Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 41

I walk out of the front door. The prick is sitting on the steps with his head in his hands. He looks up and over his shoulder. He looks like shit. He is a piece of shit. “I want to speak to my boys.”

I widen my stance when he stands, “I don’t give a fuck what you want. You are standing on my and Willow’s property for the last time. I informed Detective Williams you are here. He’ll be here shortly with a restraining order to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

“I need to speak with my sons, and then I’ll go away and leave Willow alone. I’ve caused her enough pain already. I just need to speak with my fucking children. They have to know I didn’t have anything to do with this. I didn’t know, goddamnit. I knew she was fucked up, but never to this degree. Let me talk to my fucking children!”

I stand toe to toe with him. I use my height to my advantage and stare down at him, “I don’t give a flying fuck what you want. They can’t prove, yet, that you were involved in this shit show. But you are already guilty to me and believe me, Jake the snake. I won’t rest until every last thing you have ever breathed on has been turned over and cleared by me. You will never come near Willow again. I don’t want you anywhere near us, and when baby Anna arrives in two months, you will not be anywhere near the hospital or their house while we are there. We now have a restraining order, and I’ll haul you to jail myself if I catch you anywhere near us. You have about five minutes until Williams gets here to serve you. Your children,” I sneer in his face, “Your fucking children are willing to speak with you. Why, I don’t understand. You’re not a man, you’re pathetic, a waste. You had it all, and now you’ll get left with nothing. I feel sorry for your daughter; she doesn’t deserve what you’ve let her be born into. You’re a sorry excuse for a human being. Ah, look, here’s Detective Williams.”


“Are you upset with me, sweetheart?”

Aiden asks, and I squeeze his hand across the kitchen island, “No, you were right to send him away. I’m glad the boys are talking to him, though.”

“That is what they wanted. They need to see him try to make sense of this mess. I hope they don’t hurt him; they are in a public place, right?” Lexi interjects, trying to lighten things up.

Once they figured out Jake was at the door, neither her nor Al would leave us. Lexi for female support and Al just in case he needed to help pull Aiden off of Jake. I pray the boys come back home soon. I don’t like them out of sight and with him even for a short time. Detective Williams said Amanda confirmed Jake had nothing to do with this. He’s called the boys countess times, leaving messages saying he had no idea. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

What in the world are they asking their father? Their father almost got their mother killed. My God, will the boys ever recover from this mess? Poor Oliver, he’s about to become a dad. To think I worried about him and the boys having troubles in their relationships because of the divorce and the fact, their stepmother is their age. It was a lot of drama.

God, I’d like to go back to only worrying about the boys recovering from cheating and divorce. Now we have to fight to get to a new, healthy, normal because of a fucking murder plot against me and to know that poor Ryan was innocent in all of this. I’m glad the boys’ grandparents aren’t alive to see what has happened to the family. They would never recover from something this messed up.

Lexi passes me a glass of wine, “Take a few sips, Willow. It will help calm your nerves. I’m so sorry, and I wish I could say or do something to help. You know I’m here, we are here for you. Your boys are all strong, smart, kind young men. I see you worry, honey, life will go on, and we all have one another. We’ll help each other and come out of this stronger and better.” She sees the tears in my eyes, and she hugs me to her side, “I love you, Willow Reese, we’ll all be okay.”

“Call me day or night, honey.” Lex hugs me goodbye.

“I will, I promise. I’ll let you know how the boys are doing.”

I look over my shoulder. Aiden ushered the boys into his office and closed the door the minute they walk inside from meeting with their dad.

“Let’s go, honey. Tell Aiden to call me if he needs anything, you too, Willow,” Al wraps his arm around Lex.

“I will, thanks for coming over.”

I close the door and walk back to the office. I listen outside the door; I can’t hear anything. I knock and then enter. All eyes come to me. I see that Drew and Henry have been crying. Aiden stands from behind his desk and comes over to pick me up. He carries me over and sits me on his lap at his desk.

“Are you boys, okay? How can I help you? Um, what did your father say? How is he?”

Aiden squeezes me, and Elliot rolls his eyes. “Christ, Mom, who the fuck cares how he’s doing? I never plan to speak to him ever again; none of us should.”

He glares at Max, and Max averts his gaze from his brother.

“I don’t want that, Elliot.” I look to each one of them. “If your father is innocent in all of this, I don’t want you to never speak to him again. I want you to forgive him. You boys have a baby sister to consider.”

“I want nothing to do with that little spawn of that crazy bitch,” Drew snarls.

I stand, “Drew, I know we are in a fucked up situation, but that baby has Nelson blood running through her veins. She’s innocent in this. She is going to need her brothers in this hard world.” I point my finger at each one of them. “Here is our plan. First, I am setting up a counseling appointment for every single one of us.”

My eyes land on Henry, “I will be making appointments and checking to see if you show up, Henry Alexander Nelson.” He looks away. He thinks he can fly across the country and not deal with this, but he’s wrong. He’s getting help to deal with this. My God, is there anyone equipped to help deal with this fucked up mess. It’s all unbelievable. “I love you, boys, you are my life. I will not let you disappoint me now. I raised you to be strong young men who are all intelligent enough to ask for help when you need it. We are all a family unit, and we all need help to guide us through this situation.”

I grab Aiden’s hand, and he stands up. “The next thing I want all of us to do is to find a church and attend some services. I want to know what each of you is doing and giving to a community.”

“Mom, I think we have bigger things to worry about—”

“I know Oliver, but we are all going to surround ourselves and help people with less than us. We are alive! Ryan is going to make a full recovery. I’m standing here. We are all standing here in healthy bodies. I’m not going to sit and waste one more minute thinking about how things might have turned out. I CAN’T!” I scream as loud as I can.

Aiden picks me up and carries me out of the office. I close my eyes and cry and lay my head down on his shoulders. I’m so tired I could sleep for days.

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