Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 12

It’s eight-thirty on the dot when Aiden rings the doorbell. I quickly walk across my hardwood floors in my black heels. I’m calm on the outside, but my inside is full of butterflies flying in my tummy. I put the weird vibes I picked up from Vi and Lex out of my mind, wipe my palms on my red pant-legs, and swing open my teal painted front door. “Hi,” I greet, then fall silent. Aiden’s large, tall body and powerful presence sucks the breath clean out of me.

“Good evening, Willow.” He scans my body. “You look beautiful.”

I clear my throat, “Good evening. Please come inside. I’m ready; I just need to grab a jacket.” I step back and let him inside. I shiver from head to toe from the November air.

He smiles and closes the door, “It’s a nice evening with a bit of a chill to the air.” He walks straight by me and into my family room. “I’ve always wondered what these row homes looked like on the inside.” He spins and faces me. “You have a beautiful home, Willow.”

“Thanks, I can only imagine what your home and the homes on your street look like on the inside. I’ve seen the backyards of the properties on a river tour. They look out of a magazine.” I grab my jacket from the hall closet.

He walks over and takes it from me. I turn, and he helps me into my black wool dress coat. I shiver when his hand touches my bare shoulder. “Thank you.” I turn towards him.

“My pleasure, Willow.”

I look into his green eyes. They were the first thing I notice about Aiden. The second was his strong jaw and nose, and his thick dark blond hair waxed over to one side. He’s well over six feet tall, and the air around him is always charged. He watches my face closely as he did when I realized I was attracted to him in the fall sunshine outside of The Outline.

He standing so close, the air around us sizzles with sparks of electricity. He steps forward, we stand toe to toe, staring at one another. I know I haven’t moved or said anything; my thoughts are scrambled. I want him to kiss me.

He leans down, and I meet him halfway. This kiss isn’t a peck, like the one on my stoop. This kiss… “Mmmm.” His tongue licks my lips for entrance, my knees weaken, and my mouth opens for him.

I stand on my tiptoes and sway towards him. My heart is pounding in my chest, and my stomach is doing summersaults. He holds my face, groans, and deepens our kiss.

I feel his groan and my inhibition, and all thoughts leave my mind. I grab his head and kiss him as if I’m starving for him, a moan rising in my throat. His hands slide into my hair, and he tugs, “We need to leave, or we won’t make it out of your house tonight, Willow.”

My eyes slowly open, and I realize why Vi and Lex shared a look earlier. I needed to decide about sex and Aiden, and what I want to say about myself when this situation occurs. They knew it would happen. I don’t know anything about this man other than being a successful attorney with a beautiful home and some similar friends, but that is it. I know nothing else, but my body is screaming for me to fuck him. I’m waiting for my brain to tell my body to slow down. At least have dinner for fuck’s sake, play hard to get, keep him interested in me, and don’t give the goods up too quickly. I’m about to tell him he’s right; let’s leave and do it right now before I crawl up his body.

He says quietly, “Fuck it. We’ll eat in a little bit.” He removes my coat slowly, and I shiver when his fingers linger on my collarbone. He drops my wool coat to the floor, and he continues to watch at me. He steps back a step and removes his long dark gray wool coat and drops it on the floor to join mine. He quickly steps back, so we are toe to toe. “Are you ready for this? Are you ready for me to take you to bed and fuck you, Willow?”

He doesn’t give me a moment to think or answer; he kisses me. I give him my reply by climbing up his tall, muscular body.

I moan when I feel him through his suit pants, and I grind myself down on him.

“Christ, Willow.” He squeezes my ass hard. He is going to give me bruises, but it only turns me on more.

“Aiden, I need you now.”

He starts to carry me to the stairs.

“The first floor,” I instruct and kiss his nose, his chin, and his lips; everywhere I can. I tighten my legs around him, trying to get some friction.

