He Led Me To You

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Chapter 16

The next morning Kylie is sat in the kitchen with Amy playing in her high chair, browsing new homes to live in, but this time she was moving a few hours away she didn't wanna risk someone finding her and Amy again, she needed to draw a line under all this, she just had to make arrangements for Andre and Christian to see Amy, she knew that was one thing she didn’t want this to stop. Her dad walks in “good morning sweetheart, how are you feeling?”

Kylie looks up at her dad “Morning dad, better thank you”

They sit and chat for the next few hours and she explains what her plans are next. She leave’s Amy with her dad while she goes back to her house and begins packing what what was able to be saved, and starts loading her car up “Kylie!”

She turns to see Christian “Hey...”

“How you feeling?”

“Better now Amy is safe, I think you should know, I am moving, and this time it will be a few hours away, I wont be giving you two the address no offence but I can’t risk something like this again, not with Amy’s safety at risk, I will of course, arrange so that you guys can still see her”

Christian stands confused and sad “Do you have to move so far!”

Kylie nods her head “I'm protecting my daughter, and I don’t think I can take being round you’re dad anymore.....” Kylie saddens “I will text you’re dad later to meet up”

Christian just hugs her “I am gonna miss you!”

Kylie smiles “Hey you will both have a more peaceful life without me about!”

they both laugh and soon Kylie is back on the road heading to her dad’s.


Before she knew it another 4 years had gone, and so much had changed, Kylie, Johnny and Amy now lived further out in a beautiful little country home, only her dad, Trixie and Hazel knew where she lived, she made arrangements for the boys to see Amy without her being there, Amy was now 5 and in school, her dad did the travelling with her.

Kylie started feeling better about things and things are started to move forward again. Her and Johnny were growing closer which she loved they were together now and had been for the last 3 years. She finally felt she could move forward and was so happy

Today there was a BBQ at her dad’s and she couldn’t wait she hadn't been back to her little town since everything happened, Andre and Christian were invited to the BBQ so they could see Amy neither of them had seen Kylie since she left, and for once Kylie felt fine about being in the same place as them.


Kylie shouts back down “YES WE ARE COMING” she takes Amy’s hand and heads down stairs

Johnny pulls her and Amy in to a hug “You two look beautiful”

Kylie giggles “Thank you baby” Amy giggles too “Listen sweetheart go get you’re bag ok!”

“Ok mummy!” Amy runs off

Johnny pulls her in to a cuddle and kisses her, she pulls back smiling “I love you”

He smiles down at her ” I love you too baby, let’s get going before you’re dad kills us for being late!” Kylie laughs and they all head out to the car.

Soon enough they are all at the BBQ and its in full swing, Kylie heads in to bring out more food, as Christian enters “KYLIE!!”

Kylie spins and smiles “HEY!!” She hugs him “How have you been!”

Christian grins hard “Good!!! I'm engaged now with a baby boy!”

Kylie cant contain her excitement for him “OMG CHRISTIAN THAT’S INCREDIBLE! I BETTER GET A WEDDING INVITE” She winks at him, they laugh

She hugs him harder “I’ll have to meet her sometime! and defo!”

Christian nods “Yeah that would be amazing!” they talk for a few minutes and then Andre appears


her breath catch’s how can he still make her feel this way, she bats it all back and turns “Andre, hey!” Christian leaves the room

“You look incredible!” he looks at her as he always did passion want and fiery looks.

“Thank you” she gives him a smile

“Can we talk at some point”


He smirks “us?, I have changed, I want a fresh start, us as a family!”

Kylie roll’s her eyes, before she get’s the chance to say anything Johnny appears at her side pulling to him “You ok baby?!” Kylie smiles, and kisses him, she see’s Andre see red he storms out

“I am good, where’s Amy?”

“She’s dancing with you’re dad!”

Kylie giggles “sounds like them lets go out there” she feel’s guilty how could she still feel the same about Andre like she did for him the first day...

For the rest of the night everyone has fun, except Andre who gave them daggers all night as it got later, she had put Amy to bed, Kylie just wanted to run to Andre but he had hurt her so many times before, Johnny calls everyone to attention “Kylie Scout, you are the most incredible lady ever, the best mum to Amy, you mean the absolute world to me......Kylie will you marry me!?”

Kylie stops breathing for a few seconds, she felt so conflicted she looked from Johnny down on one knee, she looked up at Andre who was angry and shocked but also waiting for her answer to, she starts crying but it isn’t happiness she feels the world closing in on her she looks back at Johnny and backs away and turns to run out Andre goes after her, she runs as fast as her legs will carry her, she finds herself back at her home, she grew up in, and collapse’s out front she didn’t sell the house in the end, it held too many memories, she just cry’s and cry’s She stands and runs in to the house shutting the door, She sits on the floor crying in to her lap.

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