He Led Me To You

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Chapter 14

As she gets home, she puts Amy down for a nap, she heads in to the kitchen taking a deep breath, she had never seen him like that, she sits at the kitchen table and puts her head in her hands “how could he” she cant think straight, what happened to the man she fell for..... he was self destructing before her.


It was the day before Amy’s first birthday she was having a party at hers, Her and Adam were closer then ever, Andre did get it together a couple of months after the last incident, in that time Christian made she he always came over and spent time with his little sister, then eventually she was back visiting Andre, she made sure it was through Christian, she hadn't seen him since the incident, she was still in love with him badly and she knew if she saw him those feelings would surface, although she had no choice since he was going to be here tomorrow. Andre was still madly in love with Kylie, and he made a promise that he was going to do everything to win her back.

The morning of her party she spends the morning with Trixie and Hazel setting up, Amy crawls in “mamama”, Kylie picks her up “here’s mummy's birthday princess, lets you get you bathed and ready shall we”, she takes her upstairs and gets them both ready, once back down stairs guests start arriving, the bell rings and she answers “hey dad”

“hey sweetheart, where's my beautiful granddaughter!!”

Amy comes out from behind her “granda!”

he picks her up “hello you!!!!" he takes her in and as she goes to shut the door, Christian appears with Andre behind him, she moves aside letting them in. She heads in to the kitchen to make drinks, and there it is again that feeling she knew he was there

“Kylie, you look amazing.....”

she doesn't want to look at him out of fear she will just fall back to him “thanks you’re looking well too”

“I am, better for seeing you and my little girl”

“you best get in there with her then”

She feels him get closer “why wont you look at me?”

She takes a deep breath and turns, and everything she feared became a reality she missed him so god damn much. He smiles at her, he gently cups her face “please dont do this Andre...........” her breath quickens

“I know you still feel it Kylie, I will do whatever I can to make you mine again and fix this family back together....”

she looks at him in the eyes the dominant part of her that wanted him just fixates on him she fights hard to pull away, She pulls away and heads out “I guess we will see”

he smirks and follows her in to the room.

The day goes beautifully and Amy has the best day, and is soon tuckered out and in bed asleep, everyone has left and Kylie feels she can breath again, just as she is finished the door goes, she heads to get it as she opens the door Andre is stood there, she holds her breath again “Did you forget something?”

He gives her a mischievous smile “Actually I did”

He steps forward, and crashes his lips to hers, she melts in to him again as she pulls away to breath “I don't...know if I....can do this.......I have missed you....but”

Andre steps back still cupping her face “Please give me a chance I will be the man you need and the father Amy deserves!”

She looks up at him, she lets out a little squeak, he still has this hold over her. He watches her and her lips “tell me you don’t feel nothing and I will walk away” he plants his lips to hers again but this time its more gentle and needy, she cant hold back from him anymore she pulls her head back leaning her head on his “I can’t tell you that, you are my weakness all the time Andre.......” She pulls him in the door he pushes up against her and turns her round so her backs on the door, not breaking the kiss, she fumbles around pulling his top off, running her hands over him in urgency.... “I... need...you...Andre”

“I need you too baby...take me...let me show you how much I have missed you, let me love you....please ” his panting through his words

She pushes him back so his back is on the wall, she snakes her arms around his neck he lifts her up as the kissing gets more intense she runs her fingers through his hair, he moans against his lips, he carries her in to the living room and sets her down as he does, she pushes him to the sofa and straddles him, he had never seen her like this before he loved it she wanted him as bad as he wanted her, he runs his hands up her waist as she leans in kissing his neck he rocks his head back and lets out a long moaning purr, she moans against his neck, he had missed this as much as she did, like a drug they could never get enough.

He runs his hands down her pulling her dress up over her head, she was as beautiful as the day he met her, she leans back slightly undoing his bottoms, releasing him, he crashes his lips back to hers she grips on to his shoulders as she feels him slide her underwear to the side, he lifts her slightly without breaking the kiss, he guides himself in to her as she gently pushes down, his head rocks back “AHHHH BABY” they continue until they both reach climax and Kylie melts in to his arms as her pulls her tight to him. She rests her head on his chest as hr strokes her hair “Kylie...”


“I really am sorry for how I have treated you, you drive me nuts sometimes but in the best ways, I love you so god damn much, you and the kids are everything, yes I fall in to a “shit pit” as you said, but that’s only because you are the only woman for me, I don't want a life without you in it.....”

She sits up still on him, looking him in the eyes she gently strokes his cheek “You idiot” she starts to laugh he looks up surprised, she carry's on “Andre Quin, you may be the biggest dick ever at times, but not once has that changed my view on you, regardless of our ups and downs, I have and always will love, I can never get enough of you, it would never be enough, you will be the only man that's ever enough for me..... I love you”

He doesn't even reply, he crashes his lips to hers, she whispers “Take me to bed baby” he stands and carries her off to bed.

The next morning, Kylie wakes up she hardly slept her head was spinning she thought on it more, what if he hurts her again.....and worst of all Amy, and that became reality quick, she hears his phone buzz and she cant help but look new message her heart sinks......how could she be stupid

Jasmine- “Hey big boy, the last few weeks have been incredible, come over tonight I have a surprise for you ;) ”

she climbs out the bed and gets Amy for breakfast leaving a Sleeping Andre in bed.

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