He Led Me To You

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Chapter 18

A few days later, Kylie is discharged the door bursts open “MUMMMY’S COMING HOME!!!!”

Kylie giggles “Hello baby girl!” Amy runs to her mum as Kylie picks her up hugging her tight she kisses her on the head “you ok!!”

Amy smiles up at her mum “Yes mummy, are you feeling better now?”

Kylie smiles “yes baby, so I was thinking since we are staying with granddad for a couple of nights, and tomorrow is Saturday, how about we got to the zoo for the day?” Kylie gently puts Amy down

Amy squeals “YES PLEASE!”

Adam stands by the door smiling “you sure you are up to it darling?”

Kylie looks over at her dad “If I have learnt something out of this mess, it’s life is way to short and I want to make so many memories with this little angel never waste a second” she pauses then turns to Amy “how about we invite daddy too?”

Amy jumps up and down “YES! CAN I RING HIM!”

Kylie giggles “we can ring him in the car ok!” They all head home.

The next day Kylie wakes up to Amy running in excited “MUMMY! DADDY IS HERE!”

Kylie laughs “Ok baby, go pick an outfit out that you want and mummy will get up now ok!”

Amy runs out and Kylie climbs out of bed and jumps in the shower once she is dressed she heads down stairs, she heads in to the kitchen where she see’s Andre and Amy laughing about something or the other “What you two up to!”

Amy giggles louder “NOTHING MUMMY!”

Kylie raises her eyebrow “HMMMMMMMM.....”

The door goes Kylie heads to get it she swings the door open Johnny is stood there “Kylie”

Kylie takes a deep breath “I can’t do this right now!”

Johnny looks past her and see’s Andre “WHAT’S HE DOING HERE!”

Kylie flinches back, Andre comes to the door after seeing her flinch away “You ok Kylie?” Kylie looks like she is going to cry “Mate you need to leave, myself and Kylie are taking OUR daughter out for the day ok!" he shuts the door in his face he pulls Kylie in to a hug “ignore him, today is about Amy ok..” she nods.

A few hours on and Kylie, Amy, Andre and Adam are walking around the zoo, taking in every exhibit, Amy runs off ahead “GRANDDAD QUICK LOOK!" Kylie and Andre watch on as Amy and Adam mess around by the penguins

Andre turns to Kylie “You ok?”

Kylie turns to him “Yeah, just seeing her happy is all that matters and all that counts.... the day of the attack while it was happening.....I thought I’d never see her again” Kylie chokes on her cry

Andre pulls her in to his arms “You’re here now, and as long as breathing, no one will ever touch you again, or get any where near you or our family ok” Kylie nods against him

Amy comes running back “Mummy, are you crying....”

Kylie smiles “No baby, I was just laughing so much my eyes started watering, watching you two pretending to be penguins you two are really impressive!!!”

Amy giggles, she takes her mums hand as they walk on, they head in to an aquarium part and Kylie stands next to a huge tank of loads of different tropical fish with Amy in her arms, they both watch in fascination, Andre watches both of them, he can’t help but feel so lucky, he knew he wasn’t with Kylie yet, but after the way he treated her he had to make it right, no more showing her why she was better off without him but why she should be with him instead his brought back when Adam comes up behind him “You ok Andre?”

Andre snaps his head round “Yeah, just look at them”

Adam looks over at Kylie and Amy giggling away “I know, that girl hasn't had it easy over the last few years, I’m just grateful to be given a chance with her now, as for you, you two are meant for each other you know that right... don’t give up on her”

Andre smiles “I think everyone says that! but I never could give up on her, her and Amy are my absolute world, family is what matters most, my heart always finds it's way back to Kylie she truly is the only girl for me no matter how much of a prick I end up being”

Adam laughs “Yeah but you two, are so in love any idiot can see that, and no matter how many things threaten to pull you guys apart and how many times, you are pulled apart, you always find a way back to each other as you said, not many people find a love like yours, it's messy but it’s a beautiful and rare, you wanna hold on to it with all you have, not to mention you have an incredible little girl there too, who adore you both!”

Andre grins “I am going to try with everything I have to make it right with her!”

Adam nods “I know, you look after my girls, I am going to take my granddaughter to get ice cream!”

Adam shouts over to the girls “AMY, DO YOU WANNA GET SOME ICECREAM!”

Amy screams in excitement and runs off with Adam, Andre walks over to Kylie she looks up at him “that child of ours!”

Andre chuckles “she would desert anyone for dessert”

Kylie hunches over in laughter “That was an awful joke even by you’re standards! dad jokes really do come with the job don't they!”

Andre laughs with her, then pulls a face, she goes to run off after the other two but he takes her hand and spins her around, they have both stopped laughing, he just looks in to her eyes, he gently cups her face and gently kisses her, she is a little surprised, but melts in to his kiss, she snakes her arms around his neck, he laces his arms around her waist, the kiss seems to last for ages, a kiss neither of them want to end, she pulls back he leans his head against hers “I love you Kylie.... please don’t marry him...”

Kylie freeze’s for a second then cups his face “I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to Andre, my heart always will and has always belonged to you, no matter how much I wish it wasn’t the case at times, but it's always and always will be you and I am not saying we are gonna get back together and that at least not right now but......”

That was all he wanted to hear that he had a chance to win her over, he crashes his lips to hers after a few minutes he pulls back “Let me take you out on a date?”

Kylie raises an eyebrow “what?”

Andre smirks “Please? tonight, you’re dad can have Amy, we can start fresh over again from the beginning clean slate?”

Kylie thinks for a few minutes “Ok... I would love that”

Andre smiles and kisses her again “Thank you!”

Kylie looks up at him again “for what?”

Andre smiles sincerely down at her “For loving me, even when I keep fucking it up and giving you every reason to hate me and walk away you never do, I promise you I am gonna do so much better baby, I want us to be a family”

Kylie just smiles at him “Let’s go find our daughter” she holds her hand out, Andre smiles and laces his fingers through hers as they head out after Adam and Amy. But as they get outside they are stood there

Amy is giggling “DADDY KISSED MUMMY!!!!!”

Kylie, Andre and Adam burst out laughing and Andre pulls Kylie close “Because I love you’re mummy very very much!!!”

Kylie smiles up at him “And I love you’re Daddy very very much!” Kylie bends down and starts tickling Amy “AND WE LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!” She starts smothering her in kisses, Andre is laughing hard as Amy wriggles around laughing her head off, they all then head off to get ice cream.

Later that day, Andre heads out to get ready for their date and Kylie heads to read Amy to sleep “Mummy?”

Kylie snuggles up to Amy “yes baby?”

“Will you and Daddy be together again?”

Kylie smiles “I hope so baby....”

Amy grins and snuggles up to Kylie, she kisses her on the head Amy looks up at her “I love you mummy”

“I love you too sweetheart”

Kylie reads her a story and heads in to the other room and gets ready. Some time later she is ready, she feels arms lace around her waist she turns to see Andre stood there “You look incredible baby...”

Kylie smiles and blushes “not to bad yourself Quin..” she smirks up at him

“Shall we” he holds out his hand to her and they head out.

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