He Led Me To You

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Chapter 4

Moving day comes and its emotional saying good bye to her dad and packing her stuff up in the car she heads to her new place she spends the day doing it up and heads to go get drunk. She knocks back drink after drink tell she can hardly stand, by the time 1am comes, she decides to walk home as her flat is only 3 minutes away, and stumbles outside, and begins her walk, she can hardly walk, and is stumbling everywhere, a voice calls out after her “Kylie!, oh my god”

She starts to feel a little woozy and her legs go, but a pair of arms scoop her up, she tells them her address she isn't sure why, she just wanted her bed, the stranger helps her home and in to bed, she falls in to a deep sleep, the next morning she wakes heads for a shower and to freshen up she gets out wraps herself up in her towel and she goes in to the living room to put some music on, but there he is Andre curled up asleep on the sofa “Andre?”

He wakes with a startle “I am sorry, I just saw the state you was in, I couldn't leave.....not why you”

She smiles “it's ok thank you, I don't know what got over me, sorry you had to deal with me like that guess things got a bit too much, but forget that now, do you want a coffee?”

He looks a little surprised “don't be I am just happy you are safe, and yeah sure why not please”

She smiles and nods and goes in to the kitchen, then there it is again, she feels his presence next to her, she freezes like her body stops functioning when he was close, she could feel him coming up behind her until he was pressed against her back her breath quickens, he reaches round tracing from her hands up her arms and above her towel across her shoulders she shudders underneath his touch and she swallows the lump in her throat. “Turn around baby, I want to see you’re beautiful face” his voice was husky yet sexual and demanding, she could only obey.

Kylie turn to face him and he reaches out brushes her wet hair to the side kissing her neck and collarbone, her head tilts back as he kisses from her chest up the front of her neck, he intertwines his fingers through her wet hair, and teasingly traces kisses up her jaw to her mouth, he gently bites down on her lip, he then whispers in her ear “I want you so bad Kylie in every way, let me show you how much, let me have you......can I ....please” she cant control herself she lets out a moan all she can do is nod.

He lifts her on to the side kissing her not breaking the kiss she unbuttons his shirt pushing it off his shoulders running her hands up his chest and over his broad shoulders, she leans forward, kisses along his jaw line, up behind his ear down his neck and shoulders, she feels the affect she has on him as he clenches his jaw and a moan escapes him and he purrs out his words “GOD KYLIE”, she feels his body reacting to every kiss she gave and every touch she made, then her bell goes, Andre is a little irritated but ok as is Kylie but she cant help feeling maybe it was a good thing, she couldn't do this although she ached for him, could she really give in to that desire.

Andre goes off to the bathroom to sort himself out and Kylie goes and opens the door, it was just a parcel she heads back in and Andre comes out “you ok?”

she smiles and nods “yeah you?”

He closes the gap between them “I am when I am with you, but for now I need to get to work”, he leans in kissing her leaning in to her ear “I will get you to myself at some point baby, but I promise it will be worth the wait, you are all mine, and I am all yours........only yours” her mouth goes dry as he kisses her one more time before leaving.

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