Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 44

I hold Willow tight and sway to the music playing through the speakers of our home. Van Morrison, Into the Mystic, is playing softly, and Willow is humming along with the song. It’s so good to have her home, home where she belongs, with me by my side.

I hold her face gently and kiss her. I put all of my feelings of love into the kiss. She moans, “Aiden, take me to bed.”

I chuckle softly, “Not yet, sweetheart.” I run my nose down her.

I fall to my knees in front of her. She titters, and then it hits her what I’m doing. She gasps, and her hands fly to her mouth.

“Willow, I love you so much. I couldn’t imagine life without you in it. Marry me and make me the happiest man alive.”

She falls to her knee, and she kisses me through her tears.

I take the ring box out of my pants pocket. “Marry me, Willow,” I ask again, take the ring, and place it on her finger.

“My God, Aiden. It’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful,” I say and kiss her. “Do you like it?” It’s a two-carat oval diamond on a simple, wide platinum band.

She smiles and wipes her eyes and studies the ring on her finger. “Like it, I love it. Aiden, it’s the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen before.”

“Good, I’m glad you like it, baby, because I don’t ever want to see if off your finger. Now answer, please. I need to hear the words. Will you marry me?”

She kisses my lips, my chin, my jaw, and my nose. “Yes, yes, yes, I’ll marry you!”

I growl and take ahold of her head and kiss the living daylights out of her. I feel possessed with want for her. Willow, my future wife. Goddamn, I need to get her to bed. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go celebrate.”

I pick her up and carry her to our room. She giggles and covers my face with kisses. “I can’t wait to become Willow Markley.”

I growl when I hear her say her soon-to-be name. I fucking love her so much it consumes me whole and steals my breath away. I set her on her feet and remove her shirt and bra. I move her hair out of the way and kiss down her neck. I inhale, goddamn, her floral scent sparks all kinds of emotions in me, every fucking day, and every fucking time.

“Aiden,” she breathes out softly, and I keep kissing my way down her chest and stomach. Her hands go into my hair, and she scratches my head. “Aiden, I love you so much it scares me sometimes. If you ever, if you ever left me—“

“Don’t. Please don’t finish that, that’s nonsense, and you know it. You are never, ever getting away from me. I promise you, Willow. You don’t even have to think or worry about that. It will be death until we part, sweetheart, and I pray every day that I go before you because I can’t go back to living in a world with you. I love you.”

“I love you too, Aiden. Till death do us part, I promise.”

I remove her pants and lie her on the bed. I unbutton my shirt and stare at my Willow. How the fuck did I get so lucky to find her, I’ll never know. I undress and lie beside her. We kiss and kiss. I swear I’ll die a happy man as long as we are both able to do this, just kiss. I smile, thinking about us old and gray. Christ, I hope we will always be able to do more than kiss.

“Aiden, make love to me, please. I need you now,” Willow moans.

I don’t wait another second. I roll on top and kiss her deeply.

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