Dark Love - A Darker Shade

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Lemuel rang Michael’s line with Inara waiting curiously beside him.

“He did not receive it?”

“Yeah. And I cannot blame the guy. He could be asleep or not be close to the phone or busy.”

“The explanations are endless. So maybe we could just keep him out of the picture?”

“Not a chance. I’m already redialing his line.”

“Lemuel please, at this point I’m asking that you reconsider.”


“Because…” Inara found herself searching for the best way to put her point across to him. “Well, let’s just handle it this time and if it happens again, then you can call him. What do you think?”

“Hmn.” Lemuel sighed, thoughtful. He listened to the line trill until it stopped. Then he held the phone away from his ear. “He didn’t pick.”

“Maybe it’s a sign for you to give her this chance?” Inara suggested.

“Do not patronize me, Baby girl. I know you just want to help your crazy friend.”

Inara didn’t bother pretending that her interest was otherwise. There was no need to. It was glaring enough. “Please?” she said desperately.

“You know, you’re being very surprising. I can recall how she often got you in trouble.”

“I know.”

“She bailed out on you the day you had that house party under her influence. I expected her to stay back and attempt some sort of support on your behalf but she just disappeared.”

“I guess she was just scared. You were really angry.”

“I was. And maybe she was scared but you never bothered to ask her?”

“I didn’t think that there was any need.”

Lemuel’s phone started ringing and a glance told him who it was. “It’s Michael.” He informed her. “It’s too late.”

“Lemuel please, tell him it’s something else. I mean, find a way to avoid mentioning that it’s about Zee, please?”

“I cannot. The guy needs to know.”

“Lemuel, please.” She held up her forefinger. “Give her this one chance.”

“Too late.” Lemuel responded and received the call. “Mr. Ray. There you are. I am so sorry about the late call.”

“It is fine, Mr. Arnold. I imagine it’s an important matter.”

“Yes...” Lemuel began and paused as Inara dropped to her knees before him.

“Please.” She whispered.

“Ugh...” he groaned, running his hand through his hair.

“Are you alright?’’ Michael asked, his voice laced with concern.

“Um…Yeah, I mean damn, I mixed this up. I was supposed to call another Michael, a client. Oh my God.” When he looked at Inara, she was sighing with relief.

Michael gave a slight chuckle. “Uh uh. It happens. Take it easy.”

“Sure. Thanks for understanding.”

“You’re welcome. Goodnight, Mr. Arnold.”


The call ended and Lemuel looked at Inara who was still on her knees. “This is manipulative and you know it.”


“Don’t thank me. You just made me lie. Jeez. Get up let’s go.”

Inara rose and rushed into his arms, hugging him tightly. Lemuel’s heart melted.

“Stop buying me with this.” He said as he held her close and she couldn’t help but smile. This tight hugging she had discovered was always working on her behalf.

“Jeez. I don’t even have a client named Michael.” He complained.

Inara tried not to laugh but she found herself chuckling. He gave her a slight smack on her bum and broke the hug.

“Aww, Sir.” She whined, her hands on her bum.

“That’s for manipulating me. Let’s go. I’ll tell the maid to keep an eye on Caleb.”


Minutes later, Lemuel was driving to the club with Inara sitting on the passenger side. They had quickly changed into simple casual outfits before hitting the road. Outside, the traffic was smooth because there were few cars on the road as it was late and getting more so.

“Can you go any faster?”

“We are already above the speed limit. Relax. She’ll be fine.”

Inara let her back rest on the seat before she looked at him, grateful that he was willing to help, considering that he was not a fan of Zee.

“Thanks for agreeing to help Zee.” She said.

“I’m doing this for you, not Zee. Indeed, love is wicked.”

Inara smiled at him. “I love you.”

He returned her smile. “I love you more.”

“I’m not ready to argue that with you right now, Sir.”

“Good, because I don’t even want you to.”

Inside the club, Zee was still dancing with the guy. He leaned into her ear again.

“We’ve been dancing for a while now like you insisted. When are we leaving?” His hand was on her butt, rubbing her intimately.

With the alcohol and heady music, Zee felt herself losing control. She had lost control a long time ago.

“Fine, let’s go.” She finally agreed.

The guy pulled her beside him and led her towards a Bouncer standing by the side. “Hey, I need a room for me and my girl.”

“Only one is free right now.”

“I’ll take it.”

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