From Felon to Family

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Chapter 8


My boys, my babies, have been gone for going on three months now. No one has a bit of information on them. I lost my job at the restaurant because I couldn't bring myself to go into work. My landlord has given me free rent since then, because he is sympathetic to my situation. Dom has been a constant rock for me. I lean on him a little too much. I miss my kids, and he said that I need to have faith. I didn't know at first, but a few days after the kidnapping, he confessed to me that he had hired a private investigator to help find Brayden and Logan. He has come close a few times, but Kevin keeps moving and changing their appearances. The last footage that Bonner found was of Kevin and Mildred loading the kids onto a train. His hair has grown out and dyed darker. She had on a wig, but her limp gave away her true appearance. My kids hair was dyed darker, and their faces looked sunken in. She probably isn't feeding them properly, if at all. She is cruel that way. But that was two months ago, and they haven't been spotted since then.

I still haven't opened up the envelope that Nina left for me when she passed. Dom keeps reminding me of it, but I feel bad knowing that my boys were left something too and they aren't here to open theirs along with me. Today, I'll do it. Maybe she will bestow some of her magical words of wisdom in this letter. I open the envelope carefully, and pull out the contents. There is a letter, and another smaller envelope that is sealed. I unfold the letter.
Sweet Evelyn,
If you are reading this, well then I must be dead. Don't worry though, I have it on good authority that a part of me will always be by your side. Dominic is a good man, and I know that he will watch out for you and those precious boys. You don't know know how much I have appreciated you, and the love that I have for your boys is immeasurable. I'm leaving you a little something, and before you try to start your shit over're going to take it and your are going to open up your own café. Your cooking and baking is something that should be shared with everyone, especially Dominic. Look after him for me. Keep him close to you always. I wish I could be there when he finally grows a backbone and tells you how he really feels about you. I have to go now, I think he is creeping around outside my door. See you later, Evelyn.
Your friend always, Nina
P.S. When you and Dom have kids, name a girl after me...just throwing that out there. XOXO

That damn Nina. I let out a laugh, a full belly laugh. She was always a hoot, but I can hear her actually saying these words to me. Crazy lady! Still rolling a laugh from my mouth, I open the other little envelope and pull out the paper. It is a check...for $75,000. "What the fuck!?" I gasp out. I'm pacing the floor now, unable to control my body from moving. I can't take this money. It should go to Dom, especially since he has been paying for the investigator himself. He told me that money wasn't a concern, but still I feel guilty. He said that he had a long day of work today, and when he called during his lunch break, he said that it would be around 6 before he would get done with the job he's working on. I need to cook! That is the only way to get my mind from pulling me into insanity. I wish my boys were here for this. We always joked about the day I would open a café and all of their friends would want to come in and get some of my fresh baked cookies and their moms would want to come in for their "special tea parties" as Logan referred to it, which made Brayden and I crack up with laughter. They would be proud of me if I had something like that, but this isn't the way to get it.

7:00 rolls around, and I hear a tapping on my front door. Dom is standing there with flowers in hand. A big guy like him, looks a little out of place holding such delicate things in his large hand. "I thought you might appreciate something pretty." he says, looking bashful.

"They are beautiful, Dom. Come in. I'll get these into some water." I say, taking the flowers from him.

"Woman, you been cooking? It smells good in here." he booms from the other room.

"Yes, I have. When I'm stressed, it helps calm my nerves. Come sit at the table, I'll bring some stuff over for you to try out." I say, carrying the flowers in one hand and a container of food in the other. I opened the container and his eyes go wide. "Hang on, there's more...lots more." I tell him. Situating all eight containers on the table, I place a plate in front of him. "Dig in. Let me know what you think."

For the next hour, I only hear moans coming from Dom. Not the kinky kind that I miss so much, but the kind where the food is hitting all the right spots on his taste buds. After he is completely stuffed, he lets out a very full sounding breath, "Damn woman. I don't think I could eat another thing for a week."

"So all of it was good, then?" I ask, knowing good and well that it was.

"Hell yeah it was. Pretty sure I'm high on your cooking." he says, chuckling.

I get the table cleared, dishes loaded in the dishwasher and put the food away. I return to the table, and set the letter from Nina down. "Read this." is all I can say, sliding it over to him.

