He Led Me To You

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Chapter 5

A few weeks pass and everything seems to be back to normal she is sat at home one night, the weather was terrible it was pouring but she loved the kind of weather it was soothing for her, and she goes over what happened here a few weeks back with Andre she could still feel his kisses and his hands on her, he drove her crazy then her phone goes off new text unknown number

“Hey Beautiful miss me?”

She’s a little freaked out who the hell was this.....

“Christian if that’s you it isn’t funny! and PS you should probably delete my number!”

she waits then her phone goes off again

“ouch baby, and defiantly NOT Christian, It’s Andre..... so sorry if I scared you and certainly NO chance of deleting number I just got it!”

She is shocked and cant help but laugh, what the hell..

“How did you get my number?”

She waits

“I got it off Christians phone when he was asleep, I told you, I want you, and I thought it was time I had you’re number we get so DISTRACTED when we are together......”

She cant help but smile at his boldness

“Bold of you Mr Quin”

“I told you I always go after what I want....What are you doing right now....”

she thinks for a bit

“I noticed and not much just relaxing watching TV, how about you?”

She waits for a text back but nothing comes and she whacks on some music and does some cleaning, after about half hour, her door goes, she is a little confused, but heads down to get it as she opens to the door, a lustful Andre is stood there soaked through, she stands there a little shocked, and Andre steps forward dripping from the downpour, his white shirt now see through the outline of his abs peaking through, his hair dripping and pushed back, she can’t contain herself anymore, she pulls him towards her by his shirt and he kicks the door shut, he pulls her to him, and crashes his lips to hers, she unbuttons his top pushing it to the floor she runs her hands up his torso up to his shoulders, he stares at her with a hunger, he yanks her top off over her head, letting out a low growl, his lips find hers again he lifts her up and she wraps her legs around around him, he pushes her up against the wall, he kisses her neck she throws her head back, biting down on her lip, she moans against his lips, as she stands up, he kicks his shoes off and she slowly undoes his jeans letting his soaked jeans fall to the floor along with his boxers, letting him spring free, he looks down at her cupping her face “you are so beautiful baby” he runs his hands down her pulling her bottoms loose tell she is fully bare in front off him.

He picks her up kissing her, taking her to the bedroom, he lays her down in front of him and takes a long look at him as she does for him, then he kisses up her body tell the kissing got to overheated and he had to have her there and then, he makes love to her slowly, more than once that night.

After they have finished, Andre collapse at the side of her breathless and panting as is Kylie, she couldn’t believe she had done it, it was the most incredible mind blowing experience she had ever had, he was a considerate and gentle generous lover, at least that’s what he showed her this time, as he lays beside her, he pulls her to his chest, and starts to stroke her hair with the hand he had wrapped around her, he held her hand and stroked her palm with his thumb... “You ok? what you thinking..”

Kylie looks up at him “I am ok, are you?, I guess a little surprised...”

He looks at her with a raised eyebrow “oh?”

She smiles up at him “I just never experienced something like this before, and I guess to start I was scared, giving the circumstances, I tried to fight it but I couldn’t......”

He looks slightly hurt “You don’t want me?....”

Kylie sits up “I never said that.....”

He sits bolt up right and gets up “It’s fine. I got what I came for”

Kylie covers herself, as a sinking knot twisting thought hits her she just wanted to cry “you used me.....”

Andre turns, looking at the pain and sadness and betrayal in her face and eyes “no....wait that’s”

She cuts in “GET OUT!” she climbs out of bed and runs to the bathroom locking herself in, her world had come crashing down around her

Andre feels like a prick and goes to try and fix it “baby please open the door”

Kylie starts to scream “NO GET OUT!, YOU KNOW I JUST GAVE MY VIRGINITY TO YOU BY THE WAY THATS HOW MUCH THAT MEANT TO ME HOW MUCH YOU MEANT TO ME, THATS HOW MUCH I FEEL FOR YOU, BUT I AM GLAD TO KNOW I WAS JUST ANOTHER TOY, NOW GET OUT!” she throws up from being so upset and at the thought she had given him the most precious gift and she meant nothing to him, he broke her heart just like that, how could she be so stupid believing he could be in to her.

Andre goes pale, he didn’t realise, that she had never even slept with Christian, that she gave him something amazing and something special to her, and he just threw it in her face, he leaves with only his thoughts.

Kylie finally comes out the bathroom, she can’t believe she was so stupid, she gave up something so precious to a man who thought of her as a toy, she didn’t even want that with Christian which is why she feels he probably cheated, but with Andre she just knew well thought he was special, thought they had something special.

A couple of weeks later Kylie heads in to work she took on an extra shift she ignored all the messages from Andre and the door when he turned up, she felt humiliated and embarrassed.

Once Kylie gets to work she gets after a while of serving she turns over, he heart shatters as she see’s Andre sat in a booth with some brunette, the brunette leans and kiss him, Kylie can't watch she turns away and goes out the back at this point Andre has seen her, Kylie tells her boss she suddenly don't feel well and heads out to go home.

Kylie starts speed walking home but stops half way and throws up “KYLIE”

She stands straight and continues walking “GET AWAY FROM ME”

“That wasn't how it seemed!”

Kylie starts to cry ” it never is, I don't know why I ever thought I was something special to you or ......to him...like father like son I guess” she gets to her door and lets herself in.

Andre bangs on the door “please Kylie, I am not him, that really wasn't what it seemed, and I really didn't mean to say what I did”


She heads in turning music full blast, Andre sits out front listening to her cry and smashing stuff, his heart broke, he couldn't get to her he couldn't comfort her and worst of all he caused this, even though she didn't see what happened after.

A whole month later no one had heard from her, only her dad but Andre couldn't go ask him, she hadn't been to work, Andre went in every day but she never came, he was starting to get concerned and took it on himself to go to hers, only when he did he looked through her window her flat was empty, shock and panic goes through him, he refused to let this go and swore he would find her, he wanted her not just as “playmate” he wanted to make a serious go with her a full relationship “where are you baby, I am not giving up on you”

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