From Felon to Family

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Chapter 1


"Inmate. You're being paroled out today. Start getting your cell packed up." a guard walks by and tells me as he tosses a packet into my cell. Thank fucking God. I've been itching for this day since I got here. I know that I will still be on probation for the next three years, but still. At least I will get to be with my mom. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and I want to be there for her because her time is very limited. My bitch sister can't seem to be bothered with helping out. I guess she forgets where she came from and who helped her when she needed it. Fuck her.

I get my cell broken down, according to regulations, and wait patiently for my cell door to open so I can walk out of this fucking place. It hasn't been all that bad. The first couple of months in, I had to fight my way out of some pretty bad situations. Everyone tries to pick on the new guy. Well, I wasn't going to be someone's bitch, and I wasn't interested in having a bitch. I had a few people that wrote to me regular, especially from some ministry program. Usually that was some church girls writing their dirty little fantasies to the bad boy convict. I appreciated the jerk-off materials, and it was always a nice bonus when they sent pics of their snatch or tits.

The metal doors clink open, and I turn my large frame sideways so I can step outside of the cell. Two guards approach and smile at me. "Congrats, Dom. You get to go home today, man." one guard, Mike, says to me. He is older, maybe my mom's age, and has always tried to be encouraging to the inmates. He treats us like people, unlike the others that try to treat us like caged animals. I follow the guards to the processing office, and after signing a few documents, they hand me a box with all my things in it from when I was booked in.

"Well, these pants won't fit me now." I say with a chuckle. Lets just say that I used my time inside to exercise and bulk up as much as possible. My old pants, from 7 years ago, won't make it over my thigh muscles now. I toss them back inside the box, and make sure my wallet and watch are accounted for. An old cell phone, that I know will have no minutes left on it by now, and has long been disconnected for lack of payment. The office lets me call my mom to let her know that I am getting cut loose today, and I ask her if she can get someone to give her a lift in order to bring me a pair of extra large sweat pants and a 3xl tshirt. She tells me that her neighbor will bring her, so I tell her where to come when she arrives, and she will see me soon.

I make small talk with Mike about my mom and her cancer battle. He told me a little about his sister just passed from stomach cancer, so I gave my condolences on that. I told him that I am hoping to use my carpentry skills to find work when I get settled in at home. He passed me a business card. "That's my brother-in-law. You tell him that I sent you, he'll put you to work. I'm not suppose to help you guys with stuff like this, but I want to help you because you are a good guy. I know what landed you here, and I would have done the same thing." he says to me.

My mom comes through the processing office door after about an hour, and wraps her arms around me. She hands me a bag with sweats and a shirt, so I use the bathroom to change out of my prison attire. I hand over the clothes to Mike and he signs off on my paperwork and wishes me a farewell.

I hold my moms tiny hand in mine as we walk outside. "Here. Evelyn is parked over here." she says, pulling me towards a dark gray SUV. As we approach, I see this beautiful woman sitting in the drivers seat, wiping her eyes. She's been crying. As soon as I open the passenger side door to help my mom get in, she looks up with a smile as if nothing in the world is wrong with her. Our eyes meet, and I knew that if she is my mom's neighbor, the one my mom goes on and on about in her letters to me, then I'm in for some real trouble.

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