Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 17


“Tell me what you’ve heard about me.” She leans back so she can look up from lying on my chest.

“Hmm, let me see, Aiden Markley, forty-five, successful attorney, never lost a case. He is very handsome and has a stepson who showed up at his house a couple of months ago, and he likes to wrestle in his front yard.”

She yelps when I roll and pin her to the bed. I bend and taste her smiling lips. I hold myself up, and over her, she’s so fucking beautiful. “Seriously, Willow, I want to know what you’ve heard about me.”

She holds my hair away from my face. “I haven’t heard anything, really. Lex was shocked that I had sex so quickly after meeting you.” She turns pink.

“Go on.”

“Lex’s neighbor shared a story. A second hand or third hand, I can’t remember now about you and a woman visiting from Cleveland.” She scans my face, and I make sure I don’t change my facial expression. I know who she is talking about, fucking Cindy, that was five years ago.


Her cute, pert little nose scrunches, “And I didn’t want to hear about that. There is no need to get upset, nothing was said.”

“Why were my name and sex club mentioned together?”

“Aiden, Lex, and I read romance novels and call and talk on the phone for hours after we finish them. I didn’t believe that some of the things we have read could possibly be true, especially all of the sex clubs written about nowadays. She said she was sure there wasn’t one in Roseway, but for most people, there was a club within thirty miles of their home. She said she heard you like to visit one. She then admitted she has been to one, apparently my sister too. It wasn’t a big conversation; she kept the rumors she heard to herself, but after I freaked a little and told her we had sex. Lex thought she should share it with me. Are you an uh, a member of a sex club?”

I watch her eyes, and I nod my head, yes. Her green eyes widen, “What do you think goes on at a private club, Willow?”

“Whips, chains, BDSM, ropes, I don’t know really. So you are into all of that stuff?”

I smile, “No, Willow, I’m not. You can experience anything at The Shadow Club. It’s a private place that caters to people who enjoy different types of sex and kinks.”

She swallows, “What is your kink?”

I sigh and glance at the alarm clock; it’s after midnight. I had no intention of having this conversation with Willow until we were farther along in our relationship. “I’m a voyeur. I like to watch people fucking and getting fucked.”

I stop talking and watch her face. She’s turning pale. “Willow, I’m monogamous in my relationships, not that I’ve had very many. But I believe if you are in a relationship, it should be a committed monogamous relationship. I don’t share or swap.”

She blows out a breath. I kiss her nose and am relieved when her eyes soften, and she doesn’t back away from me. “When graduated law school, I was invited to a party at the home of one of the women law partners I was working for at the time. I was twenty-eight and already in a bad marriage. I didn’t know anything about the party until I showed up at her home and was handed a mask. I knew right away what was going on, but for some reason, I chose to stay. It was clear pretty soon after I arrived, the woman whose house the party was taking place at was mine for the night if I wanted. I wanted to, she was older, intelligent, and I looked up to her, she’s one hell of a lawyer.”

“Did you cheat on your wife?”

“No,” I run my nose down hers. “I told you, I don’t believe in cheating. I didn’t cheat on my ex-wife, whom I had already fallen out of love with, sweetheart. I didn’t touch anyone that night.”

“But you stayed and watched and uh, you, uh, liked watching?”

“I did,” I kiss her parted lips.

“Was your ex-wife a voyeur too? Did you tell her about the party?”

“No, I did not tell her, and no, she wasn’t into anything that I know of.”

“Tell me about your marriage? Why did you get divorced?” She plays with my hair that is falling into my eyes.

“We should have never gotten married. Margaret worked as a secretary with the firm, the same firm that I joined after law school. We dated very briefly, three months, and then flew to Vegas to get married. Shortly after our ’I do’s, I found out she lied about Ryan’s father. She led me to believe Ryan’s father was her ex, the man she lived with for three years before meeting me. A medical situation came up, and the man, Chuck, found out there was no way Ryan was his, and he kicked her ass out of their house. We were married nine months when I learned the truth. I admit that for me, our marriage was over, but instead of doing the right thing and leaving, I chose to remain married. I was never home, I was working, and all of my time and energy went into building my career. We co-existed, she quit her job at the firm and stayed at home with Ryan, and I worked ninety hour weeks. Three years went by, and I was making a name for myself, those years are mostly a blur of long hours at the office. I was looking into adopting Ryan; he was asking why he had a different last name. I hired a private investigator to try to find out who Ryan’s father was. I didn’t want there to be any surprises come up before we started the process.

