From Felon to Family

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Chapter 6


Last night was so spontaneous. I have never had phone sex or even sexted anyone before, not even Kevin, and I've certainly never sent photos of myself to anyone before. I admired the view of what Dom sent me, him holding onto his massive masterpiece, but quickly deleted it and the messages. I don't need the kids seeing that.

I get the boys ready for school and meet up with Kevin at the restaurant. Lucky for me Bobby was getting there at the same time so he could witness the exchange. Kevin is taking them to school this morning, which I hate.

Around 7, Dom comes strutting through the door and is immediately beckoned by Vincent and the guys to join them. I give him a nod, so he knows that I've seen him and then go put in his breakfast order. He raved about that omelet at dinner last night, but I think I will get Bobby to make him some pancakes this morning. I take him a cup of coffee, and tell him that his order will be out in a few. He flashes that smile that makes my mind melt into my heart. I'm crazy to think that there could be something more with him. We've only known each other a few days, but it was just instant, or at least it was for me. I've known people who went on one date and knew that they were going to marry the other person, love at first sight. I was just never that fortunate.

I take Dom his breakfast, and he gets a little hazing from his newfound friends. "Damn man, she doesn't hook us up like that." I hear one say as I turn my back. Sure, he got a little extra bacon with his mean, but hey he earned it after last night. I go back and check on them all periodically while making my rounds, refilling coffee and catching snippets of their conversations. I'm glad he is making friends, and good ones at that. That particular table, sits a bunch of really good guys. As I am clearing off a table, Dom walks up to me, handing me some folded up money. "That should cover my breakfasts for a few days, plus tips." he says.

"You don't have to do all this, Dom." I say, trying to give him the money back, but he steps away from me.

"You do enough for me and my mom, and those boys of yours. Put that towards what I told you. I need to get to work. I'll talk to you when I can later. If not, then I'll see you this evening. The boys going to be there?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'll be getting them from school this afternoon. We will be at dinner tonight for sure." I say, giving him a smile, because frankly it comes so easily with him.

"Good. Try and have a good day." he says as he leaves out.

I get the rest of our breakfast crowd over with and that lull between then and lunch is refreshing, and I usually use this time to go to get the lunch menus ready and make sure that the kitchen doesn't need any help. Just as I'm about to get finished with wrapping clean silverware, my phone rings. Mr. Fessler.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Evelyn. You have a hearing on the restraining order. Can you be at the courthouse in the morning at 9?" he asks.

"Yes sir, I sure can. I'm off tomorrow, so I have all day if need be." I say, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

"Great. Be sure your phone is charged up, just in case the judge needs to look at it for himself, but the the burned copies should be enough. Can't be too careful. Have there been any other incidents?" he inquires.

"Actually, just from his mother. I can send them to you now if you need me to." I ask.

"Yes, do that. They should've been served already with the notice that they need to appear in court, and part of what they receive today says that they can't contact you until after the judge issues a ruling tomorrow. Swing by the office and pick up your copy when you can. If they contact you between now and tomorrow morning, call the cops and have their asses arrested for violating the temporary order. You understand? I'll see you in the morning, Evelyn." he says, and we each hang up. I shoot Dom a quick text and tell him the good news. I know he should be on a lunch break by now, and I hope my message doesn't interfere with his work. I'm just so excited. Finally, after all this time, there is finally enough evidence to get something accomplished. I know his mother is probably spiting nails right now, knowing that her reign of terror over me is coming to an end.

Lunch rush comes and goes, and surprisingly fast at that. The place is dead, so I clock out a little early and head over to pick up my copy of the paperwork from Mr. Fessler's office, then I'm going to head home to freshen up before going to get the boys from school.

I get my copy of the paperwork, and get home. A lot hot shower is just the trick to getting the knots out of my shoulders. I go get my sweet boys from school and we come home. While they work on homework, I get dinner going for tonight. Chicken enchiladas for us, and chicken tortilla soup for Nina. I called over there while waiting on the kids to get out of school, and Delores said that she isn't having a good day again. Soup isn't going to save her life, but it will at least put something in her belly and make me feel a little bit better.

By the time I pull the enchiladas out of the oven, Dom calls me.
"Hey you." I answer.

"Hey beautiful. I just got home, but I'm loading mom up to take her to the emergency room. She isn't doing well at all. Delores is still here with her. She stayed until I could get home." he says, and I can hear the panic in his voice.

"Dom, breath. Call for an ambulance. You shouldn't be driving her while you are this worried. I can hear it in your voice." I tell him, pacing in my kitchen.

"Okay. Yeah, I should do that. I'll keep you posted." he says quickly then hangs up.

I look over at the boys, who are building stuff with their blocks. "Boys, we are doing dinner here tonight. Mrs. Nina isn't feeling well and Dom is taking her to see a doctor. He said that he would let us know what they say." I tell them, squatting down to the table with them.

"I need to see her!" Brayden jumps up and runs out of the house. He is so fast that I can't catch him. Logan and I are calling out to him, but he just keeping running. He is inside the house before I even get off of the porch steps.

Dom is walking out of the door when Logan and I approach. "I'm so sorry, Dom. I tried to stop him, but he was too fast for us. I'm so sorry." I say, trying not to cry due to my embarrassment that my kid is intruding on a very private time with Nina and Dom.

He wraps his arms around me, and tells me, "It's fine, Ev. Let the boy see her until the ambulance gets here." I can't believe how compassionate this man is being over a kid that just stole precious time away from him with his mom. He just keeps hugging me, that is until Logan says, "Hey, where's my hugs?", which makes us all chuckle a little. Out of the mouths of babes.

The ambulance arrives, and Dom loads up with Nina. I take the boys home, and get them to barely eat their dinner. We are all so worried about Nina, but the boys were told that she had an illness that couldn't be fixed and she would die from it. I'm at a loss on how to get my boys through this step towards losing her.

I took leftovers to the house and put them in the fridge. They'll be hungry when they get home.

A little after 11, my phone chimes. Dom.
Him: Hey. I'm catching a cab home. Mom is staying. Not good.
Me: I'm so sorry. I'm off tomorrow. I'll go sit with her after court.
Him: I can't take off. I just got this job and have to stay employed or go back to jail. I feel bad.
Me: Don't feel bad. Get home, shower and sleep. Leftovers are in the fridge. Come over for breakfast in the morning.
Him: You're too good to us.
Me: It's nice to do for others when it is appreciated.
After a few minutes...
Him: Just walked inside. I'll come over in the morning. What time?
Me: 6:30. I leave at 7:30 to take the boys to school.
After another delay...
Him: These enchiladas are fucking delicious.
Me: Glad you like them. I'll see you in the morning.

With that, I shut my eyes and try not to worry about Nina or how Dom is holding up. My stomach is twisted just thinking about court tomorrow.

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