He Led Me To You

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Chapter 19


They have finished up their meal and he drops her home “thank you for tonight Andre its been amazing...”

Andre smiles down at her brushing her hair out of her face, he leans down and she meets him half way and their lips meet, they had both missed the other so much and it showed through that kiss, like the first kiss they had, nothing ever changed it was as exciting as it was before he pulls back and looks in to her eyes, she smiles up at him “I still love you Kylie, and we can take this as slow as you want and need, but I will do everything I can to get you guys back”

Kylie brushes her fingers along his face and she kisses him again “I know baby, thank you for being patient with me, we will get there”

They say their goodbyes and Andre heads off, Kylie goes in her dad is still up “You ok sweetheart?”

“Yes dad” she grins over at him

Adam smirks “good night?”

she nods “it really was dad, and I really hope we can be a family again one day” Adam nods.

He hugs her “you go get some rest ok” Kylie nods and heads off to bed.

The next day they are driving back to their own house again, Kylie wants her own bed and not to mention Amy had school to the next day, they spend the morning packing the car up as she straps Amy in to the car Amy shouts out “DADDY!!!”

Kylie spins round “Hey you, you ok?”

Andre smiles “yeah I took the day off, to maybe....drive you 2 home..?” he looks shy

Kylie grins “We’d love that, wouldn't we Amy?”


Kylie and Andre laugh and say their goodbyes to Adam and jump in the car and start the car ride home. Amy falls asleep, Kylie smiles “Thank you for dropping us back.”

He smiles looking at her out the corner of his eye “Of course, I wanna be there for you guys more and properly....” Kylie smiles and puts her hand on his leg, he smiles to himself as he takes her hand with his free hand stroking her hand with his thumb.

Once they get home, Amy is soon running riot around the house and Kylie and Andre are sat at the table having a coffee together “It’s a beautiful home Kylie...”

She smiles over at him “thank you, its not much but its ours and I love it” After a few seconds she calls Amy down

Amy comes charging in “YES MUMMY!”

Kylie pulls her to her giving her a cuddle and kissing her on the head “Why don’t you show daddy you’re room hur?”

Amy lights up jumping about “OK MUMMY!! COME ON DADDY!”

Kylie giggles at Amy dragging him by the hand, Andre chuckles following her, Kylie stands and begins cleaning she was glad to be home again, she starts washing up and a few minutes later Andre comes in with a pair of fairy wings on and a pink sparkly tutu, Kylie covers her mouth trying not to laugh but she cant stop herself “YOU look beautiful Andre!”

Amy comes running in, in a matching set giggling “ME AND DADDY ARE FAIRY PRINCESS’S!”

Andre smirks, waggling his eyebrows then stance to pretend to do ballet dancing, Kylie is bent over crying with laughter “you both look beautiful!” she bites her lip to stop herself from laughing again as they both spin in a circle “so you staying for dinner Princess daddy?”

Andre chuckles “I’d love to!” Amy cheers as they both dance out the room leaving Kylie laughing, thinking about how perfect this was, knowing this was all she ever wanted.

A few hours later they had finished dinner and Andre was bathing and putting Amy to bed while Kylie was cleaning, some time later she feels arms wrap around her, Andre leans down kissing her neck “Today has been one of the best days ever, thank you for letting me share it with you guys”

Kylie turns to him “It’s all I have ever wanted for us, for our family, so I was thinking....”

Andre turns her to face him “That doesn’t sound good!”

Kylie smiles “Well I hope it is.....I was thinking maybe... next weekend maybe my dad can have Amy for the weekend, and we can have a weekend together just us........”

Andre lights up “Really?.....”

Kylie smiles nodding “Really...”

Andre leans in and kisses her “Then I’d love to”

Kylie grins “then maybe Sunday we can do something as a family again just me you and Amy?”

Andre nods and kisses her for a few minutes before he heads out.

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