From Felon to Family

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Chapter 5


I feel like I am on cloud fucking nine right now. I feel asleep and woke up next to the most beautiful creature on this planet. And damn if the sex wasn't perfect. I figured it would be good, but I didn't expect it to be that good. I stopped by the restaurant for breakfast and when I got there, she had a loaded omelet waiting for me.

I get to my new job and the foreman, Doug, put me straight to work on some cabinets that are going into the house the company is building. By the time everyone left out for lunch, I was almost done with my job duties for the day so I stayed behind to finish up. When they all came rolling back in, I showed my work to Doug for approval, and he was very pleased. I gave him my phone number and he texted me the address for another jobsite for tomorrow morning, then dismissed me for the day. I call to check on mom, and Delores said she was napping. I decide to go have lunch with my other favorite lady, so I head to Evelyn.

When I pull into the parking lot, it is flooded with cop cars, so unmarked and others with full setups. I walk inside and see her chatting with a table of guys in uniform, so I find an empty seat at the counter. The waitress takes my order, and puts the ticket in the window. I look around and see Evelyn has now gone to another table. It seems like she is the only working the tables and the chubby lady behind the counter only has the seven people sitting with me to worry about. No wonder my girl is tired. My girl? Can I even call her that? Discussion for tonight.

The waitress sets my pastrami melt in front of me and walks off to tend to other patrons. I feel a tiny hand on the center of my back and spin around on my stool to see Evelyn's smiling face. "How's work going, beautiful?" I ask her, wiping my mouth of any food that I may have residing.

"It's going perfect. Had a good start to my day, thanks to you. You off already? How was your first day?" she asked, reaching out and grabbing my hand.

My chest swells a little, knowing I'm the reason her day started so well. "Yes ma'am. I'm off already. It went great actually. I'll fill you in at dinner about it. Maybe the kids would like to hear what I do for work." I say, hoping that she is okay with that.

"Oh, they will definitely love that." she says, looking over at a table of guys from yesterday. I spot Vincent sitting amongst them, and he waves me over. I set some money on the counter to cover my bill, and head over.

"Hey man, how's it going?" I ask, shaking his hand.

"Good. Have a seat with us for a bit." he says, pulling out the chair next to him. I take the seat, and introduce myself to everyone, and they all greet me and welcome me like I'm something special. We all sit and shoot the shit for an hour or so, Vincent telling them my story. All of them looked at me with a tad of respect, and I was thankful that it wasn't the other way around. I excuse myself, but don't see Evelyn so I'll just send her a text that I'll see her later. I want to get a couple of things done before Brayden and Logan get home from school.

I stop go to a nearby sporting goods store, and buy two bicycles with helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and a locking chain. I'm hoping that Evelyn won't beat my ass for doing this, but I want them to have something to look forward to after school when they are with her. I get home and put the bikes inside our carport until I see they are home.

I go in and check on mom, but she is sleeping. Delores said she had a rough day, and has been in bed most of the day. I know she is dying, but I just wish I could do more to keep her with me. I robbed myself of the last few years with her, and now I must live with those regrets. I go into her room, and kiss her forehead, making sure she knows that I love her very much.

About 3:30, I hear car doors next door, so I peer out and see the boys running up to the front door. Once I see that they are all inside, I make my way over with the bikes. I give the door a hard couple of knocks, and can hear Logan hollering "Momma, someone is here." and then I hear her tell him to get back and she will answer it. When she opens the door, I see her face light up like the sun. "Hey you. Want to come it?" she asked.

"I'm actually here to see Brayden and Logan. Can they come out for a second?" I ask her.

"Bray. Logan. You have a visitor." she calls out to them. They come running to the front door, sharing her same bright smile.

"Step out here for a second, boys. I got something for you." I say, stepping aside so they can come outside.

"Bikes!" Logan shouted. "You got us bikes?"

"Yeah buddy. I did. I hope that is okay." I say to them, but mostly to Brayden because he is the oldest and should feel that he is in charge as man of the house.

"This is so cool, Dom! Thanks so much." Brayden says, running up and wrapping his small arms around my waist.

"You boys have homework?" I ask, and they both shake their heads. "Momma, can they play with their new bikes for a bit?" I pout, and the boys start jumping up and down and begging for her to say 'yes'. She tosses her hands up and says that they can. The boys start putting on their helmets and padding, and I whisper into Evelyn's ear, "Go take you a nice, hot bath. Relax a while. I've got them."

