He Led Me To You

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Chapter 20


It’s a Friday evening and Kylie had just got back from dropping Amy to her dad’s she is in the middle of prepping for dinner and her door goes, she opens it thinking it was Andre, but instead she is met with 2 police officers, she invites them in, they sit and explain that they caught who had attacked her that she had been charged with attempted murder, Kylie cry’s in to her hands as relief washes over her, as the police show their self out, Andre comes in “BABY WHAT’S WRONG” He rushes to her side and she explains what had just happened, they hug it out for a bit, she looks him in the eye, she can’t hold back from him anymore, she straddles him, he pulls her in to his arms, where they make out and it starts getting more and more passionate and heated and he makes love to her there and then. As they lay there some time later just curled up together, Andre strokes her hair she gently runs her hands over his chest “God I have missed you Kylie”

She looks up at him smiling “I’ve missed you too Andre, I love you so so much!”

He leans down kissing her, he makes love to her over and over, they spend the most magical night together.

The next morning Andre is first to wake, he looks down with Kylie in his arms, he strokes her hair through and kisses the top of her head, after a few minutes of soaking up just having her in his arms, he climbs out of bed and heads down stairs to prep his surprise.

Some time later, he heads back in to the bedroom as Kylie stirs, he has a tray of food with a rose across the top, Kylie sits up smiling “What's this for?”

Andre sits beside her handing her the tray “I just wanted to treat you” Kylie takes her coffee and as she lifts the tissue up from the croissant's, she is shocked sticking out of the top of the croissant is an engagement ring, she looks at the beautiful silver ring, with a beautiful diamond in an oval shape, she looks back at Andre with tears in her eyes, he is down on one knee at the side of the bed “Baby girl, you my incredible beautiful woman and you mean the absolute world to me, I know I have screwed up so many times, but you still loved me through it, you and our little girl are my absolute life, I know we said we would take it slow, but a life without you and Amy isn't a life I want, you rock my world since the day you stepped in my living room, I love you and Amy so so so much and I want to be the perfect family unit with you as my wife, so Kylie Scout, will you marry me?!”

Kylie is completely gobsmacked as the tears stream she puts the tray on the side and jumps up and throws her arms around him “YES ANDRE YES!” Andre holds her in his arms, and kisses her passionately she pulls her head back “on one condition.....” Andre looks at her a little scared she smiles “Move in with us?”

Andre smirks “then yes of course!” they celebrate for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday morning they set off to go pick Amy up from Adam’s ready for their family day out once they are home that evening they sit down with Amy, Kylie pulls Amy in to her arms as Andre sits beside them both holding Kylies hand “So baby, guess what!”

Amy looks up at her mum and dad “what mummy?”

Kylie smiles “me and daddy are going to get married, and also Daddy is going to come and live here from now on!”

Amy’s eyes light up as she turns to her dad “REALLY!”

They both nod as Amy throws her arms around them both “YAY! When are you coming to live here daddy!”

Andre smiles down at his little girl “Next weekend baby, then its going to be you me and mummy, and you will even get to see Christian too!”

Amy is grinning they hug it out and enjoy the rest of the evening as a family.


The year had flown by, things were going so well, Amy was now 6 going on 7, Kylie had finally met Christian’s now wife and baby she was really happy to see him happy, plans for the wedding had been manic but they were both really excited and couldn't wait as was Amy she was going to be her mums bridesmaid, Christian was being Andre’s best man, Adam was giving his daughter away, everything was finally falling in to place for them and nothing could be better in this moment.

It was a Wednesday morning, and Kylie had just dropped Amy off to school, Andre was at work, so Kylie needed to run some errands, she head’s in to town to get the last’s bits of the wedding sorted, to Kylie’s surprise, she see’s Andre across the street going in to an alley he was following someone down there, Kylie wonders to herself, and heads over she stands at the top of the alley watching her heart shatters when she see’s him with brunette lady AGAIN, how dare he 2 days before their wedding, as she is about to say something, brunette pushes him against the wall kissing him Kylie coughs “Really..”

Andre spins “NO WAIT BABY!” the brunette is smirking at Kylie

Kylie lets her tears fall, she backs out and turns to leave, Andre runs after her “BABY, I SWEAR TO YOU THIS REALLY ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, I SWEAR ON AMY’S...”

Kylie spins “DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING FINISH THAT SENTANCE! HOW...could you... 2 days before our wedding, I don’t know why I believed this again, I am so stupid...” she takes her engagement ring off and throws it at him “maybe you should give this to her, she was right, you will always pick her...”

Kylie climbs in to her car and drives off tears streaming, she heads to the school picking up Amy and takes her to Dad’s telling him what happened, then heads home and starts packing her stuff and Amy’s she was so angry so hurt but mostly angry at herself, it always led back to her, she didn’t know who she was or why she seemed to hate her so much.

As she gathers her stuff the door closes, she hears Andre call out but she ignores it and carry’s on with what she is doing, Andre soon comes in behind her “BABY please wait” he reaches for her she pulls back

“DON’T EVERYTIME ANDRE EVERYTIME! IT’S ALWAYS HER WHY?” her heart shatters and the tears don’t stop “Why are we not good enough for you.....”

Andre looks her in the eye “BABY you are, you and Amy, are my fucking world, I promise you that it isn't what it seems! please”

Kylie shakes her head “I was going to surprise you at the wedding”

he looks at her confused “what?”

She stands and hands him a bag and then carry's her stuff down to her car, Andre comes running out a few seconds later “YOU’RE PREGNANT, THAT’S AMAZING!”

Kylie laughs bitterly “it would of been yeah, I love you Andre, I have for so so long, our little family, is all I ever wanted, now I have to break my little girls heart because her dad keeps finding his self with the same woman each time, just a shame its the wrong one....”

She pulls off crying as she drives, she get’s to her dad’s and Adam pulls her in to his arms “oh my poor girl!” Kylie just cry’s

Amy comes in “Mum, are you ok?”

Kylie composes herself and pulls her in to a hug “of course darling, why don’t you got pick out a takeaway menu hur?”

Amy smiles and nods and heads off, Kylie exhales.


Kylie is trying to get life back on track, she is 20 weeks pregnant, but is struggling so bad she trying to stay strong for her kids sakes, this hurt the most because by now she should of been Andre’s wife. Adam was at work, and Amy was at school, the door goes, she heads to answer it “Hey..”

“What’s up Christian?”

“Dad’s in really bad shape...”

“Why are you telling me? I have my kids to think about right now, if he want’s to sit in self pity because he screwed up then that’s on him, I am struggling as it is without having the cause of it on my mind!”

Christian looks down “sorry...”

Kylie shakes her head “No I am, that’s unfair... I shouldn’t”

Christian shakes his head “no its ok I promise” he hugs her they sit and chat for a little while.

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