He Led Me To You

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Chapter 11

Kylie is sat up feeling a little worse for wear but ok that her baby was ok that was all she cared about, she sat crying, cradling her stomach, the door opens as she looks up Andre and Christian walk in “oh my god babe”

He rushes to her side looking at the stitches down the side of her face and her arm in plaster “You said not to.....drive....I”

He pulls her in “don't you dare blame yourself, it was an accident I am just happy you are both safe"

Kylie looks up at Christian “Thank you Christian, you saved our lives, I could never repay you, I was so scared and you made sure I was calm”

“It’s fine Kylie, as I just said to dad, if today has taught me anything, I see now, you guys were meant for each other......and I couldn't think of anyone better to be by my dad’s side, and my little sister has the best parents ever”

Kylie starts to cry “thank you Christian that means so much”

They sit and chat among their self's for a while “Son can I have a private word?”

He nods and they head outside, some time later they both come back in grinning. Kylie raises her eyebrow “what am I missing......”

“well son you wanna ask her or shall I?”

Christian smiles over “Well me and Dad were wondering if you maybe wanted to move in......”

Kylie looks between them “you sure you'd both want that....”

Andre smirks “I have a better idea” he leans down whispering to Kylie and she smiles and nods

Kylie looks over at Christian “or you’re dad can move in with me and you get his house?”

Christian is gobsmacked “really!, you sure!”

They both nod, Christian hugs them both and thanks them, then he leaves to give them some time alone.

Andre brushes Kylies hair out of her face “You sure you’re ok with this?”

“Never been more sure”

He grins at her and kisses her.

Over the next 3 months they spend their time, helping Christian getting his place sorted and getting Andre moved in to hers, and everything finally felt like it was falling in to place, they had set up a nursery in her old room, redecorated the rest of her house, well the boys did they made sure Kylie was taking it easy but she didn't complain especially after the crash.

Kylie spent this Saturday at home, nesting constantly pottering around the house as her due date came very close, she couldn't wait to meet her little girl and things finally felt good, Andre was putting in extra hours so he could take all the time off for when their baby arrived, Christian always come round to check on her for his dad.

Kylie is up in the nursery when the door goes, she heads down the stairs and opens the door and older man maybe late 40s’s 50′s is stood there, black hair lined with grey, he looks at her and seems too light up but also petrified, he stands just taking her all in, Kylie stands confused “I'm sorry can I help you?”

“Ummmm I hope so, is this Kylie and Archie Scouts house?”

“Yes, but I am afraid my father passed away a few months ago?”

He looks like he found what his was looking for, but also looks disappointed then realises she is pregnant. “I am sorry I shouldn’t have come!” he turns on his heel and leaves, Kylie goes out after him

“WAIT WHO ARE YOU!“, the man speeds off and Andre is just coming in

“What’s wrong baby?” he looks at a confused and nervous Kylie

“That guy!”

“What about him” she explains what just happened and Andre sets off after him.

Christian comes round the corner just seeing his dad take off down the road “Hey what's going on?” Kylie explains what just happened and Christian turns to her

“Ok well let dad sort it, lets get you inside”

Out of nowhere Kylie clutches her stomach and grabs on the wall


Christian rushes over scared “Kylie what wrong!”

“I don't know I think my contrac.....” before she even finishes her sentence her water breaks

“Oh no, the baby's coming!”

Christian doesn't freak though his calm “Right let me get you inside and let me ring dad!”

He helps her in doors and she rings the midwife and they tell her to go in. She stands clutched of the side of the sofa “AHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHERES ANDRE!!”

Christian rings his dad again “Hey son what's wrong!”

“It’s started dad Kylies gone in to labour, the hospital have told her to go in”

“Ok Son I am coming back now”

10 minutes later a panicked Andre rushes through the door “Oh baby, Have you’re waters gone” she just nods breathing through the pain “Ok baby, I am going to get you’re bag ok then we can get you in” He grabs what they need and helps her to the car, and they head off to the hospital.


Kylie gives birth to a healthy beautiful little girl, she lays there in awe her little girl resting on her chest, Andre is beside her proud as anything

“Oh baby I am so proud of you, look at our little girl!” he leans down kissing them both, Kylie just turns in to a emotional wreck but cant believe she’s here and extremely relieved that she was safe and healthy.

After a few hours there is a knock on the door, Christian pops his head in “Hey guys!”

“come in, come meet you’re little sister”

Christian carefully comes in to Kylies bedside and peers over the little crib at her bed side “Oh you guys look at her, can I hold her?”

Kylie laughs, Andre stands proudly next to her cuddling her “Of course you can!”

Christian gently lifts her out and sits down “Proud big brother here!, hey little one, I am you’re big brother!, I cant believe how tiny you are, I promise to always look out for you”

Andre and Kylie watch on at how in awe Christian was with her, Andre gently leans down kissing her, she smiles at him taking his hand. “So what happened did you get that guy? who was he"

Andre shifts slightly and Christian looks over at his dad, Andre looks at her “No baby sorry” Christian can see straight away his dad is lying

Christian gently lays his sister down, and looks over at his dad “Dad fancy a walk?”

Andre knows his caught on and nods “sure”, he turs to Kylie “I will be back soon baby ok” he leans down kissing her then heads out.

Kylie sits up and gently lifts her daughter out, cradling her stroking her hair back gently “I already have so much love for you my sweet girl, I wish you’re grandad could of met you!, he would of adored you so much like we do, you are already my world, and will spend my life loving and protecting you with my life.... I will never let anyone hurt you like I was, and I would never leave you ever......”

Sometime later Hazel, Trixie and Johnny enter all of them excited, they come in and meet her and spend a little time with her and leave again. She starts to wonder where Andre and Christian had gone.

The next day Kylie and baby Amy are released from hospital and Andre picks them up and takes them home.

A few weeks down the line, Andre had to pop in to the office for a bit, and it was just Kylie and Amy as Kylie is in the kitchen washing up the door goes, she heads to get it and as she opens it, that same guy from before was there “YOU!”

“I...I am so sorry for last time, my name is Adam Michaels, Listen this is so out the blue but after that guy tried to pay me to stay away... I just”

Kylie holds her hand up “what guy, why would he pay you to stay away?”

Adam looks down scared “the one that came after me the other day, umm and because I told him who I was and why I was here.....”

Kylie feels so confused and conflicted right now... “which is why?”

Adam starts tripping on his words “well....be...because I..... am you’re biological father.......”

Kylie has to grip the wall trying not to lose her balance “what...no...my dad died.....”

Adam looks guilty and feels awful “well I know it may be hard to understand.... and get you’re head round, but if you ever feel ready to know everything and the story please, call me” he hands her a piece of paper with his contact details then turns and leaves.

A stunned Kylie heads back in doors putting the paper away and continues what she is doing waiting for Andre to come home.

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