He Led Me To You

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Chapter 2


Kylie realised her feelings for Andre got stronger but she never acted on it nor did he, she tried to avoid going over there but failed and Andre made it his mission each time she was there to tease her, although over the last few months Christians grew more distant with her, she wasn’t sure why, she thought maybe he had clocked on for her feelings for his dad, it started to scare her

One night she sits at home, and she her letterbox goes, she heads down and an envelope with her name sits on the mat, her dad was at work, she looks outside to see if she see’s anything but doesn't, she heads back inside sitting on the sofa opening the envelope and a pile of photo’s fall out and scatter around her, her stomach knots up and she screams, there in every picture was Christian and her best friend Jamie, from them sleeping together to just kissing, anger and hurt rises, she grabs her keys and gathers up the photo’s, heads out photos in hand ready to go to his to confront him.

Kylie pulls up outside his, it's about 9pm, and storms up to the door banging on it

Andre swings open “Kylie!"

She shouts through her tears “WHERE IS HE!"

Andre looks confused and scared “Upstairs but"

Kylie walks past him and screams out “CHRISTIAN!"

After a few seconds he comes running down stairs, as Andre watches on in confusion “Baby what's wrong!"

Kylie starts to laugh sarcastically and throws the photo’s at him, until there is photos scattering around him “HOW LONG!" Christian loses colour in his face and Andre is stood in shock “How could you do this to me........" she bursts in to tears and backs away “you are welcome to each other” she turns on her heel and runs to her car

Christian chasing her she locks her doors and sits composing herself “Please baby wait”

She turns to him and through the window screams “FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE YOU SPINELESS LITTLE MAN! 4 YEARS AND.......you do that!" she pulls off leaving a pained Christian in the distance.

Kylie gets to a bar and can’t drive anymore, she heads in side, knocking one drink after the other, tell it at least took the edge off, a young girl her age slinks up next to her “Wanna talk about it”

Kylie looks round “Thanks but I’m fine thanks though”.

Kylie keeps drinking until she can hardly walk she stumbles outside, and picks up her phone, and dials her dad, “dadd.......dy”

“Baby what’s wrong!? where are you??, are you drunk” she bursts in to tears “it's ok baby send me you’re location I will come and get you"

She does and waits, with her head on her legs, a while later she hears, “KYLIE!" She looks up Christian is there “baby”

She looks up “GET AWAY FROM ME!"

Kylie's dad calls over as he walks towards her “Baby what's wrong! "

He helps her up “Ask this cheating piece of shit, why he slept with my best friend”

Archie see’s red “You stay away from my daughter do you hear me! if I catch you near my little girl again I will kill you” he helps her in to the car and gets her home carrying her and putting her to bed.


Kylie is starting to feel better in herself, and starts getting back to feeling normal again whatever normal was for her now, she heads out to run some errands, for her dad while he was working, after she finished that she heads out to pick up dinner for herself and her dad, as she stands waiting, she hears her name being called she turns, and her stomach falls, she try’s to ignore him but Andre is stood not going away

Kylie turns with her head held high “How can I help you Mr Quin”

He looks a little rough and scared to approach her “I’m so sorry for how my son behaved, he clearly didn’t deserve you, and for what it’s worth you are a million of him”

She shakes her head confused and shocked, he seemed to be siding with her? “His still you’re son”

Andre nods “I know but no one deserves to be treated like that, and I certainly didn’t raise him to be like that”

She fights back the tears as her name is called to collect the food she does and brushes past him walking out. Christian is walking in “KYLIE” She rolls her eyes and heads to her car climbing in, her tears streaming, she pulls off quickly.

After dinner she decides she is going out for drinks, she heads to her local and sits back in a booth in the corner letting out a long harsh breath, she sits in her own thoughts for a while “Kylie?"

Kylie snaps her head up and rolls her eyes “You don't have to keep checking on me when you see me you know, or you checking up on me for you’re son?"

He shakes his head “I just need to make sure you are ok...can I sit?"

Kylie takes in a long shaky breath “fine, but I’m going”

He holds out his hand and takes hers “Please wait!" she freezes, feeling his touch burning in to her, how much and how long she had dreamed for this the fireworks popping away in her head and the butterflies in her stomach

She sits back down “What can I help you with Andre?? you won’t have to see me again, I’m not anyone’s concern anymore his or yours”

He looks her dead in the eyes “But you’re mine” he leans in without missing a beat and crashes his lips to hers, her breath hitches as the shock sets in, he cups her face then runs his fingers through her hair, something in her head was screaming to run but she couldn’t do it, her lips her body wanted him just as much, she snakes her arms around his neck as he puts his hands around her waist, pulling her to him, after a few minutes, he pulls back “I’m sorry, but I can’t hold back from you anymore Kylie, don’t send me away, please”

Kylie looks him in the eyes, and can see the lust and passion he had burning for her, her body just seemed to dance with his. She try’s to wrap her head around everything, “Why.....are you doing this?"

Andre looks hurt but lifts her head up to look at him “Kylie, don't say you don't feel it too, I know you do, I’m not going to walk away without a fight, my son may not have known what he lost, but I wont give you the chance to fall from my hands, I promise you that” he leans in again pressing his lips to her and then stands and walks out she is left with only her thoughts.

Later that evening she gets through the door and her dad calls out “hey sweetie you ok?!"

She calls back and goes in to the room where he is “hey daddy! I’m fine, I promise”

Archie smiles and kisses her head “you got work tomorrow?"

She nods “I’m gonna head to bed, I love you dad!"

He smiles pulling her in to a hug “I love you too sweetheart”, she kisses her dad goodnight and heads to bed, she lay there the room spinning from everything that had just happened.

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