"It's private. Mom wrote that to you." he says back.

"No, you really need to read it." I insist.

He reluctantly pulled the contents from the envelope and reads the letter, letting out a laugh similar to the one I did. "My mom, I'm telling you...she was a mess." he says, pulling the contents out of the smaller envelope. What must he be thinking right now? He stands up, and looks at me. "I'll be right back. I've got to go grab something from the house real quick, and I'll be right back over. Don't leave this spot." he says, quickly darting out of the house. A few minutes later, he walks right back in and takes his seat back at the table next to me. He a bank check box in his hand, and it is taped shut. There is a note taped to the outside in Nina's handwriting..."Open this when Evelyn opens her letter"
I look at Dom, confused. He pulls out a pocket knife and cuts the tape carefully, and flips the box open. There is a small jewelry box and a folded piece of paper...the paper has a '1' written on it with a sticky note, and the jewelry box has a '2' written on it. He opens the note and begins to read it.
Dear Evelyn,
I bet you took forever to open that damn letter up, didn't you? You have always been too modest and proud to accept anything from anyone. Get over it, girl! You deserve so much more than what you give yourself credit for. If you are reading this, then Dominic is sitting there with you. Dominic, the box is yours. Open'll know what do to from there. You better help Evelyn with her café. It needs to be a family business. You can still play around with your woodworking, but you help her. Take a marriage license to Fessler, he's got a little wedding gift for you. Love to you both and the boys.
P.S. Dominic, don't forget...I'm proud of you, my son.

He sets the letter down and pulls out the flat, square jewelry box. His eyes go wide, and he turns it to me. There are two wedding bands inside. "These were theirs. My mom's and my dad's." he says, letting a tear escape his eye. After a few moments of silence, I figure that this is all too much for him, and I don't really know what to say either. I start to get up, but his strong hand reaches out to stop me. "Want to make a dead woman's wishes come true?" he asks, giving me a half smile that makes my heart skip.

As flattered as I am, I frown a little because I don't know. "Don't you think we should love each other first? I mean, I like you a lot, and maybe even love you. But you surely don't feel the same way as I do. Do you?" I ask, puzzled.

"I do feel that way about you. Hell, I'd marry you just so you could cook for me everyday until I die." he says, laughing.

"Oh, so you'd just be marrying me for my cooking? Is that what you are saying?" I playfully ask.

"Not just that. If I married you, then I could do this anytime I wanted to..." he says, cutting off his sentence to place his lips on mine. That is the first time in months that he has touched me, and I was starting to forget how his lips felt on mine. "And this...I could do this whenever I want..." he says against my mouth, lifting me up and hauling me to the bedroom. Once in there, clothing started flying and body parts were bumping against each other. I grab a condom from the drawer and hand it to him, as I position myself on the bed. "I've fucking missed you, Ev." he says into my neck, peppering me with kisses. "Do you want my mouth on your pussy?" he says between kisses on my nipples.

"No, Dom. I just need to feel you inside of me right now. Just make love to me." I moan out, his suction on my nipple is almost breaking me. Scooting up a little, he positions his tip to my opening, and kisses me as he glides inside of my warmth. "Oh shit!" I scream out.

"Feel good, beautiful?" he whispers into my ear, and I let out a moan of approval. "You love my dick, don't you?" he whispers into the other ear, and I moan again because he is brushing that sweet spot within me. I feel my climax approaching and I can feel him throbbing inside of me. His pumping gets faster and harder. I scream out with my release, and he lets go at the same time, growling with relief. "Marry me." he says, kissing my neck as we each come out of our orgasm high. He pulls his face up so I can see his eyes. "I'll treat you right. I'll never betray you, and I promise that I will never intentionally hurt you." Still feeling him inside me, my walls clinch, and he gives me a grin. "You minx."

I let out a giggle, and take his face in my hands, pulling him down to kiss him. "I'll marry you, Dom." I say, kissing him again. He pulls away from me and goes to clean up in the bathroom, and I hear the bathtub running. He comes back out and takes my hand, pulling me to go with him.

