From Felon to Family

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Chapter 4


Long day indeed. I've been on my feet since 7am, it's 11:30 now, and I have to be back at work to open up at 5. I wish I had been born rich. I pull in the driveway and see a tall figure sitting on my porch. Before I get out of the car, the person walks to the edge of the stairs and into the porch light. Dominic. Dom.

I get out of the car, locking it up with a single beep of the alarm, and make my way towards my front door. "You should be asleep. You have to work in the morning, Dom." I say, as I barely climb up my three steps to the front door. "Is Nina okay?"

"Mom is fine. Snoring away in her recliner. She said she sleeps better there, so I left her where she was comfortable. How was work? You look tired." he say, in his low deep voice. I guess that is his equivalent of a whisper.

"Work was long and tiring, and lucky me, I get to do it all over again in the morning." I say, unlocking the door to the house. "You want to come in for a minute?" I ask. I don't want to seem rude, and he obviously has something on his mind.

"Sure, but only if you don't mind." he says, same husky low voice. I reach out and take his hand and pull him inside, then shut the door. I get the entryway light on and kick off my work shoes with a wince from the pain my feet are feeling right now. I plop down on the sofa, and Dom follows my lead. "I'm sorry you had such a long day." he says, looking me straight in the eyes. Admiring his features in my tired haze, I smile because he is truly a gorgeous man. "What are you grinning about?" he asks with a light chuckle.

"You're pretty gorgeous, you know?" is all I can say, letting a bashful giggle leave my throat.

"Well, you're pretty fucking gorgeous yourself. Look, I'm sorry for what I said to you at the restaurant. About the way you were hugging me. I shouldn't have said that to you. I meant it, but that was something that should have just stayed in my head. So, I'm really sorry for speaking to you that way." he said, running fingers through his short hair.

"Please don't apologize for that. Maybe I'm just tired or maybe the last two years have taught me something, but to be honest, I thought about what you said all night." I tell him. "It's really been seven years for you? You didn't get conjugal visits or anything? No special friends inside?" I ask, hoping he says no to the last one.

"Hell fucking no, I didn't have a special friend in jail. Woman!" he said with a laugh, then solidifying his face, he says, "No other visits either. My last sexual partner was my then-girlfriend, and we had sex about a week before I got arrested. She broke up with me at my arraignment hearing and said she couldn't be with someone as violent as me. I never hit her or even raised my voice to her, but if she couldn't understand my reasoning for what I did then I didn't need her in my life. You know what I did?" he asked.

"Yes, I know. Your mom told me, and although I don't agree with using fists, I completely admire you for why you did it." I say. "I want to go grab a shower. Will you wait out here for me?" I ask him. Hoping he says yes, because I felt that bulge in his pants earlier, and it has been well over two long years since I have been touched by a man. Maybe he'll just finger me or something, to get the edge off. I wouldn't mind jacking him off or maybe a blowjob in return. The last time Kevin touched me, he said my body was disgusting and that he was surprised he had kept me around for as long as he had. That was about six month or so before I left him. He was my first and only sexual partner, and as I shower I am a little at ease that Dom is out of practice. Maybe we can learn something together. Shrugging off all doubts, I get out of the shower, and dry off. I do the best I can to towel dry my hair, and slip on my oversized tshirt that I like to sleep in. No panties for me tonight.

I walk back into the living room after giving myself a last minute pep-talk, and see Dom sitting back on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling. "You stayed?" I ask, surprised. I honestly figured he would have bolted as soon as the shower water turned on.

"Yes ma'am. You asked me to." he said, standing up. "I can smell you from here. What scent is that?" he asks, nostrils flaring to inhale all of me that he could.

