From Felon to Family

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Chapter 3


I ended up raiding the fridge at 2am. Those damn biscuits that Evelyn made were screaming my name. I saved two for mom, but the other half dozen, I shamefully ate. It’s going to be an adjustment being back home. Tomorrow, well actually today, I have to meet with my parole officer and get set up with that. Then I’m going to meet with Mike’s brother-in-law about a job. I called him this afternoon, and Mike had already vouched for me a job, so all I have to do is show and do the employment paperwork then I can start the day after. He said he has been looking for a skilled cabinetry maker, and Mike told him all about my ability to freehand designs on wood. I’m hopeful about my release and starting over.

I have thought a lot about Evelyn and her boys. They seem like nice people. I need to remember to ask mom if she is paying Evelyn for cooking for her. Prison turned me into a very cynical person, and although I like Evelyn so far I want to make sure she isn’t using my mom or anything.

I end up in the back yard, using the old monkey bars to do some pulls up. I have to stay active, keep these muscles up. I wonder if Evelyn likes muscles on a man? Judging by her ex, if she did then he didn’t try to oblige. He was so pathetic, hitting her like that. I wonder if he has ever hit her in front of those kids. That thought pisses me off, but I know that I have to tread lightly or I’ll end up back in jail. From the way Brayden spoke, I take it that they dislike their father a great deal. He doesn’t seem to do much with them. I’ve got a little money in savings from before prison, when I get done with all my errands later, I plan to buy those boys a bicycle.

Made mom and her home health worker, Delores, breakfast before heading out early to handle my shit, but I promised to be back definitely in time for dinner. I climbed into my cab that I had called for, and saw Evelyn loading up the boys for school. No makeup on, and I could see her bruised face. I like to think that I am not a violent man, but I would love nothing more than to show that ex of hers what a real hit feels like. Feeling like a complete temporary loser, I got $20 bucks from my mom this morning so I could get my license renewed, but as soon as I do that then I'll have proper identification to withdraw my money from the bank and I'll give her the loan back.

Getting out of my own head, I get the cabby to take me to the DMV so I can get a new drivers license. After than, I get the driver to take me by the bank, where they try to talk me out of clearing out all by a thousand dollars from the account. Over seven years, my high-yield savings account did pretty well. I'm thankful that I squirreled money away before getting locked up, and when my sister married that rich bastard she's with she managed to talk him into dumping some cash in for me. That was before she learned to be a spoiled bitch, and she still felt bad for my going to prison. Now, I'm just a shameful reminder that she didn't come from the lap of luxury that she portrays now.

The last stop that I make with the cab is to a small car dealer and paid cash for a good, used older model pickup truck that will work until I can buy a brand new something. I lucked out because they also had an insurance agent on staff there so it was a one-stop-shop for me on that.

Next, I go to the Parole Division office and get checked in with my officer. I asked him if he knew Kevin, and he rolled his eyes and said a few not so nice things about the guy. I let him know about my little run-in with the asshole, and he said that I needed to watch my back with that guy but good for me for standing up to him.

I make my way to the construction company office, get my stuff filled out and the foreman gives me an address and tells me to be there tomorrow morning at 8am, and to bring my own tools. Now, I get to go to the hardware store and buy one of everything so I will be prepared for whatever work is thrown my way. On the way home, I stop at the restaurant that Evelyn works at. It's late afternoon, but yet there are a ton of cop cars out front. I make my way inside, praying that there isn't going to be trouble waiting on the other side of the door. I spot Evelyn right away. She is patting a plain clothes officer, maybe a detective or something, on the shoulder and laughing along with them. Good! They aren't assholes like her ex. She looks up and spots me, staring at her, and excuses herself from their table.

“Hey, Dom. How are you today?” she asks, very bubbly.

“I’m good. How’s your day going?” I ask her back, noticing the faint bruising from yesterday's slap is visible even through her makeup, but I don't let her know that I see it. I hate that fucker for doing that to her.

