Dark Love - A Darker Shade

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Chapter 10

Michael led Cassy into the privacy of the corridor and thrust the photographs into her hand. Then he folded his arms across his chest and quietly watched her reaction as she stood nervously before him, her eyes falling on the indecent pictures.

She scanned the photographs, shame overwhelming her. Then she lifted her pleading eyes to his angry amber ones. “Please, I’m really sorry.” She implored him.

“I’m trying to figure out how you hoped to prove your virginity to me.”

I…actually…” she began to stutter and he gave her words a curt wave of dismissal.

“Let me guess.” He interrupted in the same vein. “You were going to cry and pretend it hurts, right? After all, it is said that some women do not bleed. They probably lost it from rigorous physical activity like exercise, right?”

She started shaking her head in denial.

“No?” he pressed. “Okay. Maybe you had plans of using the fake blood capsule I hear can be inserted a few hours before penetrative intercourse. And then by the time we actually make love, the capsule dissolves and releases a liquid substance that looks like blood. Is that what you planned? How on earth did you plan to prove it?”

Cassy began to cry. She had bought the capsule. How could he have an idea about it?

“Tell me the truth. We can start there.”

She nodded. “The capsule.” She admitted. “I’m really sorry, please. I just wanted to be perfect for you.”

“Great. Be perfect and explain the pictures to me.”

“He is…he is someone I was seeing.”

“Did you just say was? Those pictures were taken this week or are you missing the dates they carry?”

Cassy cried harder..

“I actually fell in love with you.” he said regretfully. “I thought you loved me too.”

“I do love you, Michael.” She blubbered.

“Spare me.” He said testily. “I mean, we both said to hell with our parent’s choice for us and decided to do this on a low key and as quiet as possible. Never have I appreciated that decision more. The less eyes that witness this sham, the better.”

“Please, Michael.”

“Who is the guy?”

“He’s…he’s not important.”

“Tell me something else I can believe.”

“I swear, he’s not important.”

“So what were you doing with him?”

“We…we just have sex. I figured since we’re getting married, I would just have one last fling as a single girl.”

“Do you fucking hear…?” Michael began harshly, making her flinch but he stopped his words in honor of the church because of the expletive. “Do you even hear yourself?” he reiterated as her sobs increased further.

“Michael, please.”

“It’s over, Cassy.”

“No, please. We have guests, please.”

“Cassandra, I cannot do this. I cannot put my ring on the finger of a liar and a slut. I am a jealous lover…a very jealous one. I have told you this before. I cannot go on with this wedding knowing what you have been doing. I can’t.”

She fell down on her knees and clung to his pants. “Please. It won’t happen again.”

“It won’t.” he agreed pointedly. “Because you and I are through.”


He shoved her off him and headed in the direction they had both come from.

“Why did she do this?” Cassy cried, rising to her feet and Michael paused in his strides and turned back to face her. “I mean who is she to you?” Cassy pressed.

“You have no right to ask me that, right now but to spare you the wondering, she and I go way back.”

“Was she your girlfriend? And does she want you back? Is that why she did this?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, she is mine to deal with. Goodbye, Cassandra.” He turned and continued away from her.

She fell on her face and renewed her crying. Because of that freak, Zee, she had lost Michael. She would no longer be the wife of an enigmatic and handsome CEO.

That stupid girl had always been a thorn in her flesh and now she had done the worse. She knew that Michael had made up his mind to leave her. All her dreams were shattered.

For now, she would stay right where she was. She could not go out and face the people because she was the guilty party.

Just look at the shame that the freak was putting her through. She had the guts to come here and break up her wedding. And to think she had even forgotten about this girl and her stupid plump friend after they tied her up at Sips. She had had to back out from the legal battle she had wanted to put Zee’s naive friend through because the lawyer had said she would not win because there was evidence that she and her friends had assaulted the girl first.

How that naive and plump Inara ended up marrying that hot model, she still could not understand and she vowed she would catch the eyes of a rich man too. She would catch the eyes of a man with prestige who was hot too. As far as she was concerned, it was a competition. Because truth be told, either the freak girl or the plump one who was no longer plump could run into her someday and she wanted to be in the company of a prestigious husband too. Luckily, Michael had come along but the freak friend has come to ruin it. All these battle she had lost but she would not lose this one.

That freak appeared out of nowhere and has succeeded in breaking up her wedding to her gorgeous husband. She did not even get a chance to taste his lovemaking that she had fantasized about several times. And oh, the look in his beautiful intense eyes when he would have thought she was truly a virgin. But now, her plans have been shattered when she least expected and in the twinkling of an eye.

Cassy’s jaw clenched with anger at her heartbroken state. That freak would have to pay for this somehow. She would not let this go so easily. That freak girl had just made a deadly enemy.

Before Michael could emerge from the corridor, he saw the Priest come to fill the entrance. The Clergyman took one look at the couple and his fears were confirmed. Clearly, forgiveness had not come into play. These two had fallen apart from each other.

“Sir, I cannot go on with this wedding anymore.” Michael told him plainly.

“I know that it’s painful but is there a chance that you can manage?”

Michael shook his head. “The moment I saw those images, I knew it was over. It feels like scales just fell off my eyes and I’ll like to keep it that way.”

The Priest looked at the softly crying bride and angry groom. He sighed resignedly. He did not know what to think of the young woman who had brought the pictures. It was a brazen act. What was her motive? She could have done this earlier in a more private setting. Now this marriage is already broken.

As for the bride, why did she decide to cheat? It did not make sense. It was not wise to give the devil room to nail you down. He sighed again. The devil was a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour. You cannot just give him room to come in and that’s what the bride had done. She had invited the devil to spoil her relationship by cheating.

“You will have to address the guests.” He finally said to Michael. “It behooves on you as the groom.”

“The earlier the better.” Michael responded.

The Priest nodded in understanding. It was clear that the groom wanted to get this over with and get out of there as soon as possible. He could not blame him.

“Please come with me, will you?”

Michael followed him to the pulpit and the Priest signaled the Choir who brought the song they were singing to an end before they took their seats.

The guests were looking worried, as they are not able to see Cassy at Michael’s side. Zee was still standing right where she was. Her eyes met Michael’s and she quickly averted her gaze. She could not bear the fury in those attractive amber eyes.

The Priest picked up the microphone and addressed the guests.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. Like I said earlier, the outcome of the wedding is now in the hands of the Couple. The Bible makes it clear that two cannot walk together except they agree and I believe you can all see the sense in that. In light of all these, the groom has something to say and I pray the Lord grants us all understanding in this uh…matter. Thank you.” He nodded at Michael and handed the microphone over to him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, friends and associates, Church, I thank you all for your time and patience in being here to celebrate with us and make this event a success. But based on the unfortunate incident from a few moments ago, It would be wrong of me to shy away from saying a few words. Hence, it is with disappointment that I regretfully announce the annulment of my wedding to Cassandra Blake. That is all I can say. Thank you all so much.”

There were gasps from among the people as he spoke. Eve and Amy shot up to their feet and headed towards the pulpit and then they were making their way rapidly towards the corridor like people on a rescue mission, to find their friend.

Michael passed the microphone over to the Priest and cast his fiery gaze upon Zee. Zee’s heart pummeled against her chest with guilt and fright and she started backing away from the aisle as he stepped down from the pulpit, his resolute movements aimed at her direction. She turned and started running out of the church.

“Elizabeth!” she heard Michael hiss and when she managed to steal a glance over her shoulder, he was coming for her with ardent strides, his movements, indomitable and his amber eyes, stormy.

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