Dark Love - A Darker Shade

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As she wept, Michael gave her six more hard spanks, so that she was crying profusely and desperately blubbering out promises “I’ll be good… Michael p...please.”

He paused with a determined raised hand, his muscles rippling underneath the arm of his fitted suit. “Will you lose the nose ring?”

“Yes, please.” She blubbered. She couldn’t believe that Michael would punish her like this. No one had ever raised a hand to her before. She was practically a princess for God’s sake and she always had her way. This had to be karma because of what she had always done to Inara. She was sure of it.

His palm came down punitively on her bottom again, eliciting a cry from her and more tears. When will he stop? Christ, she was dying.

“Michael, please.” She pleaded. “I’m begging you, please, I’ll be good.”

He paused again. “Say you’ll be good three times.”

“I’ll be good…I’ll be good…I’ll be good.” She tearfully ran the lines in quick succession. She would do anything to have this punishment come to an end.

She felt him releasing her and pulling her body up. Then his mouth was hot at her ear as she kept crying.

“Don’t test me again. Do you understand me?”

She nodded, too tearful to speak but he was not having it. He wanted to hear her verbal response. “Do you understand me, Liz?”

“Yes, Michael.” She answered, sniffling. As soon as he let her go, she crumbled to her knees on the thick rug that surrounded the table and wept, her hands trying to soothe the burning pain on her butt.

He sat back on the closest rotating office chair and watched her bawl. He wasn’t worried about his men hearing them because the place was soundproofed. Though, if the place wasn’t soundproofed, he knew he would have still spanked her.

Looking at her now and seeing her cry, his heart was touched, but he couldn’t let it bother him. She needed this. It was not too late to teach her some hardcore discipline. Elizabeth had grown up without real morals because of the kind of parents she had. They were an epitome of permissiveness and coupled with their busy lifestyle and intermittent absence, it was no wonder she got spoilt. She was simply a brat that needed to be tamed. Long ago, he had decided that her recalcitrant attitude was no longer his business, but now, if she was not afraid to seek him out for her shenanigans, then he was not afraid to take her in hand. He had warned her earlier, but she didn’t listen. Well, here they were.

“Come over here, Zee.” He said, reaching out his hand to hers. The space between them was only about a foot. She raised her tear-filled eyes to his in fresh panic and began shaking her head. “Please…”

“I’m not going to spank you.” He assured her. “Your punishment is over.” She was surprised at the hint of tenderness in his voice. Tentatively, she reached for the hand he was offering her. He took her hand and rose, helping her to her feet. She wouldn’t look at him, but kept her damp eyes on his chest. She flinched when she felt his finger on her face.

“Shh.” He said gently and she tried to relax as he started wiping her tears with the back of his finger. She couldn’t believe he was giving her solace. It wasn’t helping much though, because her butt was still burning. She hated the pain she was feeling.

“It…it hurts.” She choked out, crying again and he pulled her close to his chest, enveloping her in his arms, at the same time, straightening her crumpled dress.

“I know.” He ran his hand over her back, trying to calm her down, just so she would quickly recover, before they talked about going home. After about two minutes of his silent consolation, she was down to occasional sniffles. He broke their hug.

“I’ll take you home now, okay?”

“My car…”

“Trust me, you can’t drive.”

Zee realized with dismay that the pain on her butt would not let her sit down. “I hate you.” She told him.

“And I would hate to resume your punishment right now if you don’t watch your mouth.”

She froze at his words, her eyes widening. “I’m sorry.”

“Good. You had better watch your mouth around me, alright?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Now, let’s go.”

She followed him outside, barely able to walk properly, but he supported her by holding her hand and keeping her very close to his side, with the guards, escorting them. Outside was already dark, but the night was calm and illuminated by the city lights emanating from street lights, residential homes and corporate buildings, some bright, others, cozy.

He got her into the backseat of the Range Rover and allowed her manage to rest on her side, before getting himself onto the passenger seat, with the driver taking to the wheel. One of his men drove her truck and taking to the night, they arrived at her home. At the door, he had them hugging, before disengaging.

“Expect a dress for our engagement dinner.”

“I want to pick out…”

“Didn’t you like the introduction dress I sent you?”

“I did, but I would have liked to make my own choice.”

“And that’s what you’ve failed to understand, Elizabeth.” He told her. “You see, I make the choices now if I so desire and I will just love to see you try and defy me.”

Her face fell, but he didn’t care. “Goodnight, Elizabeth. And happy engagement dinner in advance.”

With that, he turned away and left with his guards, leaving her shocked at her doorstep, her butt still aching, and her mind, figuring out how to survive her situation.

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