"Get a bath, beautiful. Get dressed. We are going out for some ice cream." he says, leaving me to the nice bubbly bath that he has started for me. I lose myself for a moment, but immediately snap to reality and wish that my babies were here. I try to focus on the fact that Dom and everyone else is working as much as they can on trying to get my kids back. There isn't anything more that we can do that isn't already being done.

Dom is waiting in the living room, smelling all clean and delicious. He must have went home and showered while I was soaking. The weather is warm out this evening, so I dressed in a cotton sundress with sandals. "You look nice." I say to him, as he stands up from the sofa. He sure does...wearing those damn fitted jeans and black tshirt. "Damn, you look really nice." I whimper out.

"You and that dress? That is a damn sexy view. Hope you didn't mind me running you a bath. I just love the smell of your bath stuff. I'll have to make sure you never run out of it." he says, burrowing his face into my neck, inhaling my scent.

"You said ice cream, so lets go." I say. "Your car or mine?"

"Mine. That way you can sit up next to me." he tells me. "It'll be like high school, all over again, but with a hotter chick."

"Wow! Didn't realize you were such a charmer." I say with a laugh, which makes him laugh too. We load up in his old truck and when he turns over the ignition, the rumble vibrates through my body. "Shit!" I breath out, closing my eyes.

"You think that feels good, wait til I get you on the back of a motorcycle." he says, backing out of the driveway, then putting a hand on my thigh. "I forgot to tell you about that. I'm sorry. I was thinking of getting a motorcycle. I had one before I went away, but mom sold it for me and put the money in the bank so I'd have something when I got out. What do you think about that?" he asks me.

"I've never been on a motorcycle before. I think it would be kind of neat actually. You look like you belong on a motorcycle." I say, sliding his hand up my dress a little.

He cuts his eyes over to me, but his head stays straight to the road. "Oh yeah. Would you ride with me, if I got one? It'll be a while before it happens, but I definitely would like to get one." he says, struggling to talk due to my inching his hand up further and further into my dress.

By the time his hand is at the crease where my legs meet my pelvis, he is breathing a little heavier and the air in the truck is getting hotter. "I could see me riding you. Oops, I mean with you." I say, letting a sly smirk creep across my lips. Before I know it, Dom is pulling off a side road that leads to what I think is a pipeline for oil or gas or something. He skids to a stop, but parks so we can see anyone coming in the same way.

"You're not wearing any fucking panties." he states.

"Nope. I figured they would only get in the way later." I say with a flirty smile and batting my eyelashes at him. Without any further words his raises his hips up and undoes his pants, pushing them down to mid-thigh. He pops the steering wheel upward to make for room, and pats his thighs for me to climb on. "We don't have anything...condoms." I say, hoping he won't get upset with me for working him up for nothing. "I could do that thing you like with my tongue though." I suggest.

"Uh no. You're coming over here, and your riding me. No more condoms. I want you bare. If we get pregnant, then so be it. I love you, Ev." he says, and I see the most lustful eyes staring back at me. How can I say no to that? Make me your baby momma!

After our little romp, we finally head for ice cream. We sit and eat there, and it feels good to be out of the house. "Is it wrong of me to feel guilty that my boys aren't here with us right now?" I ask him on the way back home.

"Not at all. I do miss them too, you know? All their constant questions, watching them ride their bicycles, eating breakfast in the morning with them. I don't feel like I got to spend enough time with them." he says, giving my thigh a tender squeeze. "I hope you know that I'm doing all I can to help find them."

"I know, Dom. You're too good to me, and I will never be able to repay you for what you have done for me and them." I tell him, squeezing his hand with mine.

The rest of the ride is silent, but I know that we are both thinking about our own things, things that we need to process and figure out on our own. Getting back home, I ask Dom to stay over with me. We lay in bed and talk about next moves and what will happen after we get married. I agreed to move into his house with him, it's paid off and it made the most sense when he suggested it. Plus, the boys are familiar with it so it wouldn't be too much of an overload on them when they come back to us. I agreed to his turns of no more birth contraceptives, and figured we would probably get pregnant soon due to when my cycle runs. I fall asleep in the arms of a strong man, someone that I know I can depend on for the tough parts of life, someone that will never raise a hand to hurt me, and someone that will look after my kids with care and love. We just have to get them back!

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