He Led Me To You

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Chapter 8

A few days later Kylie just lay in bed Andre kept coming back but she never replied, the pain was excruciating nothing can mend that this time she didn't talk to her dad or no one.

This time a number calls her phone she doesn't answer but a voicemail bleeps up, she listens to it and horror is sent through her “NO DAD!” she jumps out of bed throwing clothes on and rushes out the door and speeds off to the hospital, she gets where she has to be and a doctor pulls her to the side

“Miss Scout?”

Through tears “yes my dad is he ok?”

“I am so sorry......we tried everything”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She collapses on the floor the doctor helps her up “I wanna be with him” the doctor leads her to a room where her dad lay’s peacefully “daddy.....” she leans down kissing him on the head, she stays by his side for a few hours, then she goes back to her dads home which was now hers.

She stands outside staring at it, scared to go inside, the tears come she collapse to the floor and sits there she pulls out her phone and calls Hazel. Once Hazel arrives she see’s Kylie on the floor, she rushes over “oh come here babe, I am so sorry, lets get you inside and warm ok?” she helps her to her feet.

They get inside and she sits Kylie on the sofa, Kylie's phone rings, and Hazel decides to answer “Hello, Kylies phone”

“Who’s that?”

“Her best friend and you are?”

“Her boyfriend, I need to talk to her”

“I am sorry she is in no fit state right now, her dad’s just died.......”


He clicks off the phone and Hazel puts it on the side and makes hot drinks, she heads in to the front room and places a cup down, the door goes, Hazel answers“You must be the boyfriend”

"where is she.....”

“Through there, be warned she isn't in a good way” He nods and nervously walks in and see’s Kylie curled in to herself, he sits beside her pulling her to him, she doesn't even fight him, she surprises him and grips on to him snuggling in to him.

“Its ok baby, I got you..” he sits back in the chair and pulls her in to him, and just strokes her hair. She was hurting so much she knew the only thing that could ease her even a little was him. She just laid there, listening to his heart, smelling his scent in and feeling his arms wrap around her.

A week later, she musters up the little energy she has to arrange her dad’s funeral and Andre and Hazel stay by her side through out, the rest of the time she lays on the sofa not eating drinking just staring off, Andre takes the time off to stay with her, he sits with her, looking over her. “Baby, try and eat something please...I am really worried about you”

“His right hun, please for us...”

Kylie doesn't even flinch she just lay there.

A couple of weeks nothing changed and it came to the day of the funeral, she managed to get up and shower and get ready, she sits in her dads room she doesn't feel at all well, but she just wants to make it through this day, she stands to go down stairs and Andre comes in, She looks up at him, he kisses the top of her head and cuddles her. “I am here ok baby...you are not doing this alone, you have Hazel too” She nods against him its the first reaction they had from her.

After the funeral as they get back to her dads, Kylie is looking really poorly, and she feels uneasy, and collapses. Andre rushes to her side “CALL AN AMBULANCE, BABY COME ON WAKE UP!”

They get no response soon enough she is whisked off to hospital. Hazel and Andre wait in the waiting room, the doctor enters “ Are You here for Miss Scout?” They nod “Are You family?”

Andre speaks up “I am her partner, this is her sister, we just buried her father today”

The doctor nods “my condolence's” They nod in return

Andre starts to panic “please tell me she is ok!”

The doctor nods “she’s extremely malnourished and underweight and dehydrated, but I am guessing from recent circumstances she hasn't been eating or anything or generally taking care of herself?”

Andre nods “correct we have tried”

“It’s understandable, she’s grieving....umm but the next bit I have to talk about, well this is a bit of a sensitive issue that I am going to have to discuss with you alone Mr??”

Andre looks up “Quin, and how comes”

“This is something I’d prefer to discuss with you alone Mr Quin” Hazel doesn't make a fuss and leaves the room “What's wrong ?”

“Now Mr Quin I am not sure if you are aware but Miss Scout is pregnant... And is extremely likely she didn’t know either, its early stages”

He cant help but feel a little excited, but what if she didn't want to keep it..... all he can muster up is a “WOW”

“Yes I understand it is a shock, but it was best that someone is aware to tell her” Andre nods. Some time after they are allowed in to see her

As Andre goes in she is awake and alert “Andre?”

“Yes baby I am here” She starts to cry, he climbs on to the bed next to her and pulls her in to him "It's ok”

“I should of listened, I am sorry”

“Don’t be babe, you are grieving its ok”

She snuggles in to him, some time later his about to tell her the news. “Baby...I have so news....”

Kylie looks up “is it bad?”

Andre smiles “well I hope you don’t think so....”

Kylie sits up to pay full attention “you’re.......pregnant”

Kylie stops breathing for a sec waiting for it to sink in “I'm pregnant....”

“I know its a shock.....and I get that it may not be....”

She turns and kisses him, he sinks in to her “Are you happy?”

She smiles “how could I not be, that's a massive blessing” she holds her tummy “Hey little one, stay strong for me ok, I promise to take better care of my self for you” Andre puts his hand over hers and kisses her on the head.

Kylie thinks for a minute “are you sure this is what you want.... I mean if it isn't then....”

Andre lifts her face up “I want a life with you baby, Yes this little one is unexpected, but I love you darling, yeah I'm older...but I will support and love you both as long as I live”

Kylie starts crying “what about Chris..”

“I will deal with that, whether he likes it or not, you are family now, his little brother or sister is in there so... but don't you worry about that, one day at a time baby” She nods and cuddles in to him.

A couple of months pass and Kylie has moved in to her dad’s house and trying to find work where she is.

Today her and Andre are off for their 12 week scan they are both extremely excited, Andre spoke to Christian and he wasn't happy but he didn't involve himself in it.

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