From Felon to Family

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Chapter 9


Evelyn and I got married two weeks after my mother's proposal. Sure it sounds weird when I put it that way, but it is the reality of the situation. My mother proposed the idea, and I ran with it. Today we celebrate our six months of marriage. I wish it were happier for Evelyn. She is worried sick over her boys, and rightfully so. When we got married, we didn't take a honeymoon because she was afraid that something would happen while we were gone, and I didn't fault her thinking on that one bit. The day after we got married, we took a copy of our marriage license to Mr. Fessler's office. He handed us another check for $100,000. I don't know where my mom got all this money from, and Fessler only said that she made some good investments. After talking to Evelyn, she suggested that I use the money to open my own custom woodworking business. It was a great idea, so I did it. I know work for myself, and I love it. I still do some contract jobs for some of the construction companies around here, but I take only the jobs that I want to take. Evelyn bought the restaurant that she used to work at. It took all of the money that mom left her, so I pitched in the rest to make it possible for her. She was turning a profit before the checks ever cleared the bank. I don't like that she is still waiting tables, but she said she likes it and it keeps her mind from worrying so much. She needed to stay busy.

Today was a long day for me. I did a fireplace mantel that took more time than I would have liked, but it came out better than perfect and the customer already has more stuff he wants me to do for him. Returning customers are always good customers. I get home and shuck my sawdust covered clothes off at the laundry room and make my way through to get a shower. Evelyn is sitting on the bed in our room, crying. "What's the matter, beautiful?" I ask her, kneeling down in front of her.

"I got this just now." she says, holding out her cell phone. It shows a picture of Logan and Brayden, smiling at a beach somewhere. They look happy, but I can see the sadness in their eyes. The text portion read "They don't miss you at all."

"Have you turned this over yet?" I ask her, but she shakes her head no. "Let me make a call real quick." I say, going to collect my cell and call Bonner. I tell him about the message and what time it came in, and he said he would look into it but since it was from a blocked number we shouldn't get our hopes up. I then call the agent that is in charge of the case, and let them know about the message. Someone has got to be able to do something. They have been gone for almost a year now. Birthdays have come and gone, Christmas, our wedding even though it was with a Justice of the Peace. I go back into the bedroom and find Evelyn soaking in a hot bath with her eyes closed. "I got it reported, beautiful. Bonner is going to see if he can trace it, and the FBI said we need to email them the message. I love you." I say, and all she can do is barely smile at me. This is killing her, and there is nothing that I can do about it.

The next few days go by, and I know that Evelyn is trying so hard to hold herself together. Last night, she apologized for not getting pregnant yet, as though it was an expectation from me. It isn't. If it happens, great, but if not then it isn't a big deal. I need to get her mind off of things, but I don't know how. Looks like I need a pep talk from some wise guys, so I head to the Evelyn's for lunch. My buddies, who are all part of the police force that hates Kevin, are sitting at the usually table. Evelyn is at the register taking care of a customer's bill when I walk in. She looks up, and that smile she gives lights up my world. She is having a good day, which is deserving. I pull up a seat and ask the guys quietly how I can bring some cheer to my woman, despite the dark situation she is living through. They all offer some good suggestions, but none of it sounds like Evelyn's thing. Then it hits me. I know what I need to do.

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