He Led Me To You

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Chapter 17

A couple hours pass and Andre get’s there being the last place her could look, he gets to the door and its open a little, he pushes the door open, he see’s Kylie on the floor in a pool of blood around her, he rushes to her side “Kylie!” he checks for a pulse its faint he calls the ambulance and as it arrives, Johnny and Christian turn up


“I.....SHE....there was........blood....everywhere...she was attacked......” Andre is in complete shock

they all watch in fear watching her being wheeled out and police buzz around, they watch as her house turns in to a crime scene.

A few minutes later a police officer come out explaining what they found so far and “I ALWAYS WIN” written in Kylie’s blood across the wall, all 3 of them stand horrified “Christian, will you go have Amy, her dad needs to be told....”


At the hospital Adam, Johnny and Andre are all sat in the waiting room, a doctor comes in “Mr Michaels?”

Adam stands “YES, is my daughter ok!” he sobs

The doctor comes in and shuts the door “Kylie is ok, but she is not out of the woods as yet...and far from out... you’re daughter was in a bad way and lost a lot of blood, a head injury she had 6 stab wounds 5 of them defensive wounds and one of which could of been fatal, but you’re daughter is a fighter, we have managed to stop all the bleeding and mend the wounds, but for now she needs rest, she is I am afraid in a coma, we are not sure how long she will be in it for and it will be up to her to fight this now, I am afraid we have done all we can, now it’s up to her”

Adam sobs in to his hands, and Andre and Johnny are sobbing to “Can I see her please....”

the doctor nods “Of course, I must warn you she isn’t in a great state and I ask that we only allow one person in at a time” Adam nods as the doctor takes him in. He chokes on his sobs he takes one look and can’t do it, he runs back out in to the family room

Andre jumps up “WHAT’S WRONG!”

Adam just shakes his head “I cant....she” Andre jumps up pulling her dad in to a hug “It’s ok, she will be ok, Kylie is a fighter! and we will find out who did this!”

Adam nods “You can go in Andre, I can’t do this right now, I'm going to go be with Amy, I don't know how we tell her....”

Andre nods “Thank you, tell her daddy will be back soon and that her mummy loves her very much!” Adam nods and pat’s him on the shoulder


Adam turns “Don't start...now is not the time, I know you see it too, as much as it hurts, that's why she couldn’t give you an answer.....” Johnny snaps his mouth closed, he knew.

Andre heads in to her room, and see’s Kylie wired up and in a state, he chokes on a sob and takes a seat next to her taking her hand in his “Oh baby......who did this to you.....” he lets his tears fall “we will find who ever did this, and you need to keep fighting, our little girl needs you...I need you...don’t leave me”


There was no change in Kylie, everyone took it in turns to be with her, Andre took Amy with him, she couldn’t lose both parents right now, so when he wasn't with her he was with Kylie and today was no exception, Amy was a school and he sits with Kylie, he knows Amy is struggling without her mum, and it broke his heart that Amy couldn’t understand why her mum couldn’t be home with her.

Around lunch time, out of no where Kylie starts kicking, punching out and screaming, Andre jumps up trying to calm her and restraining her from hurting herself “NO NO PLEASE DON’T, I LEFT HIM ALONE!, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! AND THAT HURT ENOUGH, I CAN’T JUST STOP LOVING HIM”

Andre start’s to tear up, Kylie sits bolt up right, Andre pulls her in to a hug “SHHHHH, its ok” she is hysterically crying he just hugs her tell she calms down completely.

After a little while after the doctor finishes with her and Andre has let everyone know she is awake, he heads back in she looks up at him “Hey...”

He gives her a painful smile “How you feeling...”

She smiles “glad to be alive, where’s Amy...” Kylie starts to cry

Andre sits next to her pulling her in to a cuddle “She’s fine, I promise you! when you are ready, I will bring her in to see you”

Kylie snaps her head up “I wanna see her today!”

Andre gives her a reassuring smile “If that’s what you want”

“I just want my little girl”

Andre just hugs in to her, the police come in and take a statement from what she can remember.

Later that afternoon, the door bursts open “MUMMY!!!”

Amy comes running in and jumping in her mums arms, Kylie feels the pain radiate through her but she doesn’t care, the best medicine was in her arms right now and she never wanted her little girl to be without her again or her with out her little girl, Andre comes in behind “Baby careful, remember what we talked about, mummy is still poorly remember!”

Amy sits back “Sorry mummy”

Kylie shakes her head crying holding her little girl so tight “I don't care baby, don't you listen to you’re dad, you hug me as tight as you want, mummy is just so happy to see you, I'm already starting to feel better!!” Amy smiles up at her mum and cuddles in to her, Kylie lays her head on hers and takes in that moment.

Andre watches on so proud of their little girl, and the woman he was madly in love with, he had to sort things and had to win her back no matter the cost, he wanted her and their little family for life and just for him how it should be.

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