“Thank God,” he says and carries me into my room. He tries to set me down, but my legs and my center like where they are. I squeeze my legs and kiss him roughly. I don’t know what is coming over me, but I need him in me now! I am crazy with lust for Aiden. My hands are everywhere on him, and I feel half-crazed.

“Baby, slow down,” Aiden kisses me and unwraps my legs from around him. He sets me on my feet, turns me, and plasters my back to his front. “The things I want to do to you, Willow,” He cups my breasts and bites my neck. “I want to fuck you every way possible, baby.” He runs his nose down the side of my face and whispers in my ear, “In every hole, everywhere and every way.”

He eases me away from him just far enough for him to unzip me. I shiver and moan when his fingers trail down along with the zipper of my jumpsuit.

“I love how you shiver every time I touch you.” His hands peel down my outfit. “I love your body, Willow. You respect it, take care of it, and it shows.” He squeezes my ass and growls, “Goddamn, I’m going to fuck you into tomorrow, baby.”

I can’t take much more talking; I need him. “Please, Aiden.” I look over my shoulder.

He tosses me onto my bed and stands over me. His eyes are the darkest green I have ever seen. My God, he’s beautiful. He removes his shirt slowly and stares at me, lying on my bed.

“You’re gorgeous.” He unfastens his pants.

“So are you,” I whisper. I can see and feel my chest rising with my want and need for him.

“I’ve wanted you since I first saw you at The Outline, Willow” His pants fall to the ground. His legs are long, thick, healthy, and the bulge in his boxer brief makes me swallow. He’s enormous; his whole body is thick and massive.

He smirks, “Like what you see, sweetheart?”

Wetness pools between my legs, “Yes.” I roll to my side and touch him through his briefs. I smile when he flinches. I pull down his boxers, and I stroke him while we stare in one another’s eyes. My being is vibrating with desire for this man, and I want to taste him right now.

I slowly sit up on my knees. We never break eye contact, and I make my intentions clear. He sucks a big breath, and I take him into my mouth.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” He grabs my head and thrust his hips four times hard, hitting the back of my throat and making me gag. He pulls himself out of my mouth and wipes underneath my eyes, where they watered. “Sweet, beautiful Willow, I can’t wait to watch you swallow my cum, baby. But right now, I want your pussy.”

He lifts me to the middle of the mattress. I shiver from head to toe. He grabs my legs and pulls me to him. “Let’s get these panties off, baby.” He removes my thong and stares at me while he strokes his big cock.

I widen my legs; let them fall open, “Aiden, are you clean?”

His eyes flash to mine, “Yes, Willow, are you sure?”

“God, yes, I’m clean and have been tested. I had my tube tied when I was in my twenties.” One hand goes to my breasts, and I pull a nipple and arch my back. My other hand slides between my legs. I’m dying with want for Aiden.

He sticks two fingers inside me, and I can hear how wet I am. “Fuck yeah.” He removes his fingers, sticks them into his mouth, lines himself up, and slams into me. My breath leaves me. My God, he’s massive, and it’s been a while for me.

“Christ, warm and snug, just like I knew you’d be. You are so fucking sweet, Willow.” He slams into me again and again. He holds my legs up and watches as he fucks me. Green eyes connect with mine. “Get your hand back down here, baby.”

My hand goes back to my clit, and I know I’m about to come. “Aiden!” My breath hitches, my back arches, and I let go and come, “Ahh, yes!”

Aiden bends and nips my nipple, and my pussy clenches tight around him. “You feel fucking wonderful. Goddamn, I’m not anywhere near done with you.” He pulls out. “On your hands and knees, Willow. I want to look at the ass that consumes my thoughts day and night.”

I eagerly roll onto my hands and knees.

He spreads me wide and groans, “Fuck, Willow.” He smacks my ass hard, and I gasp, then it turns into a moan when he enters me softly. He keeps me spread wide open, and he moves in and out of me slowly. “Oh, Willow, I wish you could see how your pussy is grabbing ahold of my cock. You’re snug around me, baby, Christ,” He slaps my ass again hard but keeps his strokes soft and steady.

