He Led Me To You

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Chapter 3

The next morning she wakes up early and begins her process of getting ready for work, her dad drops her off to work while her car is in for a yearly check, she hops out and heads inside, she works at a local bar as a barmaid, she heads in getting ready for her shift, the first part of it went off without a hitch, then the afternoon rush come, and as she finishes collecting glasses and heads back behind the bar as she looks up to take the next order she is met by Christian, she stayed professional “What can I get you?”

“Please talk to me Kylie, I miss you”

“Can I get you something ......”

He hangs his head then the voice of her saviour booms over “Leave her alone, scumbag!” Christian looks over and see’s Kylies best friend Hazel who she had been friends with since they were in nappies, he leaves in defeat.

“Thank you” Kylie says with a pleading look

“Always girl you’re my bestie ain't no man gonna treat you like shit and get away with it”

Kylie cant help but laugh “I have missed you!, how was the wonderful holiday!”

Hazel grins “amazing, we can catch a drink after you’re shift”

Kylie nods and gets on with her work.

Later that evening she finishes her shift then heads over to the booth where Hazel was waiting. “So how you doing hun, I can’t believe I was away when all this shit hit the fan, I can’t believe Jamie, just wanna yank those horse hairs from her pretty blonde scalp and pluck those perfect manicured nails from her fingers!”

Kylie bursts out laughing “god I have missed you!”

Hazel wiggles her eyebrows at her “Damn straight but I am back for good!!!!!!!”

They chat and have a laugh for a while and then Kylie heads out the back for a breather standing in a closed off space for a little silence, then she feels someone behind her, as she turns she see’s Andre standing there, he looks at her like he was hunting for his prey, he slides his hands round her waist and backs her up against the wall, he lifts her head with his finger and looks her in the eyes brushing her lips with his thumb and cups her face, she holds her breath she can feel her knees begin to shake, he slowly closes the gap planting his lips on to hers, she keeps trying to find the strength to stop it, but every fibre of her being yearned for him, his kiss, his touch and for every fibre of his being, she cant fight it she pulls him to her, he lifts her gently and sits her back against the wall holding her as the kiss gets deeper, she runs her fingers through his hair and they make their way to the back of his head their want for each other all shown through that one Kiss.

Then she hears Hazel come out calling for her, he gently places her down “this is not over, I wont stop tell you are mine Kylie” he quickly plants another kiss and disappears

Kylie is left spinning and Hazel comes round “There you are, you coming in??”

Kylie smiles and nods and they head in and carry on with their night.

The next day she has a day off, and she was going to do what she put off for so long and that was to return Christians stuff to him, she collects the box and throws it in the back of her car and heads to his.

Kylie gets there and knocks, a rough looking Christian is stood there, Andre is standing in the hall watching on “Kylie!”

Andre is standing in the hall watching on after hearing her name. But she ignores him “Don't get to excited, I am just here to return you’re stuff”

Christian looks hurt “please can we talk I love you”

“No, you betrayed me Christian and for what.......I can’t believe you were my world”

“I still can be!” Without hesitation, Christian launches forward pushing her against the door, planting a kiss on her, she pushes him off and slaps him across the face. As she looks up she can see Andre looking angry and annoyed but smirks at her reaction.


“Babe wait”

She turns on heel and gets in her car, locks her doors feeling a weight lifted, she turns on her stereo fall blast winds her windows down and pulls off, feeling like the world was her oyster, she was excited she was moving in to her own place in a couple of days and her life felt like it was her own and it was just beginning.

Later that night after she finishes work she collects the boxes she needs for moving and heads out to her car piling them in the back she turns to see Andre appear “And what are those for?”

Kylie rolls her eyes “if you must know, I am moving”, she smiles and continues putting the flat pack boxes in her back seat

Andre looks hurt and disappointed “Where to?”

She turns again “not far up the road” as they stand talking they hear weird noises coming from beside the pub, Kylie shuts up her car and goes to see what's happening, she freezes when she see’s Christian and Jamie having sex against the ally wall “wow right outside my work place, CLASSY"

Both Jamie and Christian jump as they see Kylie stand there and Andre comes up behind her “what's going on” then he see’s his son inside the girl in question.

“WAIT KYLIE” Jamie and Christian scramble to get decent, Andre is stood in shock unable to comprehend what was happening.

Kylie holds her hand up and turns away heading off to her car she gets home and her dad is at work and she spends the night and next day packing up.

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