“Here, sit, and I'll get you something to eat. You want a sandwich or something?" she asks with a smile, pulling me to a stool at the main counter. I see the group of cops getting up and making their way to the door, but my guard is immediately up until they prove themselves otherwise to me. “Bye guys, see you later. Thanks for stopping by.” she says, but one older officer lingers back and head towards where she is standing next to me.

“Son, I know you from somewhere. What’s your name?” he asked, very calmly.

“Dominic Lombardi, sir. Please to meet you." I say, sticking my hand out to meet his. "I'm not sure where you would know me from though. I've been away for the last seven years."

"Lombardi? I know a Lombardi. He would be about your age right now. You have a sister, don't you, son?" he asked sincerely, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Yes sir, I do. She moved away some time ago though." I say.

"Son, here is my card. Let's meet up later this evening. Call me around 8, and we will figure out a place to meet up and chat a bit." the officer says. I read his card. Vincent Donaldson. That is the officer that arrested me when I went to prison. I remember how he told me that he hated doing it because I did the world a bigger favor than I would ever know. I guess I'll be meeting up with him later to find out what he has to say to me now.

Evelyn clears her throat and gets my attention. "Can I trust you with my house key?" she asks.

"Yes ma'am." I say, as she pulls a key from her pants pocket.

"Good. I won't be able to leave for a break to take dinner for you and Nina. A girl called in, so I'm going to be here until at least 11 tonight. Going to be a long day. Anyway, there is a pot roast with vegetables in a crockpot on the counter by the stove. Take the whole thing over to your place. It'll be plenty done by the time dinner rolls around, just plug it back up as soon as you get it in your house. And if you will look in the fridge, there is a container of steamed rice, all you'll have to do is heat it up if you want. Nina likes it cold, which is odd, but I don't judge her. Do you feel comfortable doing that?" she asks, with a pleading look.

"Yes ma'am. I will do that for you. Do you have a security system or anything that I should know about? Don't want to set off alarms." I say, letting out a chuckle.

"Well, the cat is pretty shady but other than that, no I don't have anything that will go off." she says, scribbling some stuff on a order pad sheet and handing it to the cook at the window. "I hope my boys didn't overly stimulate you last night. They are a bit much sometimes, but they are good kids." she says, coming back over and leaning against the counter across from me. Her cleavage is playing a little peek-a-boo with my eyes, and I do all I can to not stare.

"Your boys are awesome kids, Evelyn. You should be proud of them. Where do they go when you work nights? Who watches them?" I ask her, realizing that may have been too personal. "I'm sorry, that is not any of my business. Forget I asked."

"Nonsense. You're just getting to know your neighbor. Ask anything you would like to me. I'm an open book. The boys go with Kevin or his mom when I'm working. I hate it, but until the restraining order goes through, I have no choice. You think Kevin is bad, his mother is almost as bad as him. All of the stuff I have recorded on him, I've got just as much on her. That crazy woman actually sent me a letter last week telling me all the ways she would kill me." she says in a whisper. "The bitch is beyond crazy. But I did get the restraining order filed this morning, and any minute now we will get a court appearance with the judge on that. How was your mom this morning?" she asked.

"Cranky." I say with a laugh, and it makes her laugh and shake her head. "Nah, she was good. Feeling a little tired, but she said she was okay. Hey, where is there a cell phone place around here? I need one so I won't be out of pocket in case of emergencies." I ask her.

"Oh, there is one just around the corner from here. Same building, just other side." she says, pointing her thumb over her shoulder. "They handle all cell phone carriers there too, so you have options." she says, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket. "Here's my number, so when you get one you'll have it. Just text me or something and I'll save you're number in my phone." she tells me, jotting down her phone number on the paper.

"Not going to lie, but its been over seven years since a girl has given me her phone number. And I didn't even have to ask for it. My lucky day, indeed." I tell her, pocketing the paper and smiling at her. She makes smiling come so easily. A guy like me wouldn't have a chance with her though. She needs a banker or a lawyer or some businessman to take care of her.

