Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 21


I increase my pace. My feet pound the pavement, and I keep my gait faster than usual. It’s four fucking thirty in the morning, and I can’t sleep. The anger I feel towards Glassman for going behind our backs and meeting with the Wendles is un-fucking-believable.

Sandra’s reasonings for her no vote on the case is because of their EPA violation and the bad press that sure to follow behind. My vote to not take the case has to do with more than EPA and PR problems. It has to do with my father.

My father, Samuel Markley, climbed the corporate ladder in a small welding company over in the Portland District. He started as a welder at seventeen and worked his way up. He didn’t have a degree, but he was smart and hardworking. My mom loves to talk about those days. She was so proud of him and how ambitious he was and how he planned to give her the world. One thing can be said about my old man; he loved my mother and kept his word to her. He did provide her with everything that she could ever dream of having. It was just too bad that he chose to sell his morals in order to accomplish that. By the time I came along, Dad was working in the accounting department. He was starting to dream bigger than the small family-owned welding company that gave him a chance, and he wanted more. By the time I was in high school, he had made a name for himself throughout the finance community. Everyone wanted Samuel Markley to invest and manage their money.

I push myself harder, needing to run the fucking anger I feel tonight towards my father out of my system. Dad was a good husband and father. For whatever reason, he had ethics and morals when it came to his family. Too bad, he didn’t have those concerns about how he conducted his business dealings. When I was in college in the nineties, I received my first awakening about my father’s business and associates. Mom called me at college to tell me Dad was under FBI investigation for a Ponzi scheme. I couldn’t believe it, and I wanted to hop on the first plane home and help fight the injustice that was happening to my father. But after one phone conversation with my dad, I didn’t rush back. I knew after that call the asshole was guilty. He knew what his partner was doing. I didn’t fall in line and believed like my mother. My old man was too smart. He knew what was going on, that was when my eyes became wide open to the man, Sam Markley.

My father moved on after his partner Stan took the fall for their scheme. He accepted a position with LeMaster Accounting. Mom was ecstatic to have all of the drama and gossip behind her. She was happy that Dad’s new job allowed him to be home more. The two of them started traveling and enjoying life. Mom never stopped to question how Dad was hardly working but bringing in more income than ever before. Their social life was in high gear with Dad taking Mom to every charity event and party in the city. Dad painted himself as a victim of the past, and he was creating a new way forward. The problem? He was laundering money through several businesses to offshore shell companies. One of dad’s favorite companies to funnel cash through was Wendle’s Plastic Bottle Company. The good ole boys, the Wendle’s, are known for their loyalty to this city and community. They have a real rag to riches story, and the town has always rallied behind them.

I blow out a breath and stop in front of Willow’s house. Gus Wendle has now earned my attention. I let my father’s sins go. I buried them deep after I made a promise to myself that I would never let myself be slighted or jaded for money, success, or any fucking thing. I made a name for myself, fighting for what’s right and fair and taking out greedy motherfuckers along the way. I know I hurt Willow’s feeling this evening after I dropped her off after a dinner, where I quietly seethed and hardly said a word. I kissed her good night and left her at her door with questions in her green eyes and a concerned expression on her beautiful face. I wanted to bury myself in her. I wanted to fuck her hard, tell her she is mine, and not ever to let some slimy motherfucker touch her again.

I jog up to her steps and ring her doorbell. I look at my watch, and it’s going on five in the morning. The porch turns on, and my heart is pounding in my chest. She opens the front door. Her eyes are wide with worry, and I don’t give her a chance to say anything. I pick her up, “I need you, Willow.”

She puts her arms around me, and I pin her against the wall. “You are mine.”

She sighs dreamily, “Yes, Aiden, I’m yours.” She pulls my hair and stares at me. We’re locked, eye to eye, our green eyes connected, and I see all the questions in hers. She shakes her head and buries it in my neck. “Take me to bed.”

I carry her and lie her down, “I’m not going to be gentle with you, baby.” I bite her nipple through her robe then lick around the sting.

She tugs on my hair again, “I want you to get lost in me, I, I am yours. But you need to tell me why, what was tonight about? What happened with those men and John?”

I stand from the bed and remove my running clothes. “One question, Willow. You get one question before I bury myself in you.” I loom over her on the bed. I cover her entirely with my big frame. Goddamn, she widens her legs and moans when my cock rubs against her pussy, she soaking wet.

My breaths are heavy, and I know I’m going to fuck her hard. Give her a little taste of how I really am and what I like. She is mine, I’ll fuck her any way I want, and she can fuck me any way she likes.

She tugs my hair, “How do you always have a reservation at The Outline when they don’t take them? What—?”

“One question Willow,” I repeat. “That table was my father’s. It’s the only thing I took from the asshole. Come on, sweetheart, let’s go into your bathroom.”

