Willow & Aiden After Forty

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Chapter 47


“Come in,” I say while I take the rollers out of my hair. “Oh Good, you’re here,” I say to Violet and jump up from the vanity chair. “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” I say with excitement when I see my wedding gown in her hands.

“Settle down, goofball.” She smiles and hangs up my dress on the back of my bathroom door. “Do you still want to wear your hair down?”

I nod and peak at my dress under the garment bag. “I know you are excited, but you have an hour until the ceremony-”

“I want to try it on to see if it fits. I’m so excited.” Tear fill my eyes, “I can’t believe you and Lexi did this for me. Thank you so much.” I giggle-cry. “I hope I like it.”

I can’t wait to try on my wedding dress. It’s the blush dress with two tiers of tulle. Vi and Lex got with Ann, and she told them this was the dress I was drawn to the day of my appointment. I shiver, and my hand goes to my neck. Thank God I can cover the faint lines still on my neck for my ceremony today.

I strip off my robe before she even has my dress out of the bag. I cover my breasts and step into it. Violet zips me up, and it fits like a glove. “Thank goodness Ann is so good at her job. We took over one of the dresses you had tailored at Nordstrom’s, and she had the seamstress use those measurements. You look, beautiful sis. Are you ready to turn around and see yourself?”

I spin around, and my breath catches. It’s beautiful; it looks lovely against my skin. It’s a deep-V in the front and the back, and it’s made out of pale blush silk. I spin and watch the tulle spin with me in the mirror. The front is the same as the back, my waist looks tiny, and the skirt isn’t too frilly or big, it’s perfect.

“Ann sent over two veils and three headpieces. I know you said you didn’t want one, but I think you should at least try some on to be sure.” Violet steps up behind and turns me to the mirror. She smiles, “You make a beautiful bride. Do you want to try on a veil?”

Violet’s tone is sad and solemn. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

She shakes her head, “Nothing that can’t wait until after the wedding. Try on this headpiece. I think it will be perfect if you want to wear your hair down. Do you know where you are going on your honeymoon? How long did you two settle on, one month or two?” She smiles, and it looks forced.

“What’s going on, tell me now, please. Why do you seem sad?”

“I’m moving to India next week.”

My hand flies to my chest, “What? When did you decide this, and why? Why are you moving away from me and taking Sage?” I can’t believe she is going to move away from me again.

“I’m moving for Sage, Willow. She’s learning to speak, and I want her to learn to speak her language, Hindi. I’ve sublet my condo, and we’ll be back in two, three years tops so Sage can go to school in the United States.”

I nod, “I understand that Violet, you want her to learn her culture, but you don’t have to move across the world to do that. There are plenty of places here, in this city, to teach her-”

“I want out of here, sis. I can’t stand staying still. I tried to be like everyone else. I’ve looked for love and wanted to settle down, but it’s not for me. I want to explore India, maybe travel a little with Sage before she has to go to school and needs to settle in one place to grow up. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, we still live by one another. I am not giving up my place here. I’ll be home every Christmas, and you and Aiden need to come over and visit us. Here, try this on, I think it’s the one.”

She holds up a halo of pale pink flowers. It is perfect. I bend down so she can place it on my head. We smile at each other in the mirror. It isn’t the happy smile that I thought she would give me today. We both know who we are and what we want and what we need in this world. I’ve watched her light, slowly start to fade over the last year. She has been so busy with Sage and stuck in an office. I can understand her needs.

I smile, “I love you, Violet. I’ll visit you and my niece wherever you land, always.”



“Get that look out of your eyes, Aiden. I’m sore, you need to slow down, you are wearing me out,” I giggle.

“You get the look, out of your eyes, Mrs. Markley. You’re wearing me out.” His eyes seem so green in the sunshine lying beside the blues and greens in the Caribbean Sea. My heart flutters every time he calls me Mrs. Markley, which has been quite a few times since we married last week.

“We’ve become nudist. It’s scary; we need to get dressed today.”

His brows rise up above his curly bang that is flopped down on his forehead. “No, we are not getting dressed until we have to fly home next week. And I’m totally fine if you want to become a nudist. Although we can’t be naked in front of anyone else. We need to create a new word to describe us, how about hermit nudist.”

I laugh and watch his boyish smile. He picks up a hermit crab, and I cringe and shake my head no, “You promised, Aiden.”

He pretends like he’s going to throw it on me but throw it way past me. He rolls on top of me and starts play pinching me all over. I laugh so hard I can barely catch my breath. “Stop,” I pant and giggle. “No more tickling.” I hold his bangs out of his eyes.

He smiles, “How about kissing?” He kisses me softly, and I feel him get hard. I giggle, “You’re going to be the death of me, Mr. Markley.” I smile because I don’t think I have ever called him Mr. Markley.

He lifts himself up and off of me, “Don’t tease like that, Willow.”

I sit up and wipe the sand that is all over my back off me, trying to get comfortable sitting naked in the sand. The crazy nut half tackled me in the sand, and we are covered. “What are you talking about?” I ask and attempt to wipe sand off his cheek.

“Don’t tease about death, ever, baby. I can’t think about what we went through this year. It was hell, and we made it, but I don’t let myself think back on it. I focus on our future, and I don’t want to think about the word death and you.” He looks out to the sea, then up to the sky. “My God, I pray I go before you one day in about fifty years, at least, because Willow, baby, I can’t live without you now that I have you. I admit I’m a weak man, but baby, I can’t live a day without you by my side. You are stuck with me and my sometimes overbearing ass for the rest of my life.”

