Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 13


I walk into the kitchen and open Willow’s refrigerator. Thank fuck she has beer. I open one and down the whole fucking thing. I’ve completely fucked up this night. Goddamnit, what the fuck is going on with me and my self-control lately? Willow is not a one-time-fuck-and-move-on kind of woman. I knew it immediately, hell, any fucking man who looks at her could tell she’s a wine, dine, and woo type. I understood that going into tonight. But once I got my mouth on her and her body became as soft as a kitten’s, nothing else mattered to me besides getting my cock inside her. I rushed her, and she’s fucking crying because I fucked her like a madman. There’s a possibility I scared her off after I admitted to all the dirty things I plan to do to her and her body.

I sit the empty beer bottle in the kitchen sink and grab another one and go out to look around her family room. I stop in front of a wall covered in black and white photographs of her life. I look at each picture of each son. Two of them look like her, so that means three resemble their father. I study each picture of Willow. She looks the same as she did in some of the older photos taken of her and the boys when they were little, and she was younger. If anything, I think she looks better now, her body does. She’s a woman who respects herself and health, and it shows and stands out. I adjust my dick in my suit pants, thinking about how soft her skin is and how smooth… Shit, I’m going to be in trouble when it comes to this woman.

I hang up our coats that are lying on the floor. I look at my watch; she’s been in her room for fifteen minutes. I take a seat on her brown leather sofa. I immediately stand back up, she walks in the room dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. “Sorry about that, follow me into my kitchen, and I’ll make us something quick to eat.” She avoids my eyes.

I follow and grab ahold of her and turn her, so she is facing me. I want my hands on her, and I want to know why she is so upset after some of the best sex I have ever had.

I move her hair over her shoulders and touch the smooth skin of her face. “Willow, please tell me why you were crying, and I don’t want the bullshit answer of you being silly. I think it’s only fair since it happened a few minutes after we had sex.”

She flinches, “Aiden, I’m not sure what you want me to say. I became emotional, women are known for it—”

“You’d make an awful witness, Willow. Cut the bullshit, and tell me why.” I run my nose down her nose, needing to make contact. It’s sweet and soft, and it causes her eyes to fill with tears again.

“I, uh, was married for twenty-six years. I’ve been divorced for two, I uh, I wasn’t prepared to feel overcome with emotion. It was the first time I was uh, intimate with someone other than my ex-husband.”

I hug her to me. Jesus fucking Christ, the first time she’s been with another man, and it happened too quickly. I didn’t even fucking woo her or learn anything else about her other than I feel our chemistry every time we are near one another.

I kiss the top of her head. “I’m sorry Willow, I didn’t stop to think. I had no intention of taking you to bed right after our hellos this evening. I don’t want you to think this is a one-time thing. I like you, and I want to get to know you better. I have an confession to make, and I hope it doesn’t upset you because it’s innocent. It’s going to embarrass the hell out of me to admit this to you, but I have sort of been stalking you.”

I smile when she pulls back with a look of disbelief. Her green eyes are twice the size. Fuck, I need to remember she doesn’t know me well. “Relax, sweetheart, I need to rephrase that statement. Do you remember the first time we met I asked if we had met before—”

“Yes, you thought Roseway was up north,” she interrupts me.

“Yes, that day. It turns out we were both right. We had never met, but I had seen you before. I’d seen you several days running in the park. After we met I spotted you leaving here, I didn’t hide my presence, I stood in the middle of the run lane, and you ran right past me.”

Her sweet little pink lips part, and I watch her trying to recall seeing me in the park. “So, stalking is an exaggeration, though I could have stalked you, and you would have been clueless. I plan to spank your ass for not being aware of your surroundings.”

“Aiden.” She lays her head down on my chest. I smell her pretty floral scented hair and squeeze her.

“I fucked up Willow, and I plan to make it up to you. Have dinner with me tomorrow night?” Her hair tickles my nose when she nods her head no into my chest.

“I can’t. I promised Lexi I would go to the girls’ soccer games and have dinner at her house and watch the football games.” She leans back and smiles, “You can hang out with me at Lexi and Al’s house, or I’ll let you make it up to me anytime on Monday, I’m off that day.”

“Monday it is, I’m off also. I’ll pick you up around noon, and we’ll make it a day.” She’s beaming. Goddamn, she’s delighted, and it shows on her face. I’ve learned more than how sensitive her body is to mine tonight. I’ve learned Willow’s expressions show her responses to everything. Like right now, a simple promise of a date, and she’s not afraid, or she can’t help but let the happiness show on her face.

“Deal, Aiden.” Her smile, her green eyes, her beautiful olive skin, pink and pert little nose red from crying and pretty pink lips swollen from my kisses. My heart speeds up, goddamn. I touch our noses and kiss her quickly and take a step back. Something in me is screaming words like mine, soft, protect, care, sweet, fucking mine.

I clear my throat, “Are you sure you don’t want to order take out? It’s after ten, why don’t we order a pizza, drink a beer, and get to know one another better?”

She giggles, and it turns into a cheerful laugh. “Pizza and beer sound good, great Aiden Markley.” She stands on her tiptoes and kisses me.

She walks over to a draw in her kitchen and starts pulling out coupons and flyers. I smile, watching her sort through papers, giggling and muttering to herself something about beer, pizza, and me.

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