From Felon to Family

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Chapter 10


"What is this?" I ask Dom, opening up an envelope.

"Reservations for me and you. Cape Rockford Spa and Resort, three days and two nights of just us and being pampered. And before you say no to me, I've already got it worked out. Bonner is going to send you a link, when you open it it will give him access to your phone. If any calls or messages come in, he'll see what you see and he can try to trace it. We will leave a note on the door saying where we are, and I've already talked to the neighbor. She said if anyone comes over their looking for you then she will give us a call and hand the phone to whoever it is. I've thought of everything, beautiful. Will you come away with me?" he begs.

I hate the idea of leaving, in case the boys return, but I also know that we have to try and keep moving for their sake. They would feel so horrible if they saw me withering away to nothing waiting on them to come home. "Yes. Yes, I will go away with you. When do we leave?" I throw my arms around him.

"This weekend. We will check in on Thursday afternoon, and check out Sunday to come back home. I got us the full package, so everything they offer will be available for us. Thank you for saying you would come with me. I do love you, Ev." he says, placing a kiss on my cheek.

"You spoil me, Dom." I say, kissing his lips softly.

After three days and two nights of pampering, making love and recharging our brains, it is back to work. I love my little restaurant, and after my days off I have realized that I need to work extra hard to make this place something that Logan and Brayden will be proud of. They do miss me, despite what that message said. I can feel my bond with them, and I know in my heart that they miss me.

Several weeks ago, I had an amazing little vacation with Dom, but today we hit the one year mark. They have been gone for a full 365 days. The days have started becoming a blur, and I miss them just as much as I did the day they were taken. Dom is consistently great. He holds me when I cry, he makes me laugh when I'm sad, and he lends an ear when I need to just scream. He is the most patient man, and has never shown me anything by love.

My restaurant is doing great, even though I changed the hours that we are open. We are open everyday, from 5:00 to 5:00. I like being home with Dom in the evenings. We dedicate 30 minutes each night doing internet searches for Kevin and Mildred, looking up Logan and Brayden. Nothing every shows other than stuff that was from before the kidnapping. We formed a website and a social media page for them, and it has thousands of shares and followers from all over the world. We've paid for our postings on the page to be targeted in the European regions, hopeful that it will reach someone. Encouraging messages have come in, but no helpful tips as of yet. We are sticking with it though.

This coming week, we were hired to do a catering job for the police department. They are having a special event, and they want a Southern dinner buffet. My fried chicken was specifically requested, and if I show up without my peach cobbler they said they would toss my butt in a jail cell. I never thought this would happen for me, but I love that people are requesting my cooking, my recipes. Dom said that he would help with whatever I needed, but I told him that he could just go as a guest and enjoy the night with some of his friends.

The event goes without a hitch. Some of the wives have now started calling and requesting me to cater their luncheons and parties. They are actually working hard to be friends with me and get on my calendar. At this rate, I will have to add on to the restaurant and hire some more people. I'm not complaining, just thankful for the diversions. My life has to continue. I have to keep working so I will have something to show my boys when they come home to me.

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