I pick her up and kiss her as I carry her into the bathroom. I stand her on her feet and remove her robe and turn her towards the mirror. Her hand goes to her belly, and I remove it and take ahold of both. I shake my head, “Look at yourself, baby. You’re beautiful. I love your body. Please don’t ever hide any of it from me.”

I walk around her and drop to my knees and kiss her stomach. “God, Willow, I love every single part of your body. Look how sexy you are.”

She doesn’t look in the mirror. She’s staring down at me. She puts her hands in my hair. “Aiden,” she whispers my name.

I smell her center, kiss her hips, and her stomach again, “I love everything about you, Willow. I love your pussy,” I take a lick. I smile when I hear her breath hitch. “I love your ass,” I squeeze the full cheeks of her ass. “I love your breasts,” I kiss up her body and lick one nipple and then the other. She shivers, and her hands tighten in my hair.

I stand and move her messy hair out of her face. I hold her face softly, “I’m going to fuck you hard in front of this mirror, Willow. I don’t want your eyes on me. I want you to watch, baby. Watch and see how beautiful you are when you come, how fucking beautiful, sweet, and sexy. How your body was made for me.” I take her mouth roughly.

I take a step back and move the chair, at her vanity, into the middle of the bathroom. I look to Willow, and I smile, she’s with me. Her green eyes shine with lust, lust for fucking me, and only me. I drop to my knees and lick up her toned legs. “Put your hands on my shoulders.”

She does, and I breathe deep. I can smell how ready she is for this. I place one beautiful shapely leg on the stool. I take one long lick. I run my hands to her ass and squeeze when I feel her tremble, “Relax, baby, and enjoy.”

I bend my head and start eating her like a madman. My tongue fucks her, trying to taste as much of her as I can. “God, Aiden,” She moans. I open her lips wide, and I sit back and look in the mirror. I stare at her pussy, wide open throbbing with want and her clit that is hard wanting me to bite it.

I keep her open with one hand and with the other I pinch and twist her clit. She gasps, and I groan when I see her come run down her leg. I gather it with two fingers, stand and tug her hair to get her eyes off me and to the mirror. I look in the mirror, and our greens meet. Smiling, I stick my fingers in my mouth, “I love your taste. So, so much.”

Goddamn, she’s gorgeous, aroused, all flushed and pink all over. I stand her on both feet; I keep ahold of her because I can see her legs quivering. I sit on the stool, thanking God that her mirror dips down lower than the counter, and with my height, we should be able to see quite a bit.

She starts to straddle me, but I intercept her. “Oh, no baby, turn around.” She listens, and I groan when her ass is in my face. I take a bite of a meaty cheek, “I can’t wait to fuck this ass. We need to start preparing you to be able to take my cock, baby.”

She shivers. I know from my past dirty talk she’s into me fucking her ass. Christ, I groan, to be the first person to fuck her there, the only fucking person who will ever touch her there.

I sit her on my lap, her legs over mine and I widen them. My fingers play her with breasts, and we both stare at my cock wedged in between her ass, pointing up ready and waiting for her wet pussy. “Put your feet on my knees, sweetheart.” She does, and I widen us further open, “Raise that sweet ass, Willow, get me inside you and ride me.”

She rises, and I guide myself inside. We both moan. She raises up and slowly back down, trying out this position. My Willow has strong legs. She has no problem fucking me this way.

Up and down, she’s getting the hang of it. I’m watching her in the mirror, but she’s looking down, watching my cock go in and out of her. Goddamn, it turns me on when she put one hand down between our legs and touches my cock as it slides in and out.

“Watch us, Willow. Look at us, how we fit together, and look together. You’re mine. This pussy is mine.” I grab her by the waist and start moving her faster and hard up and down my cock. “I don’t like it that I’ve seen two men today touch what is mine.” I slam her down on me, and I feel her clenched around me, “That’s right, sweetheart, come for me.”

I thrust three times, and she moans, and I feel her come. I slam up inside her and keep myself planted so I can feel her pulse around me. “Look at your beautiful flush, Willow. I’m not done with you yet.”

I gently lift her to pull out. I set her on her feet but keep ahold of her. I stand and pick her up and carry her to her bed. I place her on her hands and knees. She turns her head to say something, but I smack her ass and enter her. She screams, “Aiden!”

I grab her by the hips, “I told you I wasn’t done with you, Willow.” I start a hard rhythm of in and out. I smack her ass again and again, “I love how your ass bounces off me, baby.” I spread her wide so that I can see everything. I know my fingers are leaving marks on her, and it only makes me tighten my hold. “Goddamn, I can’t wait to slam into your ass like I am in this pussy right now.” I’m obsessed with her ass. It’s haunted me since the first time she passed running by me in the park, weeks before we met each other.

My thumb goes into the hole I hope to fuck soon, she strangles my cock for the third time. She gasps and comes, and I watch in fascination as my Willow widens herself open. She always spread her leg as wide as she can when she comes, it’s beautiful. Two more thrusts, and I pull out and come all over her ass.

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