"You really are something special, Dom." she whispers back, then heads inside. I hope she uses that same scent.

The boys and I work to learn how to ride a bike. Brayden pretty much has it down, but Logan is having some difficulties. I promise them that we will work on it each night before dinner until they get it mastered. Time passes without my being aware, and Evelyn comes out of the house caring a container in one hand and a casserole dish in the other. "Come on boys, lets go wash up and help your momma." I say, helping them get their bikes back up to their front porch, showing them how to lock them up with the chain.

I grab the dish from Evelyn and Brayden gets the container, and we all make our way next door. As we get inside the house, everyone kicks their shoes off at the door, and the boys start looking for my mom. "She's in bed today. Hasn't had a good day." I say.

"I'll grab the tv trays." Logan says and starts hauling them down the hallway. I'm a little confused, so I shoot Evelyn a look.

"The boys will sit on the bed next to her and eat with her when she is having a bad day. Don't worry, they won't hurt her or bother her." she says in a low voice. I see Brayden come back into the kitchen and get plates down from the cabinet and a bowl. "Delores called me before she left. I've got some soup for Nina, so she can still have something in her stomach."

This woman is a damn saint. She worked over 12 hours yesterday, put up with me after that and this morning early, then worked another nine hour shift, come home and cooked dinner for everyone and even made a special dinner for my mom. My mom was right, she is pretty awesome.

I sit in the arm chair next to mom's bed, and help her eat the soup that Evelyn made for her. Her color is pale, grayish. The boys tell mom all about their day at school and about their new bikes. Mom flashes me a half smile, and pats my knee to show her approval. After everyone finishes eating, I help Evelyn take the dishes and trays back to the kitchen. I come back down the hallway and peek inside mom's room, seeing Brayden and Logan laying curled up next to mom and Brayden is reading from their book. Mom is sleeping, but he just keeps reading. Logan is holding her hand, and I admire how truly amazing those boys are. Giving them privacy, I walk back up front and see if Evelyn needs any help.

"Hey beautiful." I say, leaning up against the island.

"Hey yourself." she says back with a smile. "You know, you didn't have to get them bikes. That was the sweetest thing anyone has done for them in a long time. I haven't seen them that excited in a long time. Thank you for that."

"I was hoping that you wouldn't be mad about it. I just know they are having a little bit of a rough time with their dad, and I wanted to do something nice for them." I say, watching her hips jiggle as she scrubs at the dishes, making my dick twitch.

Looking over her shoulder, she smiles and says, "Well, based on dinner conversation, they like you. Logan was surprisingly interested in your woodworking. Don't be surprised if he asks you to show him sometime."

"I'd love to." I say without hesitation. "I mean, if that's okay with you." I say. The boys come barreling into the kitchen and Brayden is visibly upset. "What's the matter, little man?" I ask him.

"I'm just sad about Mrs. Nina." he said, trying to shrug off the tears that are threatening his eyes.

I get down on my knees and hold his shoulders lightly. "Hey. It's okay to be upset. She is special to you, right?" I ask, he nods. "Okay then. Be upset if you want. A real man isn't afraid to show his feelings. Always remember that. My mom loves you boys, and I know that you love her too. Before I know it, the boy has his arms wrapped around my neck, sobbing. I know now that I must be brave around these kids, because they have far more love for my mom than I thought.

I help Evelyn get the boys home, and tell her to call me when she gets ready for bed. I won't dare come over while the boys are there, but maybe we can try a little phone sex or something. That would be fun, maybe?

I go back home, and lock up for the night. I check on mom and she is sitting up, barely awake, writing in a notebook. "What are you writing, Momma?" I ask her, stepping inside her room.

"Oh, son. You startled me. Each night for the last two years, Brayden whispers a little secret in my ear. When they go home, I always write it down, then under it I write my response to his secret. When I go, I want this notebook to go to him. Do you understand?" she asks, looking as lucid and normal as possible.

"Yes ma'am. I understand. You have my word." I say, putting my hand over my heart.

"My time is coming, son. I know it won't be long. I tried to call your sister today, but she said she didn't have time to talk to me and that I should try back another time. After everything you and I have done for her, she treats us that way. Ungrateful." she spits out.

"Don't worry about her, Momma. Karma will get her in due time. Let's just focus on you right now, and making you happy. Yeah?" I tell her.

