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In The Dark

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Chapter 3


I sit at the crowded lunch table, not paying any attention to anything anybody here is saying. The only thing that I can think of is the beautiful girl I met today. I couldn’t think of anything except for her strange blue-grey eyes and how she refused to look me in the eye, the light pink color that covered her freckled cheeks when she did.

I’m pulled from thoughts of her when Makyla shakes my shoulder.

I look down at her and try to remember why I was ever drawn to her. We had been dating for almost two years now. She was different in the beginning...kinder; I guess, would be the right word to use. I mean looks-wise she’s pretty but nothing when compared to Evelyn. Her eyes are plain brown, the rest of her face completely free of freckles. Even her name is boring by comparison.

“What?” I say.

“What’s wrong, baby? Why aren’t you talking? I’m sorry for yelling earlier just seeing you with another girl caught me off guard.” she said looking up at me.

“It’s fine nothings wrong just thinking,” I say back dryly.

She runs her fingers down my arm with one hand and with the other she places her hand on my thigh. “How about I come over tonight and get your mind off things?” she asks.

“Makyla, I don’t know if that’s the best idea. I just have a lot to think about you know?” I breathe, picking up her hand up off my thigh and placing it back on her lap.

“Come on, please? I’m sorry, just let me make it up to you.” She says and sticks out her bottom lip.

“Fine, I’ll pick you at five?” I ask. Might as well try to get my mind off Eve. Makyla probably scared her off.

“Yay!” she says and turns back to her other friends.

The bell rings and students disperse from the lunchroom. I stand up and Makyla wraps her arms around my waist and says goodbye.

Walking in the opposite direction from her, I walk to my English class. I see Evelyn walking just a few feet ahead of me and jog up to her.

“Hey,” I say, hoping that she isn’t mad about the thing with Makyla.

“Oh hey,” she says and then looks down

“What class are you headed to?” I ask.

“World religion. You?” She says looking up before looking back down.

“Yeah? Me too. Hey, you’re not mad about earlier, are you? I’m sorry again about her.” I say, cocking my head to the side.

“What no there’s no reason for me to be mad. It really none of my business what you and your girlfriend do.” She says still holding my gaze.

“Oh okay,” I mumble and follow her into the full classroom.

She doesn’t say another word to me.


I drive up the long narrow driveway of Makyla’s house. I pull out my phone to text her and let her know I was here, but she was already sitting on the steps in front of her big white house. She lifted her head from her phone and began walking towards the car.

“Hey baby,” she says as I step out of the car. She grabs my hand and pulls me back towards the house. “Nobody’s here…” She says with a seductive grin.

“Really, whatever will we do all alone,” I say and pick her up. She immediately wraps her thighs around my waist. She places both of her hands on either side of my face and brings my lips to hers.

I walk up the stairs to her room. Once we get in there, gently set her down on the floor and turn around to lock the door. She grabs my hand and pushes me into a sitting position. She kneels down and unbuckled my belt. Slowly she pulls down my boxers and jeans. My cock springs free. Makyla’s mouth finds me and my balls become tight.

The wet heat of her mouth surrounds my cock. One of her hands is rubbing my thigh while the other hand is stroking the remainder of my cock. I grab a handful of her hair and push her mouth down more and more of my cock until she gagging. She moans each time I tug her hair upwards. I grunt and come undone in her mouth, “Fuck eve”

Suddenly she is back on her feet, screaming. “What the fuck did you just say? What did you just call me? Is that that whore you were with? Did you just say her goddamn name while I was blowing you?”

I stand up off the bed and yank my pants up. “I think you’re hearing things. I didn’t say anyone’s name and don’t call her a whore she did nothing, we’re just friends.”

She walks up to me and swings her arm back, about to slap me. I grab her wrist a second before her hand meets my cheek. “Dont fucking lie! Im not stupid. I don’t want you around the bitch anymore, okay? You’ve been here one day, and she’s already trying to steal you.”

I drop her hand. “Look Makyla, she did nothing, okay? We are just friends nobody is going to steal me okay?” I know I’m lying, but I just need her to calm down.

“Just leave, please. I need some space.” She says slightly pushing me out of her room.

I walk down the stairs, pulling the ends of my hair. Fuck, did I really just do that?

What the fuck is wrong with me? I’ve known her less than a day and I’m already obsessing.

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