weeks later, Kylie was getting ready for her 20 week scan, she was fully showing now, and Andre had hardly seen her, she started thinking about his situation and how it must of been true, but she pushes it to the back of her mind, and grabs her baby book and keys and heads out, she shuts the door as she turns Andre is stood there “wow, look at you....you’re showing, you look incredible”

“the arrangement was to meet at the hospital Andre.....”

“I needed to see you...”

“now compared to the last 6 weeks?” She shakes her head and walks past and gently gets in to her car

“please let me drive you, that cant be safe!”

“save the caring partner/father act where have you been there for 6 weeks, you were shocked to see I was showing, I was a few weeks back, I have had to pick up the slack for both of us Andre, I have been going out on my own, picking out our baby’s stuff on my own, the sickness I have had to deal with alone, the sleepless nights I have had to worry, wondering if you was safe, or all the midwife appointments you missed or birthing classes, or the baby's first movements or was you gonna leave it another year, I’ll see you at the hospital”

She buckles up and drives to the hospital and waits in the waiting room, a miserable Andre arrives 10 minutes after and sits next to her “Please can we talk properly, I can tell you where I have been”

She ignores him and thankfully saved when she is called in, soon enough she is on the bed, they do all the checks. “Happy healthy baby in there, would you like to know what you’re having”

Kylie starts to tear up again and nods “please..”

“Well guys you are having...........A little Girl!, congratulations”

At this point Kylie is crying tears of joy, Andre try's to reach out for her and she pulls away they wrap up the appointment and then leave. Kylie is walking down to her car as she is about to get in Andre comes up “Kylie please JUST LISTEN TO ME!”

“you think talking to me like that is gonna help”

“No...I'm sorry I just need you to hear me!”

“I will meet you at mine you have an hour then you can go” she climbs in to her car and makes her Journey home.

As she gets there Andre is waiting outside, She walks past him and goes in doors “give me a second I really need to change” She heads upstairs and changes then comes back down and goes in to the front room. “Talk or leave”

Andre nods “That woman is NOT carrying my child, the night you saw me kiss her, if you saw me after you would have seen me push her off and tell her I had a girlfriend who I loved more than anything, she got really pissed about it, she found out our situation, and knew Christian hadn’t taken to it well and knew he would do anything to upset the situation, so she told him it was mine, because she knew he would tell you........Ive been spending the last few weeks tracking her down and finding out the situation”

Kylie sits thinking for a bit, Andre gets up and starts walking out feeling rejected “Wait”

Andre stops in his tracks and turns back, Kylie bursts out in to tears and Andre rushes to her side cuddling her “What's wrong?”

she looks up at him “I didn't think things were going to be this hard, I mean I knew it wasn't exactly gonna be easy but”

“look at me, I love you so much Kylie, I meant it when I said I’d Love and support you two.........my girls for life, I meant it when I said I want you for life because I do, you mean our little girl and Christian, I also told you I was never letting you go no matter what and that's the gods honest truth”

He lifts her head up to face him “I love you Kylie”

“I love you too.”

He gently cups her face leaning in to kiss her she meets him halfway. He then sits back and pulls her to him they curl up together. They fall asleep tell the next morning, Kylie wakes up to find Andre gone to work, she gets up and stretches and heads in to the kitchen, she starts feeling her daughter wriggling around “Good morning baby girl” she rubs her tummy over, and heads up to get dressed and ready to go visit her dad’s Grave.

She grabs her keys and leaves climbing in to the car, as she pulls out of her drive a car hits the side of her, she hears her name being screamed, she realises its Christian and hears him get closer “KYLIE DONT MOVE OK, ARE YOU HURT ANYWHERE!”

Kylie try’s to get her baring's her head hurts a little and her wrist is killing. “My...my head....wrist...the baby!”

“Shhhh its ok, the ambulance is on the way stay still, I'm here ok, I am going to ring dad quickly”

“don’t leave me.......” Kylie blacks out. Christian rings his dad frantically


“Son what wrong!”

“It’s Kylie!”


“I was coming over to see her, and I saw her pulling out the drive and another car went in to the side of her, the paramedics are here, but she’s blacked out! DAD HURRY”


The phone cuts off and Christian goes over “Is she going to be ok”

“Do you know her?”

“yeah she is my dads girlfriend and she is pregnant! my dads on his way”

“Ok thank you, what's her name age?”

“Kylie Scout 26”

“ok thank you”

They get her in the ambulance and take her straight in Christian sits with her. As they pull in Andre is already waiting and jumps forward when he see’s Christian climb out and watch Kylie being wheeled in “KYLIE!!”

Christian holds him back “Dad she's in safe hands let them work”

Andre is in a state and his son is hugging him “she will be ok dad” at that moment Christian realises how much his dad actually loved her and done his best to be supportive. They head in and wait the doctor comes out and explains she will be fine, she just got a little woozy, that she had a broken wrist and a wound to the head, that the baby is perfectly fine too.

Andre breathes a sigh of relief “Thank you son”

“for what?”

“if you hadn't of been there I could of lost both of them”

“Dad I can see how much you guys feel for each other, and I am sorry I have been a spoilt brat about things, but she is family now and I'm happy for you both”

Andre hugs it out with his son, the doctor shows them to the room.

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