Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 16


I carry her to bed and lie her softly down. I don’t want to stop kissing her. We face each other, and we kiss like two teenaged kids. I kiss her cute little nose, her cheeks, and I nip her earlobe. Goddamn, I want to take it slow tonight and not scare the hell out of her with my dirty filthy thoughts. But I’m not sure that I can. Something about her makes my brain short circuit. Thoughts enter my mind that comes straight from my soul and not my logical mind and body. They are ideas and thoughts that are bred into every man’s DNA when they find their potential mate. Words like mine, want, need, mine, protect, mine arise and war with all rational thought.

“I could kiss you all night long, Aiden.” She straddles me and kisses me deeply. I take ahold of her shirt and remove it. I slide her off me, “Let me get you underdressed, baby.”

She reaches for my shirt as I reach for her pants.

She giggles, and I bend to kiss her lips. “Stand up, baby.” I help her stand. I put my hands in her hair and deeply kiss her, letting her feel through my kiss that she is unique, so fucking special to me. “You’re beautiful, Willow.”

She smiles shyly.

I remove her clothes and lie her back down on the bed. I then take off my clothes, and she rolls and stares at my cock. She licks her lips, and our eyes lock. I shake my head, “Not tonight. It’s my turn.”

She giggles until I yank her legs apart and dive right in. I plan to go slow and easy tonight, but I haven’t had a taste of her yet, and once I make her come with my mouth, I’ll slow it down.

“God, Aiden,” She moans and gasps when I spread her open farther and lick down to her ass. I lick back and forth between the two and flick and pinch her clit. Her breath hitches, and I know she is going to come. Like she did the first time we were together, Willow widens her legs when she comes. It’s beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. A silent moan comes out, and I lick up all of Willow’s essences.

I stand and enter her. I want us connected, but I want her on top. I roll us, and her hands go to my hair, and she gives it a little tug. My hands-on her ass feel so goddamn right. I squeeze the full globes of her ass and bounce her up and down on me.

She sits up and back on me. Jesus fucking Christ, she rests her hands on my thighs, closes her eyes, and begins to ride me. “God, you feel so good, Aiden,” she moans. My hands go to her breasts, and I roll her nipples, “You feel good, baby. Keep riding me.” I lift and bite a nipple.

She removes her hands from my legs, and they go into my hair. She kisses me, and I feel she’s ready to come. She arches and squeezes the hell out of my cock. “Christ, Willow,” my hands go to her ass, and I lift her up and control our movements. She’s breathing hard. “Come on, Willow, don’t stop fucking me.” The feel of her breath on my neck, the sounds of her wet pussy, and the feeling of her surrounding me. I thrust hard, up into her, three more times, and growl her name when I come.

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