A bell dings in the window, and she says, "Oh, your order is ready. Hope you like a good, thick burger. Bobby makes his own burger seasoning, and it is soooo good." she tells me as she puts the plate in front of me. Some people walked in, so she excused herself to go tend to them. She was right, this burger is fucking good. I finish the juiciest burger that I have ever eaten, and get ready to leave. I take some money out and set it under the edge of the plate, hoping she doesn't get offended by the large tip. She sees me walk towards the door, but hollers out for me to stop. "Hey, we hug...remember?" she says, pulling her body into mine. The cook, Bobby, and another waitress let out a whistle and my face heats up. Hugging her is like caressing a cloud. She is soft, and full feeling, and it leaves me longing to feel all of her. Her hand starts rubbing my back as we embrace, and I feel my dick getting hard.

I lean down and whisper into her ear, "Evelyn, you can hug me like that. I haven't been with a woman in a tad over seven years, and what you are doing with your hands on my back is going to make me lose myself."

I feel her breath catch, and a gasp escape her lips before she slowly pulls away from me and her eyes trail downward towards my crotch. "Oh my!" she says with her brows raised in shock. Yes, baby, I'm that big and it's all natural. "Well, I see your predicament now. Umm, so I hope you enjoyed lunch. Mmm, I probably should go check on my table now. When you get your new phone, text me. work is really going to be a chore." she says, completely flustered and red faced. She is fucking sexy as hell when she is blushing. I bed she blushes when she orgasms too, but I know that I'll never find out. The last time my dick was touched, was a week before I went to jail. And no, I did not have prison sex...that shit never happened and I spent a lot of time in solitary confinement for fighting when someone thought my ass looked good. Didn't happen. I like chicks, not dicks. I won't pretend that I didn't whack off at the thought of her last night in the shower, but damn what would it feel like to be inside her? Would I even know what to do in order to please a woman anymore? I wonder if it is like riding a'll all come back to me?

With a mild hard-on, I make my way over to the phone store and get whatever the kid told me was the newest best phone. I had him show me how to add phone numbers and how to open up the texting app. Last time I used a cell phone, it was a flip phone and texting involved multiple taps of buttons to get a short message to someone. From my truck, I send Evelyn a message. "Got a phone. This is Dom." Short and to the point.

A few seconds later, a chiming noise goes off. A text from Evelyn, "Good. Now we can talk whenever. But don't text and drive - that is dangerous."

I type back, "Yes ma'am."

I pull up in the driveway of moms, well mine too, house, and head over to Evelyn's to take care of what she asked me to. She wasn't kidding about the cat. He lurks around like he is looking for some trouble, and he'll probably find it too with no issues whatsoever. Her house is very tidy, minimal furniture, but it is set up nicely. I locate the kitchen and collect the crockpot and the rice from the fridge. She really needs an alarm system of some sort. Security cameras at the least. I'll talk to her about that, and hope that she doesn't think I am overstepping. I lock her house back up and pocket her key, making a mental note that she will need it when she gets off of work tonight. I get to mom's and open the lid on the crockpot, and damn it's contents smell fucking good. I can already feel my well-formed abs going flabby just thinking about her food. I close the lid and plug the pot up, like Evelyn told me to. The more I think about it, the more I doubt that Evelyn is using my mom in exchange for feeding her. She is doing a good deed for her sick neighbor, and now for me, and I admire her for it. Despite what the guys in jail said, good women do exist in this free world.

Dinner time comes, finally, and I get mom situated at the table and do my best to mimic how Evelyn catered to her last night. "That Evelyn is the best cook, Dom. I'll tell you, she is really a good girl. Works too much, but I just adore her." my mom says, shoveling food into her mouth.

"What all do you know about her, Mom?" I ask.

"She moved in a couple of years ago. That ex-husband of hers, real scumbag, if you know what I mean. The day she moved in, I was out working in the yard. Her poor face and arms were covered in bruises. Poor girl didn't have any furniture, just a bunch of suitcases and a few boxes of toys. I called around, and got her some furniture. I met the boys that same day, and they have been a little godsend. They are good kids, and they are very protective of their momma. She does so much for them." she says.

