He Led Me To You

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Chapter 9

Kylie gets out the shower and finishes getting ready, she hears the door go, she knows its Andre as she gave him a spare key in case there was ever and emergency, she heads down stairs, Andre is at the bottom he lights up with excitement “How's my beautiful Girl”

Kylie smiles as she gets to the bottom “ok, but FYI MORNING SICKNESS IS NOT A JOKE!”

Andre bursts out laughing “My poor baby, anything I can do”

“No I will be fine” she leans up kissing him "you ready?”

He smiles and nods and they head out to the car he helps her in, She looks up at him before shutting the door “Babe stop fussing....”

Andre backs off “sorry”

Kylie takes his hand “come here”

He kneels by her side “I just wanna take care of you and our little one”

“I Know baby, me and little one are so grateful, but with juggling work and running round after me, you’re gonna over do it, I care for you’re well being too”

Andre smiles “I know, please just let me take care of you..”

Kylie holds her hands up smiling “I surrender” He laughs and leans in kissing her then shuts the door and walks round to the drivers side.

After a little while they are at the hospital waiting to be seen. As they sit waiting another lady who looked closer to term walks in, Kylie recognises her but she isn't sure where and suddenly Andre is really uncomfortable Kylie catches on to him “Babe what's wrong..”

He snaps his head round taking her hand “Nothing”

Before she had the chance ask they are called in. They go in and sit while the Doctor and midwife take the notes they need, then get her laying on the table ready for her sonogram, after a few minutes the doctor smiles over “There's you’re baby guys congratulations mummy and daddy!” Kylie watches the screen in wonder, she starts getting a little emotional and Andre takes her hand and kisses it “and if we switch this on....” the doctor fiddles with the machine and then a (THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP) comes out “That is you’re baby's heartbeat, good and healthy, and from what we can tell you are about 14 weeks along...Congrats guys!”

They wrap up the appointment and head back to Kylies, she heads in and sticks her baby picture on the fridge proudly. Andre comes up behind her snaking his arms around her waist holding her tummy “I love you two so much”

“We love you too”

“I've got to pop out baby, anything you need?”

she shakes her head “no” he kisses her and leaves.

A hour later the door goes she opens it “Christian!”

“ummm hi...”

“What's up?”

“I just wanted to apologise Kylie, I have been so unfair to you, In our relationship and out of it, I'm sorry for any pain I have caused you....and distress”

“Christian it's fine.....I get you was upset, but thank you”

he looks up and smiles “sooo......is the baby ok?....”

She smiles “yes of course come in”

he follows her in to the kitchen and she hands him the scan “wow, my little brother or sister......”

“yeah...healthy and doing well.......I know this is weird ass situation, but I love you’re dad, and I want you to be involved in the baby’s life too... if you want to be you don't have to be of course....”

“No I’d love to.......thank you Kylie”


“being patient with me, I am glad you’re happy now..” she hugs him

Andre comes in “what's going on here!”

Kylie looks up “Christian came to make amends actually”

Andre looks confused, he walks over and cuddles in to Kylie possessively “Hey watch it you’re hurting me!” Kylie jumps back “WHAT THE HELL IS YOU’RE PROBLEM! YOU ACTED ALL SHIFTY AT THE HOSPITAL, YOU’RE SON DOES THE DECENT THING TO BE CIVIL AND APOLOGISES AND YOU START A PISSING CONTEST LIKE IM SOMEONES PROPERTY!”

“Babe wait”

“No don't bother, I am going to lay down” She leaves the room

“Why you here Christian! really!”

Christian smirks “making peace with my future mum of course!”

Andre starts to get pissed off “Don't be cocky”

“ooooh you thought I told her right......fear not dad” he walks out laughing, not anticipating that Kylie was listening on the stairs

“wait Kylie!”

“so you didn’t wanna make peace..”

“I do!!”

“don't bother I don't wanna be a pawn in this game...... and as for you Andre you tell me what his talking about now.... you did know that woman didn't you”

The penny drops from where she remembers her in the bar kissing him, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath “She’s carrying you’re baby isn't she........”

Christian stands looking awful, Andre try's to reach out for her “No that is not the case!”


Christian looks at her pleading eyes “She could be pregnant with his baby”

Andre snaps at Christian “CHRISTIAN!”

“No you know what dad, I treated her like shit she didn’t deserve that, but she has my little brother or sister to think about, I wont stand back and let you hurt both of them!”

“Its not what it seems baby I promise you!”

“I need you everyone too leave, I don't feel well right now, leave you’re key on the side”

She turns to go up the stairs deflated what started as great day turned out shit, but she swore to herself her baby comes first, she felt like they were playing her taking her for a fool.

After she has woken up she heads down stairs, she jumps when her doorbell goes she opens it to find Hazel, Trixie and Johnny there “Hey guys come in!, just the people I wanted to speak to, and hold on to you’re seats because its gonna be one hell of ride!”

They look at her and cant help but laugh and they all head in she makes drinks and grabs the scan. “So girls and guy, I’m pregnant!”

She flips the picture over the girls screech in excitement, “CONGRATULATIONS, IM GUESSING ITS HUNK MAN BOYFRIEND, Who came to you’re aid” Hazel winks at her laughing


“OK calm down this is where it gets.......messy......”

They look at her confused she explains the whole story from start to finish who he was why she moved, and today. “OH my girl!” the girls jump up hugging her

“you know we are here if you need anything”

“Thank you Johnny”

“Just for my first baby I didn't expect so much of a mess, and believe it or not as I said Christian actually came round to it all, defended me and baby, but if that is also Andres baby that also mean he lied.”

They hug it out and spend the evening together.

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