Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 11

“What did she say?” Lexi asks me. She’s worn out from work and is plopped down on my bed, watching Vi and me go through my closet.

“I asked her if I could leave two hours early tonight because I had a date. Her words back to me were, ‘Good, I hope you get laid’.”

“That’s it, I’m coming into the store next week, I have to meet this woman,” Lex announces, and I giggle.

“Willow, tell her what she had to say about me last week,” Violet says and throws a pink cocktail dress onto the bed.

“She said she could see we were sister because we both had the same sad sense of fashion,” I say cheerfully. “When she got a look at your wool socks and Birkenstock sandals, I thought she was going to fire me for being related to you.” All three of us laugh; they have heard many tales about Laura’s snarky comments to me.

Vi pulls a jumpsuit out of my closet, “I love this, I wish it were longer so I could borrow it, you need to wear this tonight. Don’t you think, Lex?” She holds up the jumpsuit.

I didn’t want to buy it last month at Nordstrom because it is really out of my comfort zone. “Absolutely not, Vi, maybe if we decide to do something on New Year’s Eve, but I’m not wearing that on a first date.”

Lex sits up from the bed, “I haven’t seen that, hold it up again, Vi.”

Vi holds it up to her body. The jumpsuit is red with one shoulder exposed, and the bodice and the legs are skin tight. “I love it, and I think it’s perfect,” Lexi declares.

“Nope, no way. Please, pick something that doesn’t scream holiday. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.”

Vi rolls her eyes, “Willow, it’s red. People wear red at times other than the holiday for fuck’s sake. Go try it on, please. I need to pick Sage up in an hour, and I want to see how your hair turns out.”

I pat the hot rollers in my hair.

“Try it on, Willow. For me, please,” Vi fake-pouts.

“Fine,” I give in and narrow my eyes at giggling Lexi.

I yank the garment from her, remove my robe, and put the damn thing on. I wiggle it up on my body and give my back to Vi to zip me up. “It feels too tight,” I say and walk to the full-length mirror to check myself out.

“Your ass looks spectacular,” Lexi says. I spin and look at my butt. My ass and legs do look cute in this outfit. Now I remember why I let the personnel shopper at Nordstrom talk me into purchasing it. I turn and take a critical look at the front. I have one shoulder showing. I’m not showing a lot of skin by any means, but the fit of the material and cut of the jumpsuit show everything, every single line of my body. I turn to the side and put my hand on my tiny belly pouch. I’ve had five children; I’m in good shape. I run daily and do one hundred sit up and push-ups. But no matter what I do, I will always have a little bit of a pouch low on my stomach.

Vi stands behind me and shakes her head no to me in the mirror, “Don’t even think about criticizing your body. You look hot, and now we can move onto your hair because the outfit is settled.”

“I agree,” Lexi adds her opinion.

“Really, guys, you don’t think I look too dressed-up? What happens if he shows up in jeans and a tee shirt and wants to go for pizza and beer?”

Lex waves her hand dismissively. “Willow, Aiden Markley is not going to take you for pizza and beer. Lamar and Aiden have been friends for years, didn’t you hear Lamar tease Aiden at my house over him wearing jeans for the first time in years. Lamar kept going on about it. No way will he show up casual in jeans.”

“I still feel overdressed. After he kissed me, I know this is a date, date, but he might want to talk about Ryan only, and here I’m dressed like I’m going to live it up at some fancy shindig.”

Vi sighs, “Willow, women dress like this every night of the week. It’s going on eight, and I need to leave, let’s take the curlers out of your hair. I want to tease your hair at the crown of your head.”

I look in the mirror, “Yes to the outfit, but no, you are not teasing my hair. I’m not fighting with tangles in the morning.”

Vi rolls her eyes, “Remember what grandma always told us when she would braid or curl our hair. She said to us women got a bad deal because we had to go through discomfort for beauty with our appearances, unlike men.”

“Come on, girls, let’s get your hair and makeup done so I can go home and crash. If I don’t get up and off your bed, I’m going to go to sleep for the night and who knows, you might need this bed for later,” Lexi says through a yawn.

I turn as red as my outfit, Violet laughs, and Lex stands from the bed and hugs me. “I’m teasing. Well, not really.”

She and Vi share a look. “What?” I ask. “What’s with the look? I don’t plan on having sex with him or anyone for that matter. I’m fine with my toys for now.”

They look at each other again.

“What?” I demand.

“Nothing,” Lexi shrugs. “Violet and I were talking about how you have never dated as a woman and how your first date is with a highly respected powerful man.”

My hands go to my hips, “So?”

“So sis, it’s okay if you have sex on the first date.”

I open my mouth to speak, but Lexi beats me to it. “Willow, whatever is right for you is fine, just don’t get upset if he tries to bed you. He’s a man, not a boy.”

“Really? No shit, you two, I’m not completely clueless. I know he’s a man. What is this really about? I’m a grown woman, I may have chosen to stay in Roseway, but I’m not stupid about how the world works. Jesus Christ girls, you are making me nervous when I don’t need to be yet. If I want to have sex, I will. I won’t get offended if he tries, because it’s normal if men try to get themselves some. So, have I finished this lesson? The curlers are cool, and I want to finish getting ready.”

They fucking share a look again.

“For fuck’s sake, what?”

Vi takes ahold of my hand and leads to my master bathroom, “My sweet baby sister. You are so intelligent that it sometimes still surprises me how blind you are to some simple things right in front of you. I love you, dearly. Let’s get you ready, you look beautiful, you are beautiful, and tomorrow, we’ll talk about any perceived looks between Lex and me. I’m teasing your hair, so don’t bitch.”

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