“We didn’t get very far along. On his second day of the job, the PI brought me pictures of men entering my home during the day when Margaret was home alone. One was Ryan’s flag football coach, and the other was the father of another boy on the team. She was fucking both of them in our house. I filed for divorce, the adoption was off, but I still wanted to be a part of Ryan’s life. I think I’ve filled you in on how I half-assed that baby, I didn’t do a good job by Ryan.”

She rolls us and straddles me. “Baby, you said she remarried months after your divorce. Ryan had a good stepdad and stepbrother, whom he loved. The two of you got together every month to do fun things with one another. Take it from me; you can’t fret about the past, it’s over.” She licks my lips, and I grab her head and kiss her. She’s so sweet, forgiving, soft, and loving.

I groan. She sits on me and runs her hands over my chest. “I have a question about your marriage.” I groan for a different reason. I never think about that time in my life. I had a whole lot of shit going on with my father at the same time. “If your marriage was over, after so short of time, why did you stay and what did you do about sex? You said you never cheated on her—”

I rise and kiss her quickly, “Willow, we still had sex. We both got and took what we wanted from the marriage. I focused on my career, and she lived in a downtown condo, having a nice cozy life without any worries. She looked good on my arm when I had to socialize, and I left her alone presumably to fuck her way through half the city. I didn’t cheat on her, Willow.” I slide my nose down her sweet little pert nose. “We fucked because we both enjoy sex, neither one of us loved one another. I have a feeling my marriage was miles away from your marriage.”

“Yes,” She whispers. “I wouldn’t like a marriage like yours.”

I smile, “That’s good to know. I don’t know anyone who would like to have a marriage like I was in for years. My parents had a great relationship, hell, my old man would gladly sell his soul to make my mother happy. No, I wasn’t raised to create a marriage of lazy convenience. I was shown what a real marriage should be like, one based on love, not easy access.”

I roll us over. “I’m not a cheater, don’t ever worry about that with me. I know your ex-husband hurt and cheated on you, but I’m not him, sweetheart. Tell me about your life in Roseway with Jake the snake.” I raise my eyes and chuckle.

“You’ve heard me call him that, huh?” I kiss her nose and settle her on my chest. I hug her to me, “Maybe once or twice, and Lexi is the one I’ve heard call him that name.”

She yawns and snuggles into me. “I had a good marriage and a happy, healthy family for twenty-four years. I only knew what marriage was supposed to be like from Grandma’s stories of her and Pap Dan’s life. I guess I mimicked what my in-laws had, which was a small, tiny little unit of a family. I liked that a lot, feeling a part of something that was rooted in family and traditions. I was young when I latched onto that, and it’s what I created. I was happy with everything I had worked hard to achieve and was looking forward to a new phase in my life; one with the boys all out of the house and off chasing their own dreams.

“Our time was going to be spent doing whatever we didn’t have a chance to do when we were young. We had never traveled farther than his family’s cabin in Michigan. We had been running nonstop since we were sixteen years old with children’s activities and working at the stores. I was blindsided when he came home one day and told me he had fallen in love with another woman. That was a hard thing to bear, but what was almost unbearable was that he had fallen in love with a girl. A girl, an age in-between Oliver and Henry. I had hired her after she moved back home after running out of money in NYC, chasing her dreams. I hired her to help her save money so she could leave the job and the small town behind again and shoot for her dream of being a fashion designer.

“It’s an awful thing to have your community, your employees, your friends, everyone knows you’ve been cheated on. But the humiliation of him chasing a girl his son’s age added a whole other layer of embarrassment, for not just me but my children. Henry hit on her at the county fair one year when they were both in high school. They hung out and kissed at the end of the night, and now she is his stepmother and is getting ready to give birth to his first sister. The whole thing was straight out of Peyton Place and a Dr. Phil episode.”

I kiss her hair and hold her to me. “I’m sorry, baby, that that happened to you.”

She takes me by surprise when she sits up and smiles brightly. Her hair is messy, her green eyes are sleepy, and she looks so soft and incredibly sexy.

“Don’t feel too sorry for me, Aiden. I would have missed out on you and the best sex of my life if things didn’t turn out this way.”

I growl and pin her to the bed, her arms over her head. “We do chemistry like no other, baby.”

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