He Led Me To You

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Chapter 22

Later on that evening Kylie is curled up with her new baby girl Riley rested on her chest, Andre went to get Adam and Amy.

Half hour later the door opens, Andre comes in holding Amy’s hand, Adam behind them, Andre walks over to Kylie’s bedside he leans down kissing them both on the head, Amy sits on the bed “Hey baby you ok?”

Amy looks over smiling “Yes! is this my new sister!”

Kylie and Andre smile “Yes sweetheart” they all have photos and soak up the moments.

A few days later as they are home, there is a knock at the door, Andre heads to get it, Kylie looks up and see’s Andre and 2 officers appear in front of her she raises her eyebrow “what’s going on?” the officers come in and explain that the arrest they made for her attack was wrong, it turned out to be Brenda, Kylie is in a little shocked, her own mum attacked her and left her for dead, Andre supports her with it, they also explained that they have arrested her and she is in custody which was relief for Kylie and the protection of her family was the most important thing ever.


Kylie was settled in to family life, her and Andre married soon after Riley was born they felt they missed out too many times not to do it ASAP, they went on to have another baby a little boy Harrison, they moved in to a house by her dad and back in the town where everything started, she visit’s Archie’s grave a lot and tells the kids how lucky they are to have 2 grandad’s, her mum was sentenced to life for the attempted murder of her daughter, Christian and his wife now had 2 kids and one on the way and the whole family were closer than ever, her dad went on to marry a wonderful lady who was never able to have children of her own, who adored Kylie and the grandbabies, Hazel is still about and recently married and now expecting her first baby, Johnny went on and moved and married some girl he’d met online, Kylie never saw him after the day he came to hers, she felt bad, but she knew he knew where her heart truly belonged.

People come in to our lives at different times maybe the right at the bad and the wrong at the good times, but the people and situations cross our path’s when they are supposed too, things always happen for a reason...

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