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His slow yet deep kiss, made me forget what was right or wrong. “I love the way, your body reacts to me.” He touched my jaw sensually. I pushed him trying to come to my senses, but he was not ready. He pulled me to the bed where I check my patients and scooped me up to sit. “I... I check patients here.” Pregnancy was part of her revenge and falling in love was out of questions. But he rejected her yet she loved him. 'Love is blind'. She gave him all the chances she could think of. Despite being an independent woman, she was vulnerable, heartbroken by multiple rejections But to be loved by someone, you need to learn to love yourself first. Is it too late or the beginning of a second chance?ñ

Romance / Erotica
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Author's Note √


Thanks for giving this story a chance. Since English his my second language, It may have grammatical errors. (Let me know, I am still working on my writing skills and other parts).

*It is completely fictional and may similarity is just coincidence.

*All the pictures used in the story including the cover belongs to the owner.

*All constructive criticism are welcome.

*Available works:
1) beth and Eliza-beth (complete)
2) dazzled PRINCESS (complete)
3) Love of a Hunter (ongoing)

All the above stories are part of the Mafioso Affairs series but they can read as standalone.

*Lastly, enjoy the story and comment your opinion and vote as well.


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