"Honey hibiscus." I say, trying my hardest not to let my voice crack. Dom starts to take a step towards me, but I hold my hand up to halt him. "Look, I'm about to offer something that will make me seem desperate, and I know that I am, and at the risk of being made into a fool, I'm just going to come out with it. I haven't been with anyone in well over two years. You haven't been with anyone in over seven years. I can't promise that I'll be the best you've ever had, but my body is yours for the night. If you want it, that is." I say, looking up at him, trying to read his expression. Seeing that he isn't moving or saying anything, I realize that I just made a huge mistake. "Oh God! You're not interested, are you? I am so sorry." I say, turning my back to him, because honestly I can't look at him now. I am mortified. I'm such an idiot. "Just go, Dom. Please. Forget that I ever said - " I'm cut off my two large hands on my shoulders, turning me around to face the man that I just propositioned.

"Don't ever hide your face from me, Evelyn." he says softly. Lower his head, his lips feel like feathers on my lips. Goosebumps scourer over my whole body at this light tough. "I like you, Evelyn. But I can't take you if you are feeling like this is some sort of pity fuck for you." he says, using that damn soft sexy voice of his.

"I really like you too, and it is more pity on my part. You are hot as fire, and won't have any trouble finding someone to help in the bedroom department. Me, on the other hand, I don't have that luxury. The last time I was touched, I was told that I was disgusting and a very poor lay." I say, trying to control the tears that are leaving my eyes.

Dom's thumb catches my tears, then he plants his lips on mine again, and I forgot how to breath. His tongue moves against mine, showing me that in seven years he didn't forget how to kiss a girl and make her weak in the knees. Dragging his hands from my hips to my ass, he lets out a soft growl as he gives my cheeks a squeeze. "This ass..." he hisses into my mouth, but it is a good hiss, a lustful hiss. Hoisting me up to his waist, I wrap my legs around his statuesque body. "Which room is yours?" he pulls away from my mouth and asks.

"Last door on the right." I say, panting. I can feel his massive ab muscles move as he walks, carrying me down the hall to my bedroom. Setting me down gently on the bed, he steps back and toes off his shoes and removes his shirt at the same time. Damn, he is so hot. While he gets his jeans off, I scoot my way to the nightstand and remove a condom. "It's a new box, I swear. I went on a couple of dates and was hopeful, but nothing happened." I say, letting more of my pathetic existence seep out.

"Their loss." he says, inching his way to me on the bed. "Hand it here." he motions to the little foil wrapped key to our pleasure. I pass it to him, and he sets it by his knee. Dom leans down and starts kissing my ankle and placing butterfly kisses up my leg, stopping at my thigh. He inhales deep through his nose, and says, "Fuck, you smell like I knew you would." then with a quick movement, his mouth is on my hot center. "You taste so much better than I imagined you would. I could do this forever." he mumbles, making it seem like licking my pussy was all he needed to live. It doesn't take long, before I am close to flooding that poor man's face with my built up juices. Dom slides a finger inside me, and I lose it right then. No movements, just inserting it did it for me. I let out a moan and arch my back like I am being zapped by lightening. He pulls his finger out of me, but I can't see past the hazy fog that is now filling my mind. I hear the condom wrapper tear, and the bed dips as he makes his way to hover over me.

"Kiss me, Dom." I whisper out, looking at him with I'm certain the most desperate look imaginable.

He feathers over my lips, then I feel his tip teasing my entrance. "You sure about this, Ev?" he asks. I give him a nod, squeezing his huge biceps. At my agreement, he eases into me very slowly, and I'm thankful because he is stretching me out completely. Once he is in a little, he stops. "Woman, you don't have any idea how good you feel, and I'm not even halfway inside you yet." he breaths out. He isn't even in all the way yet? Holy shit, this man is about to ruin sex for anyone that may come after this. "I have to move, can I?" he asked.

Panting, I say, "Yes. God, yes. Please, move. My body is yours to take." and with that he pushes himself all the way inside of me. "Motherfucker!" I moan out, and receive a kiss from him.

"I've got to stop or I'm going to lose it too soon." he grunts out, halting his thrusts.