I change the subject and talk to her about starting my new job tomorrow, and how I got a dependable enough vehicle to get me where I need to go. We finish up dinner and I get the kitchen cleaned up. I pack the leftovers up and put them in the fridge, but make sure to take out a good helping for Evelyn. I step outside and call Vincent, and ask him to meet me at the restaurant that we were at earlier. I'll give Evelyn her key back when I see her. I get to see her again.

I tell my mom that I'm stepping out for a bit, but will be back in time to help her get in bed. I take Evelyn's leftovers to her house and put them in her fridge, and set the now cleaned crockpot on the counter. I arrive at just as Vincent is, and we walk in together. Evelyn looks so tired, but yet she is still smiling. Vincent and I grab a table in a back corner, away from snooping ears. Looking up, Evelyn has a couple of menus in her hand and she sets them down on the table, and pulls out an order pad. "What can I get you two handsome fellas this evening?" she asks, flashing a smile.

"Thank you for dinner, Evelyn. That roast is the stuff dreams are made of. Mom actually had seconds, and pretty sure she had fallen into a food coma when I left out a while ago. You keep cooking like that, I'll lose my school boy figure." I say, letting a sheepish smile form. "What pie do you have this evening? I need a little something sweet."

"Well, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. So, we have pecan, apple, and pumpkin pie this evening. But I just took a nice peach cobbler out of the over. You want to try some of that?" she asked.

"Yes! Your cobbler is to die for." Vincent says excitedly.

"Then make that two cobblers." I say

She walks off, giving me a smile over her shoulder as she reaches the kitchen door and disappearing.

Vincent draws my attention back to him, and we chat a little about my time in jail and how he wished that he could have done more to help me back then. Evelyn brings us our dessert and walks off to give us privacy, but I can still see her smiling as she is wiping down tables from the other side of the restaurant. He told me that the Judge even wanted to toss it out, but the DA threatened to turn him over to the disciplinary committee if he did. Thank God, though, because that damn DA killed over with a heart attack a year or so after I was locked up and now his replacement was a little more lenient. I talk to him about Evelyn and Kevin, and he shares some things with me that boiled my insides with anger. Vincent said that Kevin had managed to float under the radar at work and keep his badge, but there is a whole new crew working in the records department and he won't be able to pull any stunts now. I feel reassured by his words and confident that Evelyn and her boys will soon be safe. At least with a restraining order, he will have to turn in all of his firearms to the police department for holding until something changes. Sucks that I'm a felon and can't carry a gun, but with fists like mine I really don't need one.

Vincent and I agree to meet up once a week and chat. He's a great guy, and I figure having a cop as a friend can't hurt my chances at making a fresh start. We finish our bowls of cobbler, and he heads out. I sit at the table and wait for Evelyn's other table to leave, giving us some time to visit. "Here's your house key back. That cobbler was pretty fucking good, ma'am. You should open up your own café or something. You'd make a killing." I tell her, reaching out and brushing my fingers along her elbow but never taking my eyes off of hers.

"I wish I could. Maybe someday, when life isn't so crazy, I can save up and do something like that. I love to cook, and thankfully they let me use the kitchen here from time to time to do a special for the day. Oh, let me get some of that cobbler for Nina. She will be really pissed if she knew you had some and didn't bring her any." she says, chuckling as she walks back into the kitchen area.

She hands me a large to-go container, and our hands touch as I grab it. "What shift do you work tomorrow?" I ask her.

"I work the early one tomorrow. 5am to 2pm. I'll have an hour or so to myself before I get the boys from school, then it'll be chaos until bedtime." she sighs out.

"I got a job. I start tomorrow at 8. Maybe I'll swing by here for breakfast on my way in. Delores told me this morning that she gets to mom's at 6, so that'll be good on timing. Would that be okay if I stop by here and see you in the morning?" I ask her.

Her smile grows ten times bigger, "Absolutely. Text me when you are on the way and I'll have something special ready for you when you get here." she says.

"Yes ma'am. I'm going to run. Promised mom that I'd be back by the time she goes to bed. Be careful going home later." I say, taking a step back, and heading to the door. Man, I wish it was me she was coming home to.

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