He Led Me To You

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Chapter 15

Once they finish their breakfast she heads in the front room and lets Amy play she hears Andre come down and enter, he leans down kissing them both on their heads “My beautiful girls, good morning”

Kylie smiles up then looks back she doesn’t want to start in front of Amy, Andre feels her freeze of him “What’s up Kylie?” Kylie shakes her head, she puts Amy in her play pen and heads in the kitchen, Andre follows her worried, he reaches his arm out for hers and she pulls away “Baby...” he looks at her hurt.

She chokes back the tears “I want you to leave Andre.”

“Why?....I thought we was ok......”

Kylie begins to cry “Go to Jasmine, you have been for the last few weeks right?”

Andre realises and panics “babe wait....”

“No.....I really love you Andre....but you clearly don’t love me enough......you cant help yourself, and I keep being the injured party, I am not about to let Amy get crossed in this.......I haven't slept or been within an inch of another man since us.....but you seem to go else where every time......I am not going to keep doing it, I can’t my heart can not take it, I need to be stronger than this”

Andre is crying “I don't want her! I want you”

Kylie doesn't say nothing she stands crying at the side, the door goes and she heads to get it

Christian is there and see’s her crying “Kylie what's wrong!”

Kylie shakes her head, Andre comes out from behind her “Please Kylie....”

Christian looks between her and his dad.... She walks past and heads in to the living room, Andre disappears and gets dressed then leaves

Christian comes in “what’s happened...”

Kylie shakes her head “you were right....”


“You’re dad, only wanted me for what he could get then moves on to the next one.....”

“you know I didn't mean that”

“No but you were right, we sorted it out last night, then I saw the message from Jasmine the girl of many weeks who wants to see him tonight...maybe that's where his gone now..”


“It’s fine honestly I should of known better right.......” she starts to cry and Christian sits down next to her and just holds her tell she feels better.

“Listen you go for a bath and relax, lets me look after Amy for a bit, take a breather”

Kylie smiles “thank you Christian” he smiles and nods at her and she heads up stairs.

A little while later she comes back down and see’s Christian and Amy dancing around the living room, she cant help giggling at Amy laughing away, turns as he hears her. “What you think? are we great dancers or what!”

Kylie shakes her head “Amy maybe...you eh......”

“Cheek of it!”

Kylie bursts out laughing and heads in to the kitchen Christian follows with Amy in his arms “Listen Kylie, I am really sorry for how Dad has been...”

“Don't be silly, it’s on him not you...” He smiles and nods.


Kylie is sat at home, while Amy is napping, there is knock at the door, she heads to open it, the brunette she kept seeing Andre with is stood there “can I help you” before she can even register, the woman punches her in the face. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!”


Kylie is standing in shock “KEEP HIM” She slams the door in her face, and heads dropping to the sofa and the tears keep coming, her nose is also bleeding, she cleans up as best as she can, she decides she needs to go see him, she rings Christian to have Amy, within half hour there is a knock at the door. “Come in” she turns quickly

Christian notices her face and spins her round “WHO THE FUCK DID THAT TO YOU KYLIE!”

“Ask you’re dads fuck chum! I need to go talk to him, how dare she come to my house while my daughter is here and do this”

Christian pulls her in to his arms as she breaks in to tears, none of them notice Andre come in behind

“What's going on” Kylie looks up and Andre goes pale “WHO DID THAT!”

“Just the person I was coming to see, you keep you’re bat shit girlfriend away from me do you hear me, if she comes near me or my daughter again I will call the police”

“What girlfriend”

“The one you cannot stay away from for longer than 5 minutes and the one who did this to my face and warned me to stay away from you, SHE IS WELCOME TO YOU DO YOU HEAR ME ANDRE! WELCOME TO YOU, NOT GONNA HAVE MY DAUGHTER IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS”

Andre see’s red and storms out like a man on a mission, to him he was no one got to treat the woman he loved like that. Kylie bursts in to tears, Christian helps her to sofa, she puts her head in her hands. Christian sits by her side and pulls her in to him, he lets her cry it out in his arms tell she falls asleep. She wakes up sometime later and finds Christian and Amy playing in the other room, she walks in “Thank you for letting me sleep”

He nods and smiles up “Of course, I am going to make a move now though”

She smiles and nods “Thank you again” they say their goodbyes and Christian leaves.


Kylie takes Amy for a walk around the park, feeling fresh air, she walks for a little while before heading home, as she gets there, she see’s her window is broken, she doesn’t go in and calls the police straight away. As the police are in the house looking around, Kylie is sat outside crying “KYLIE!”

She snaps her head up “Leave me the hell alone Andre!”

“What the hell has happened!”

As he says this a police officer comes out “Miss Scout”

She stands “Yes!”

“We have found this, things are pretty messed up in there, trashed and smashed” he hands her a piece of paper tied to a brick, inside an evidence bag


Kylie chokes on a sob “Oh my god, what if we was in there”

“Miss we have to ask if there is someone you know who would do something like this”

Kylie shakes her head “ASK HIM!”

Andre is angry and worked up “Yeah I know”

“Ok well we are going to have to ask you to come to the station to ask you some questions, as for you Miss Scout is there anywhere you and you’re daughter could stay for the time being?”

Andre jumps in “She can stay with me”

Kylie laughs “YOU must be joking, no, I will stay with my dad...... enough has been done on you’re part”

“But you are my family!”

“Yeah we was..... and yet look at the mess it has caused, what if we had been in there and our little girl was by that window? enough is enough now” She shakes her head and walks off dialling her dad. A little time later her dad collects them both.

Once they get to his she puts Amy down to sleep and heads in to the kitchen where her dad has made them both a hot drink. “You ok sweetheart...”

“No... I dread to think if me and Amy were in there.. I...”

he stands hugging her “It’s ok darling you two are safe here, I promise you that!”

They sit and chat for a few hours and then Kylie heads to bed.

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