He Led Me To You

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Chapter 12

Later that evening Kylie just finishes bathing, feeding and putting Amy down to sleep, she heads in the kitchen and sits at the table she cant stop thinking about today and she cant stop looking at the paper. Sometime later, she hears Andre come in he makes his way in to the kitchen kissing her on the head “how are my girls” Kylie doesn't respond she just sits there “Baby you ok?”

“when was you going to tell me Andre” he looks at her confused she doesn't even look at him “Adam Michaels” his face drops

“baby I can explain”

Kylie doesn't even want to hear it, then she hears Amy start crying, she just gets up and walks out.

Kylie gently lifts her daughter out and begins feeding her gently rocking, after Amy falls back to sleep, she gently lays her down “I love you so much darling, no one is ever gonna treat you like they did to me, I will protect you with my life always” she strokes her head gently and smiles at her. Kylie heads off in to the shower then comes back out and heads in to the bedroom, and gets in to bed, Andre comes in to the room and sits down next to her

“Baby please talk to me”

Kylie just lays in silence then some time later “I have nothing to say Andre, again you lie to me, you tried to pay someone without me even being acknowledged, you want me to trust you, but how can I, I am not even hurt anymore.....I am just disappointed”

Andre’s face drops, he hated hurting but the fact she couldn't even shout at him and have a go hurt most, because it just feels like she has given up on him... that hurt him more.

A couple of weeks pass, Kylie was still being distant and hardly said 2 words to Andre, today she was taking Amy out for a walk, she heads in to the hall setting up the pram and straps her daughter in, then heads out. She goes round the park for a slow stroll with only her thoughts, she pulls out the paper Adam had given her and drops a text to the number and tells him to meet her at the park.

An hour later as she sits on the bench waiting Adam walks towards her and sits next to her.

“Hello Kylie” She nods and musters a smile “I will tell you everything you need to know........Is this you’re daughter....she is beautiful you must be so proud” She nods and waits for him to start giving some explanation.

“So, before you was born...you’re mum was married to you’re dad...but she then had an affair with me...she fell pregnant, and she convinced me you was Archie's not mine, she also told Archie the same thing that you was his, and we believed it, you’re dad didn't know about me tell later, anyway eventually you was born, and Archie doted on you and you’re mum soon fell back in with me, you’re dad found out and paternity doubts come about, me and you’re mum had a DNA test done, but Archie didn't want to hear it as far as he was concerned you was his daughter and no paper was going to change that, he kicked you’re mum out divorced her and she just disappeared and she came to me but I didn't want to know, I’d lost out on my little girl, I tried to come in to you’re life I wrote letters all the time, I am not sure what happened to them.......I am guessing Archie didn’t want you knowing the truth”

By the end of this Kylie is crying “Thank you for you’re honesty Adam, I am not sure how to process this right now, and if I even want you in my life, Archie was my dad and that's all I ever knew... but maybe one day”

He nods in understanding “Thank you for even at least listening to me”

She nods and gets up and heads home.

She get’s in doors taking her coat off and gently picking up Amy taking her coat off and heading to sit down in the front room.

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