Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 35


“Are you positive?” I ask the officer. Willow and I are sitting on the couch at her house, studying the picture of some mentally-ill motherfucker along with the matching sketch of Lex and Violet’s description of the crazy fuck.

“Yes, both witnesses picked him out. You can see by the drawing, your friend Lexi really got a good look at him. His name is Chris White, last known residence Brooklyn, New York. Has a rap sheet a mile long of drug dealing and petty theft. We have no idea of his whereabouts, or his connection to you, if any, or to the area.”

“I’ve never seen this kid before,” Willow says.

I watch her turn white as a ghost, “What, Willow?”

“No, no, his eyes, I think this is the man who, who knocked me down. Mugger, the mugger, Aiden.” I squeeze her closer to my side. She is shaking.

I study the picture of a blond-haired, dirty, scraggly looking young man. I know Lamar believes he is sure it’s not connected to Gus. But I don’t ever overlook any coincidences. This man likes to sell drugs, and Gus Wendle likes to push drugs. I’m not convinced, maybe the first attack was set up by Gus, and this fuck was supposed to scare her and move on but didn’t for whatever sick reason.

The officer’s eyes swing between Willow and me, “I’ve read the report you filed, that was January 15, correct?”

Willow nods, still staring at the picture. Officer Travis and I share a look. Willow has confirmed a massive piece of evidence. She was targeted. Why we don’t know, and I won’t rest until we find out. I kiss Willow’s head, “Baby, are you sure?”

She looks up with tears in her eyes and nod yes, “I’m positive, there is no doubt in my mind. Why Aiden? Who is this guy?”

“Ma’am, Willow, we have been in contact with your five children, your sister Violet, Al and Lexi Reed, and your employer Laura Swartz. I know you are divorced? Have you had any problems with Jake Nelson, your ex-husband? All five of your sons have let us know that he is having some financial troubles and the two of you recently argued—”

“Yeah, but what would he gain by this? We have nothing to do with each other’s money. My children receive my savings, assets, and life insurance. That was all changed over in our divorce three years ago.”

“That may be Willow, but everything and everyone needs to be looked into, every avenue.” He looks at me, “I have read everything Mr. Johnson’s turned into the department, like I told Willow, every avenue needs to investigated.”

I raise my brows. He’s letting me know that I, too, am under investigation. “I demand that every single avenue is looked into; this needs to end.”

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