"You don't stop until you cum. You made me go earlier, so its your turn now." I say into his chest. "Cum with me, Dom." I whisper. And true to his word, he made one thrust and came undone.

"Shit, Evelyn!" he groans out. I can feel his large member pulsating as his balls empty. He makes a quick trip to the bathroom and I hear water running in the sink. At least he is clean and thoughtful, I say internally. Kevin never cared that much. I curl up under the bedsheet and close my eyes until I hear the door creek open. Dom walks over to me and peppers my face with kisses. "You want me to go or stay?" he says into my temple.

"Stay with me, Dom. Please?" I plead. Without hesitation, he walks to the other side of the bed and crawls under the sheet with me, but turns so he is facing me. "Good night, Dom. Thank you for tonight." I say, letting out a yawn.

"Get some sleep, beautiful." he says, brushing some lose tendrils of hair away from my face.

My hateful alarm clock wakes me up, and I reach over to feel that Dom is still laying next to me. "You look like you are wide awake." I say, letting my wake-up yawn out. "Did you sleep at all?"

"I slept. Actually just woke up right before your alarm went off. Good morning, beautiful." he says, shifting over to kiss my cheek. I roll into his body, putting my leg over his waist as he lays on his side. "You do that, and we will have some problems this morning." he says, clearing his throat a little.

"Oh yeah. What kind of problems?" I ask, knowing good and damn well what he meant.

"Which drawer are they in?" he asked, and I knew right then that he was wanting to show me his problem. I rolled him to his back and I straddled him, reaching into the top drawer of my nightstand and grabbing a condom out. I set it on his chest, and he goes to take it from me, but I shake my head at him. Licking his muscles and trailing kisses down his chest and abs to his hips. He is breathing heavier, and I can feel his thighs tense up. "What are you doing, Ev?" he moans out as I swipe my tongue from his balls to his tip.

"What does it look like?" I say, taking his whole cock into my mouth in one swoop. Before I could get into a good rhythm, he is pulling me up. God, was I that bad?

"I need to be inside you. Put this one me, Evelyn." he says, handing me the condom. I remove it from the packaging, and unroll it over his shaft, giving him a few strokes as I do so. He is a panting mess at this point. "Slide onto me, beautiful. I want to see you ride me." he says.

I pivot myself so I am aligned with his tip, then gradually slide down onto his throbbing dick, which causes me to cum instantly. He lets out a chuckle, which vibrates through me, causing my climax to linger on. I start moving up and down, using his chest as a platform for my hands. "I'm so full with you." I moan out.

"I'm not in all the way yet." he says, taking my hips into his hands and pushing me down until our pelvises meet. "Goddamn!" he moans out, and I concur. Dom guides my lower body in a way that brings us both pleasure, my release grips his manhood and I nearly fall backwards with sensations. "You are so fucking tight, Ev. I can't hold out much longer. I'm cum-" he growls out, and I feel his pulsations inside of me, knowing he just shot his load. I kiss him down from his sexual high, and climb off of him.

"I've got to shower and get ready for work. You still coming by for breakfast later?" I ask, hoping he will.

"Yes ma'am. I'm going to run to the house while you are getting ready. I don't want mom to worry if she wakes up and catches me sneaking in, like a damn teenager." he says, laughing.

"She would worry too, I know she would. Go on. I'll see you later. Will you lock up for me on your way out?" I ask, getting my clothes set out for the day.

"Yes ma'am. And Evelyn?" he stills in the doorway.

"Yeah?" I say.

"Thank you for last night, and this morning. I do like you, and your next night off, I want to take you out on a date. If you'd let me." he says.

"I would like that very much, Dom. Now scoot. I've got to get ready for work." I say, throwing him a smile.

I shower and get ready for work, all the while I am thinking of how good Dom made me feel. Even if it was out of some need on his part to empty his balls, I'll take it. I have no doubts that he will have no troubles finding a girlfriend here in town. Once women start noticing him, they will flock to him. Hell, I did.

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