Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 36


“I’m so glad Ryan’s color has returned. Aiden, we need to move our bedroom, he needs to be on the first floor. What did you talk to Margaret about for so long in the hallway? Is she doing okay, she doesn’t blame me, does she?” I ask, but I know the answer, of course, she blames me. If I were her, I would feel the pride of how my child was brave and a hero but also a little pissed at whoever put them in the situation in the first place.

It’s been two weeks of everyone saying it’s not my fault, Ryan doesn’t blame me. I know somewhere inside of me not to blame myself, but it’s no use. Me, someone wants me dead, someone hates me or is obsessed with me. Did I accidentally hurt someone? Was I rude or mean to someone, I never meant to be. I don’t understand why that man has it in for me. Aiden thinks it has to do with a drug case he is working on, but I don’t think so. Why would they target me just because he loves me? No, that doesn’t make any sense.

Aiden pulls the car behind my house and opens the garage door. “Baby, put Margaret out of your mind, don’t worry about her, you don’t need another worry. She’s grateful her son is alive and can recover for this ordeal. She’s proud that he saved your life. That’s all that matters, sweetheart. This tragedy can’t erase her shitty parenting that brought him to live with us in the first place. I informed her that Ryan is also my hero, and it’s time I focus on being his father. I gave him up to easily, I didn’t want to bitch and argue with Margaret any longer. I took whatever little bit of time she’d let me have. I was a selfish fucker and concentrated on the wrong things. I told her that ends today. I don’t need to go through her any longer. I’m Ryan’s dad, and I love the kid more than my own life. I owe him my life, baby.”

Tears fall for a different reason, a moment of happiness. “Are you going to adopt him, as you started to a long time ago?” He unbuckles my seatbelt, his hand brushes over my hair.

“Yeah, baby, I hope he wants us to adopt him.”

He kisses my lips, and I smile, us, us adopt him. I love us. “He’s right in the middle of Drew and Elliot, and he belongs with us.”

“You belong to me, Willow.”

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