"You're right. Tomorrow, I'm calling Mr. Kessler and updating my will. That ungrateful little brat won't get a single thing from me." mom says.

"Well, lets see how you feel in the morning. I'm going to go grab a shower. You need anything?" I ask.

Setting the notebook down on her nightstand, she turns off her lamp and says, "Not right now. Thank you though, son. I'll see you in the morning." I walk over and kiss her forehead and tell her "Good night, Momma." before getting a much needed shower.

I get out of the shower, and see a text from Evelyn. I open it up and it is a picture of her, blowing a kiss. "Sexy woman." I say under my breath. I wish those lips were wrapped around my cock right now. Looks like I'll have to tell her that.

Me: Wish I had those lips on my right now.
Ev: Oh yeah. Where would you want them?
Me: You need a picture?
Ev: Yep!
So I take a picture of my hand gripping my dick, and hit send.
Ev: Holy hell, man! Making me so wet over here.
Me: Show me.
Evelyn sends a video clip next. Her gently stroking her clit, only a couple of seconds, but enough to get the point across.
Me: I got to go jerk off now. Thanks for that.
Ev: Right there with you.
Ev: But it isn't the same as your touch.
Me: Woman!
Ev: Yes?

I hit the dial option on the message screen and call her. This is something we should be able to hear each other do. She answers with a slight pant. "Hey you." she says softly.

"So, you laying in bed, thinking of me over there?" I ask.

"I wish I could feel your hands on me right now." she whisper moans.

"I wouldn't bother with foreplay tonight, if I could touch you. I would come at you from behind, pounding into you, hard and fast. I'd make you cum so hard that you see God." I whisper into the phone.

"Oh fuck." she moans out.

"Are you going to cum for me?" I ask her.

"Yes. Yes, I'm so close." she gasps.

"Put a finger inside you, use your other hand to keep working that pretty pink clit. Pump yourself, beautiful." I say lowly.

"Oh shit. Yes, yes, yes." she whisper moans out. "I have never done anything like that before." she confesses. "Wooh! Now its your turn." I can almost hear the smirk forming on her lips. "What can I do to bring you some release?"

"Get some shoes on, grab a condom, meet me under the carport over here." I say, hanging up. Slipping on a pair of shorts, I make my way outside. When I open the side door, she is stepping up onto the concrete. I grab her hand and pull her into the laundry room that sets at the header of the carport. I reach down between her thighs, and she is soaked to the point that it is running down her legs. "No fucking panties? You are a vixen." I say, enveloping her lips with mine. "I missed your mouth."

She pulls away from me and as she lowers herself to a squatting position, she pulls my shorts down with her. My cock springs free, and she takes hold of it with her mouth. To keep herself balanced, she grips the back of my thighs, and starts bobbing her head along my length. "Damn, that feels so good." I say, weaving my fingers into her hair, guiding her head as I thrust into her mouth. I'm so close to losing it, that I pull away, grabbing her arm and standing her up. "Condom?" I ask, holding my hand out. I sheath myself, and tell her "Turn around. Bend over the dryer." I know, real sexy shit there, but we are doing what we can in the moment. I position myself with her entrance, and slide my tip in. She lets out a moan, and I can feel how slick she is. "You ready for what I wanted?" I ask her, slowly easing into her.

"Yes, Dom. Pound into me. Make me see God." she groans out.

"You got it, beautiful." I say, and start thrusting into her hard and fast. Skin is slapping, the wet sounds are filling the room from her juices flowing out. I know that I am close, but she feels so damn good around me. It was like her pussy was made for me. My ex-girlfriend was never this tight, and she was a virgin when we got together. "I'm close, beautiful. Cum with me." I say, pulling gently on the back of her hair. I feel more wetness coating me and I let my climax hit with one final thrust inside her. "Son of a bitch..." I breath out. I grab a towel out of the clean laundry basket, and hand it to her to clean herself off, and I discard the condom into the dryer lint trash can. I get another towel, and wipe down my legs from her sweet nectar that had run down to my limbs. "Fuck, you really did have a build up, didn't you?" I say. letting out a laugh.

"I warned you." she says, sharing my laugh. Tossing the towel into the washer, she tiptoes up and kisses me. "I've got to get back next door. I work early shift again tomorrow. Come have breakfast if you want." she says. Walking out of the laundry room. I step out a second later, and see her take the step to her front door. She has me completely hooked on her already, and its barely been a couple of days.

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