I’m about to come; I feel it building. Aiden feels it too because he picks up his pace. “Come on, baby, let me watch you come on my cock.” He lightly taps my ass in the spot where he has spanked me twice, and I give him what he wants.

“That’s right, goddamn, goddamn, goddamn,” he chants, and he pulls out then slams himself back inside me. He does it again and again, and each time, I almost fall from my hands onto the bed. I lay my chest down on the bed and rock myself back into him hard, meeting his thrust.

“Yeah, Willow, do you have one more? Can you give me one more?” His thumb goes into my ass, and I come. My body bucks and shakes, and I wildly, uncontrollably scream, “Aiden!”

His thrusts are hard, and the only sound in the room is the sound of our skin slapping and Aiden’s harsh breath. “Willow,” he growls and pulls my hair. He pounds into me uncontrollably. Five, six, seven thrusts, and he releases my hair, lays his big body down covering mine, and squeezes me tightly. He moans loudly into my ear, and I feel him come.

Aiden brushes the hair away from face and softly kisses my lips, “Let me take you out for a late dinner.”

We are lying face to face, and I watch him scan my face, my neck, and my shoulder. I shake my head, “No, that’s okay. If you want, I could make us something?” I’m trying my best to remain calm, but the sex haze is lifting, and I find myself being flooded with several emotions.

“We can order take out. What do you like to eat?”

“I’m not picky, but it’s no problem to whip us up some pasta and a salad.”

“Do you cook all the time? Is cooking something you enjoy?” He plays with a strand of my hair.

“Yeah, I cook a few nights a week. I still shop like I’m feeding a family and not one person.” I shrug my shoulders, “It occupies some of my free time. Lately, I’ve been cooking and baking, taking it a block over to Saint Mary Catholic Church and also to The Presbyterian Church. They both have soup kitchens, and after meeting with them and volunteering a few times, they now will accept my home-cooked meals.”

He nods, “It’s up to you what we eat.”

“I’ll make us something.” I roll and sit up on the side of my bed, my back to Aiden. I feel him move to the other side. I have zero clothes to throw on, so I walk quickly into my bathroom, and I hear Aiden laughing as I close the door.

I rest my naked butt on the door. I did it. I had sex with a man, a man other than Jake. As soon as his name enters my mind, I feel sick to my stomach. I sit on the toilet and pee, and it burns a little. God, I haven’t had sex in over two years, and how roughly he fucked has made me tender.

I wash my hands and look at myself in the mirror. My eyes look sleepy, and my makeup is barely hanging in there. I put on my robe and grab some tissues to touch up my face. I raise the tissue halfway and stop and stare at myself in the eyes, in the mirror. My pulse starts to race, and I feel flushed. I know the woman staring back at me is me, but I don’t recognize her right now. I watch the tears rise in my eyes.

I shake my head, “Don’t cry.” I blink away the tears and catch them with the tissue.

A knock on the door startles me. “Everything okay, Willow?” Aiden asks through the door.

I put a smile on my face and open it to find him standing right outside the door. “Everything is good. I’ll get dressed, and I’ll make us something to eat.”

He tips my chin back and looks into my eyes. “Hey, have you been crying?” he asks me softly, so softly, I feel tears enter my eyes after he asks me. “I’m sorry, I’m silly. I think I just need to eat something.”

His finger gently slides from the corner of my eye down to the tip of my chin. My knees still feel weak, and his soft touch is making more tears spill from my eyes. “Willow, did I hurt you? Are you upset we slept together?” I shake my head no, and his fingers fall away from my face. “What’s going on in your head, sweetheart?”

I take a step back and wipe under my eyes, “I told you, I’m silly. I’m sorry, I don’t know what has come over me. Let me get dressed, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right there.” I smile and stand up straight, dressed in my pink bathrobe. He starts to say something then clear his throat, “I’ll give you a moment. I’ll meet you downstairs. Take your time. Willow.”

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