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autumn delight

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His slow yet deep kiss, made me forget what was right or wrong. “I love the way, your body reacts to me.” He touched my jaw sensually. I pushed him trying to come to my senses, but he was not ready. He pulled me to the bed where I check my patients and scooped me up to sit. “I... I check my....my patients here.” Pregnancy was part of her revenge and falling in love was out of questions. But he rejected her yet she loved him. 'Love is blind'. She gave him all the chances she could think of. Despite being an independent woman, she was vulnerable, heartbroken by multiple rejections But to be loved by someone, you need to learn to love yourself first. Is it too late or the beginning of a second chance?ñ

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Author's Note √


* This story has triggering elements such as rape, abuse and other sensitive topics such as mental health, depression and many things so if you are uncomfortable then don't read it. I don't support any of these.
You have been warned.

* All the picture used in the story including cover picture belongs to the owner.

*This is a fictional story, any similarity among the events or dialogue or whatever is completely coincidence.

*There will be differences in the opinion of characters and moral opinion. So don't judge the characters. Must read the complete story to know their opinion, they all are just immature as normal people.

* All constructive criticism is welcome since English is my second language.

*Last and not least, Enjoy.

Please comment to let me know what you think about the story. And, if you like then please like.

Thanks for giving this story a chance.

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* Another Available work
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* Enjoy the story and comment your opinion and Like as well.

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