I shush him with a kiss. I give him a little shove to let him know I want him to lie back. I straddle him, “That word is no longer in our vocabulary.” I sit upon him and rock on his cock. I shake my head and say for the thousandth time this vacation, my very first vacation to see the ocean, “I love you, Aiden.”


“I love you, Aiden,” Willow says and rock on my overused cock. We’ve been naked for a week. I wasn’t kidding I’d live the rest of my life naked with this woman secluded from civilization for the rest of my time of earth if I could. I have her one more week. I could only get two weeks out of her. She wants to stop home and check in with Oliver, Caroline, and Anna.

Goddamn, I’ll take her home for two weeks, then I plan to whisk her away to see a different part of our world. I won’t let her smile and sweet talk me into anything shorter than a month this time.

I plan to see the world now that I’m not working myself into the ground. I plan to write and see the world with the love of my life. My Willow.

The End

If you want to read how Aiden and Willow are on their second wedding anniversary, please continue. But be warned, it is nothing but good, smutty, smut :)


“I’m checking in with you, are you doing all right?” I ask Willow. “Do you still want this baby? You’ve bugged me for two years, wanting to check this place out. Are you happy now?” I nip a nipple. “Do you like it? Has your curiosity been sated?”

I spin her around and watch her witness her first live sex scene. She gasps, and I tighten my hold on her. “Oh, my God, Aiden,” she moans.

I guide her over to the couch. I sit down and sit her down on my lap, with her green eyes facing the glass window. She raises her ass and puts me inside her snug pussy. We both moan, and I feel just how excited this is making my Willow. She’s fucking dripping wet, and I’ve hardly even touched her yet.

She starts riding me hard. “Sweetheart, slow down.” She’s breathing hard. “My God, this is hot. Look at that, Aiden. She’s taking it in both places at once.”

I groan, Christ, it still amazing me after three years together how naive she is to things that she knows are real. “Would you like that, baby?”

I know her answer when her pussy squeezes my cock. I lie her down on me, widen our legs and rub her clit, “Would you like to feel that Willow. I think you would. You love it when I plug your ass and fuck you. Tonight it’s going to be the other way around.” I slowly move my hands up to her breasts. I cup them, “Tonight, I’m going to fuck your ass and stuff your pussy full with a toy, Willow.” She jerks on my laps, and I feel her come all over my cock.

“God, this is hot.” She reaches up to put her hands in my hair, and she tugs. “Yes, tonight, on our anniversary, I want you to take me any way you want to. I’m yours.”

I bite her neck, “You’re goddamn right, you’re mine.” I lift her up and pull out of her. I stand and take her with me. I set her on her feet, “Put your hands on the bar in front of the window, Willow.” She shakily places her hands on the railing.

I hit the button by the window, and we see a new scene playing out in front of us. Back in the day when I needed sex and was too lazy even to buy someone dinner before I fucked them. This is what I liked to watch. It’s Friday night, and the orgy in the next room is in full swing.

“My God,” Willow cries. She sways a little on her feet.

“Steady, baby,” I rub her back and kiss her shoulders. I grab a condom and roll it on, “What are you watching, sweetheart? What’s making you so wet?” I rub her clit and lube my cock with her wetness. I feel her start to squeeze and come. I pull out of her, “Not yet, Willow.”

She looks over her shoulder, “Please, Aiden. I can’t wait any longer.” She looks back at the wickedness in front of us, sticks her ass out and widens her legs.

I spread her cheeks apart, and I slowly start to enter her ass. I don’t need to tell her to relax because she’s totally into this. We’ve been preparing for years for me to take her ass. I’m glad it’s on our anniversary even though she bullied me into coming to The Shadow. We’ve never been, and I finally agreed to bring her tonight. I am going to fuck her ass finally.

“Aiden, please move,” She rocks back on my cock. I let her lead this show. She feels so fucking good. I growl and spank her ass lightly. Goddamn, to know I own her sweet little heart-shaped ass is going to me come way too early.

“Christ, baby,” I grab her hips and watch me sliding in and out of her ass. I watch her watch the scene and know I’m not going to make it any longer. I grab ahold of the beautiful globes of her ass and start pounding into her. I know she is with me because she’s slamming back into me. I thrust, three, four, five times. Her breath hitches, I feel the squeeze of her inner muscle, and I roar when I come.

I barely catch her before she falls to the ground. I swoop her up in my arms and carry her to the couch. I dispose of the condom and pick up our clothes. I laugh when I see the look on my wife’s face. “Are you with me, Willow? What has you zoned out?”

She smiles a drugged-out smile, “That was incredible.” She looks at the now three darkened windows around the room. She giggles, “Now, I’m not the odd man out anymore.”

She stands and comes to me, and I wrap her in my arms. “I’m glad you’re even sweetheart.” I chuckle, “Now, let’s get home and eat the cake you made for our anniversary. Have you had your fill of all things sex club, romance book club, and all of your wonderful, curious questions answered?”

She shocks the shit out of me when she grabs ahold of my cock. I groan, and I feel myself respond to the soft touch of her hand.

She smiles, “I’m not done with you yet, Aiden. Keep the windows dark, I don’t want to see anymore tonight, but I still need you, baby. I need you to do something I suspect doesn’t happen here very often. I need my husband to make love to me before we go home for the night.”

I groan and give her what she wants.

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