He Led Me To You

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Chapter 6


Kylie sits in her apartment, thinking over the last year, she was missing Andre like crazy her heart ached, but after everything that happened, she moved an hour away, and made it so her dad came to her as did Hazel because she didn’t want Andre finding her, her dad doesn't ask questions, she found a new job, just a plain office job, but it paid the bills, she made a couple of new friends Johnny who was sweet on her but she couldn’t move on from Andre as much as she wanted to and Trixie bubbly outgoing ball of energy, but other then starting over she was miserable, she give anything to feel Andre holding her, she thought about going back but as time went on, she thought he’d hate her, and that hurt more.

Andre is still searching for her and has a lead, and is putting an plan in action to find her, he has been locked up in his office searching for her, he missed her badly, nothing compared to her, he wanted to look in to her eyes again wanted to feel her skin burn on his, he also couldn’t move on, who couldn't and wouldn't give up on, a whole year without so much as looking at her and it killed him......but true to his word, he will find her and make it right.

It’s a Saturday night and Kylie is going out with Trixie and Johnny to their favourite club that they go to most weekends, Kylie heads out and meets them outside the club “HEY GUYSSSSS”

Trixie and Johnny spin they both launch at her and hug her “Well if it isn't the life and soul of the party!”

They all burst out laughing “Lets go!”

They all head in and grab drinks and dance away on the dancefloor then head for more drinks and shots knocking them back, then more dancing, as it get’s later and all 3 of them are a little drunk, Trixie is off snogging billy no name in the corner, and Johnny is dancing away with Kylie and laughing away as she heads to the bar a little later, that's when she spots him, sitting with a drink just watching her, her blood runs cold and she is in flight or fight mode, she chooses flight, and try’s to get out quickly as she gets to the front and outside, she feel’s his hand pull her round, she knows its him because of the electric and heat that ran through her, she try’s to pull away losing her balance but he catches her, she pulls herself away “no no no no......”

“Baby wait, please”

And just like always hearing his voice she would melt and want to run at him, but she had to be strong at least try to be “No I cant.....” she starts to cry

Johnny comes out behind him “Kylie you ok!?”

Kylie nods “I am fine, I just need to go home”

Johnny steps forward “Let me get you home”

Andre standing clenching his jaw in anger “NO I WILL”

Kylie snaps her head back at him, “BOTH OF YOU STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Kylie hales a cab getting in without looking back She gets home slides up against the door and cry's in to her hands, she goes to get some water, but something builds up in her and she hurls the glass at the wall starts throwing anything that would make her feel better, she lets out a “SHIT”, when it cuts her hands up and just collapses on the floor in a bundle, there's a banging on the door “JUST LEAVE ME ALOOOONE!”

“Babe, I am not losing you again, I never gave up the whole time you were gone, I never lost hope....don't send me away now...please just let me in” Kylie sits for a few minutes, she stands opening the door and moving to the side and defeated, Andre looks at her “Shit what have you done to you’re hands!”

He takes her by the arm and lifts her up on the side, cleaning and wrapping her hands, she just stares past him, it feels like she was defeated, empty, she dreamed of this moment, having him near her touching her just having his presence but she stayed away thinking it was all going to all be bad, she did it to protect him....herself... but he searched for her for a year she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she tried to protect them both and it wasn't enough....once Andre had finished, he stands in front of her and cups her face, brushing her hair from her face and wiping away the tears.

Kylie looks up at him it was still there, everything she felt from him and for him all there simmering “Kylie, I have missed you so much, why run away from me........ everything was incredible, apart from the last bit, I didn’t mean what I said, and I didn’t realise I was you’re first”

She gets up and pushes past him “I don't want you’re sympathy Andre, I didn’t want to tell you to start with in case you didn’t want...me...but it turns out you didn’t anyway...” she starts to cry and he reaches for her but she turns her back, he starts to cry too.

“I would of still wanted you Kylie...I do still want you.. I did from the first day I saw you...I was jealous of Christian watching him hold you, kiss you be near you, and I was furious when he hurt you but a little happy because maybe, I would hope I got the chance with you, I was lucky enough to get it....... and If you had told me it was you're first time, I would of made it more special for you.......”


Andre is stunned “you.......was......in love with me..”

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