Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 31

“Baby, you don’t have to worry about money, we’re a couple, what’s mine is yours.” I kiss her soft hand. “Why are you just now telling me all of this?” We are about a half-hour away from Roseway for Caroline, and Oliver’s gender reveal. I had no idea people have parties for this kind of thing. It a big deal, I guess, with millennials.

“Thank you. That’s nice, but I’m not worried about money, Aiden, I could give my children all of my money. I have an able body, I can work and save more, but to know that their father would do this them... I’m telling you because I might go off on Jake today. I never gave it to him, you know. I let him walk away. I took my half, my children were raised, and I didn’t cause any drama, I could have easily, everyone throughout two counties knew what happened. Heck, Jake was proud of himself for catching a beautiful young woman and pranced her around. I knew people were uncomfortable with it, so I faded into the background. I quit my job, which I loved. I loved the managers and employees; they were my friends. I walked away and started planning for a new way forward for myself. I knew the boys were hurt. But they were also young men just starting in life, so I hoped they would be busy with their own things and not too messed up by what happened to us as a unit. I’m off subject, Aiden, Jake is going to piss away my children’s future, especially Oliver and Max’s. I have no say anymore, but I’m afraid I’m going to make certain Jake and Amanda hear my voice on several things. So, I’m warning you, today could be dicey and full of drama. Why are you smiling?”

I can’t help it. Willow is fucking sweet even when she’s trying to be tough. I love it when her momma-bear, protective attitude comes out to play. I’ve only seen her upset and truly mad over one thing, and that thing also included the idiot ex and something he’s fucked up. “I’m sorry, Willow, nothing about your asshole ex is funny. I’m smiling because you’re warning me.” My eyebrow raise, “Remember, Ryan?”

She giggles. “Yeah, you may have seen some family drama before.” Warmth fills her voice. “I will never forget the front yard wrestling match.”

“Yeah, I’m not worried about the drama, baby. You’re cute even when you’re pissed.” I wink, trying to lighten her up a little before we arrive. She shakes her head, then tucks a long strand of her hair behind her ear. She’s curled her hair, and her outfit is sexy and sophisticated. She admitted she asked Laura for help on her outfit today. “You look beautiful today, Willow, but you look gorgeous every day.”

She smiles, and her green eyes crinkle, “Thank you for not being upset that I put more effort than normal, outside of work, into myself today. It’s not what you think, well, I don’t know what you think. What do you think about me wearing makeup and heels today?”

“Willow, settle down. I get it. You are showing everyone the new you, and I’m proud you are on my arm.”

She startles me when she laughs loudly. She squeezes my hand, “Baby, you need to realize you’re my arm candy today. The people who will be at this party are going to faint dead away when they get a look at what I caught for myself in the big city.”

I join her in laughing. I’m sure everyone will know that I’m the lucky one. She got away, and I found her in a city of thousands of faces.

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