He Led Me To You

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Chapter 7

Kylie shakes her head “No, was ........and still am....I haven't been able to move on because of my love for you, this last year I've been torturing myself because of it!”

Andre moves swiftly, takes her hand and spins her pinning her to the sideboard his eyes burning in to hers, his lips crash to hers, and just like all the last year melted away from her this is all she wanted, he also waited for this moment for so long to hold her like this again, a thirst that was never quite fulfilled, she melts in to him she needed him and she needed him now, he picks her up without breaking the kiss sitting her on the side, he pulls her legs apart and stands between them, she rips his shirt off, running her hands down his bare skin, he moans against her lips, “IVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH” He sweeps her hair to the side, kissing her neck, she fumbles around undoing his bottoms freeing him, and he slides her dress up and underwear off, she pulls him forward, he carefully picks her up and positions her on to him, she grips his back, he moans in pleasure as she takes him in, he holds on to her carefully but enough to show that he never wanted to let go, with every thrust, a rush of ecstasy pulsates through them, he buries his head in to her neck, eventually they hit full climax, he leans in kissing her “can I stay? don’t send me away please....I have only just got you back”

She leans her head against his chest “yes...I don’t think I have to strength to lose you again”

He kisses her again and pulls her in to his arms carrying her off to the bedroom where he makes up for lost time, by the time they finish its early hours, and Kylie lays wrapped up in his embrace “Kylie...”


“I love you”

She looks up at him, leans in gently kissing him “I love you too Andre”

The next morning Kylie wakes up feeling Andre’s arms protectively around her, she slides out and just watching him sleeping peacefully, she leans down kissing him on the head brushing his hair out of his face, she climbs out of bed and heads to the kitchen and cleans up from the day before and starts making coffee, as she stands making coffee Andre comes up behind her sliding his arms around her waist “Morning baby”

she turns and kisses him “Good morning you sleep ok?”

He smiles, brushing her hair from her face “best sleep I have had in over a year”

She looks up at him cupping her face, he shuts his eyes leaning in to her hand, as he savours her touch, she strokes his cheek, she tip toes up and gives him a long gentle kiss “I love you Andre”

He opens his eyes, looking down at her with love and admiration “I love you too baby, and I am never letting you go again, I hope you know that”

She smiles up at him “please don't” he pulls her in and just holds her.

Some hours later as they are curled up on the sofa Andre turns to her “baby?”

She looks over at him “Hmmmmm”

“How would you feel about people knowing about us, I really want it to be official...”

She curls up in his arms “I’d love that, although some are going to be harder then others.....”

Andre nods “I know baby but, I want the world to know, and whatever happens we face it together”

She takes his hand “together, whatever happens”

He leans down kissing her slowly, then once they break “Maybe we should tell the two hardest people first?”

Kylie nods “agreed”

Andre thinks for a bit “how about Saturday come over for dinner we can tell Christian together”

She snuggles back in to him “ok yeah”

They spend the rest of the day soaking up each other not wasting a second making up for the last year of being apart.

Saturday soon comes round and Kylie is nervous she agreed to be there before Christian, she gets ready and starts the drive, she feel’s sick but she knew he was going to have to know at some point.... she pulls up outside and Andre is all ready at the door with a smile plastered on his face, she heads out and heads up to him, he pulls her in to his arms “You ok baby”

“Yeah little nervous”

“we got this I promise you darling, nothing can break us” he leans down kissing her then brings her in to the house.

After half our Christian enters the house and is shocked when he walks in to the front room to see Kylie “Kylie...”

“Hey Christian”

“What are you doing here”

And as if on cue, Andre comes in to the room “Hey son, there is something I want to talk about”

Christian looks at his suspiciously “Ummmm ok.....”

Andre holds his hand out to Kylie, she takes it standing he wraps his arm around her “We wanted to be the ones to tell you first, but Kylie and I are seeing each other”

Christian is stunned in to silence “I'm sorry what.....YOU’RE DATING MY EX! BIT YOUNG FOR YOU DAD DONT THINK”


Kylie turns to Andre “maybe I should go”

Andre tightens his grip “No I am sorry but for once I am happy!, I lost you for god damn year, I am not losing you again!”

Christian is still looking on “so she was the mystery woman hunt....” he shakes his head and storms off to his room.

Kylie shuts her eyes and exhales. She has to take a seat and Andre takes a seat beside her.

“I don’t know if I can get between you two like this...”

Andre takes her hand “please don't...”

Kylie puts her head in to her hands Andre takes her hand “Baby, look at me, we can get through this I promise, I love you so much” he kisses her

Kylie kisses him back “I love you too”

He kisses her hand “lets go to bed?”

She smiles up at him and nods.

The next morning Kylie wakes up early and heads down stairs, as she does she see’s Christian she try's to turn back to avoid confrontation. “he will leave you like the rest you know its what he does best”

She spins round “excuse me”

“you heard, why do you think I never liked bringing you here, not the first girl he’s had in this year alone, he will play a bit then get bored as usual, I know you got in to bed with him though he told me all about it, that's why I just thought you was a quick fuck for him, but you were frigid for me, maybe I can have a go now then you got the collection a father son duo”

She slaps him across the face, she goes back in to the bedroom in tears collects her stuff and starts to head out, Andre runs down after her “BABY WHERE YOU GOING”

“you stay away, I ain't doing this, ask you spineless son, about all the other so called gfs you had in the last year, or the fact you told him you was my first or the fact he has the damn right audacity to ask to sleep with me to add to my “COLLECTION” ”


She jumps in her car and pulls of still crying and just drives.

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