Dark Love - A Darker Shade

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Chapter 9

Zee could not control her fear.

“Oh my god!”

“I’m so sorry, Zee.”

“Wait a minute, does the game say crash a wedding or the wedding?”

“It says, crash the wedding,” Inara repeated. “Why?”

“Jesus Christ!” Zee said fearfully. “That would be Michael’s wedding.”


A wedding will just be any wedding,” Zee said wearily. “But the wedding is personal. It’s the one that currently relates to my life, sort of.” She also remembered Michael’s dire threat about making her suffer if she ever sought him out to use him again. “I am finished.” She added brokenly, her eyes clamming up with tears. “I am finished.”

“I’m sorry, Zee.”

Tears blurred Zee’s vision as she sat inside her car, parked before her home. Then she ended the call.

Inara looked at Lemuel and he hugged her comfortingly.

“It’s because she cheated the game. Now she just has to do the game’s dare.”

“Which is?”

“Crash the wedding of the guy that…”

“I know. Don’t even complete it. I understand.”

He ran his hand soothingly over her back. “I guess there’s nothing we can do. I don’t like her, but I wish her all the best.”


“Promise me you will never get into such nonsense again.”

“I won’t dare.”

“That’s good.” He said and squeezed her arm just so it was a bit uncomfortable for her to drive the message home. She started wincing as he went on. “Because if you try it and I find out and the game doesn’t kill you first, I will. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.” She responded and hugged him tightly. It was a new behavior that she had developed, and it often worked for her. Whenever it seemed like he was mad at her, she would hug him tightly, and he would just feel his temper fading off, as it was happening right now. Lemuel lowered his head and kissed the top of her head, holding her close.

Zee spent the next day stalking Cassy from her car and taking pictures of her with her HD Camera as she went about with her boyfriend. She was not sure about what she would do with the pictures, but she just felt like it might come in handy if she was going to crash a wedding. She was not even sure it would help.

A few days later, an older-looking Zee was seated at the balcony of her home, smoking.

It was dark outside and the lights that illuminated the neighborhood were a peaceful sight to behold, but she could not appreciate the sight. She was disturbed. She was thinking about how to crash Michael’s wedding.

She wore a hooded dress so that the housekeeper would not notice her change. Right now, she was in her sixties.

The game had started changing her randomly between fifty and seventy years twice a day. She did not bother going to the hotel because her parents were out of the state for a week. Nevertheless, she had to keep herself hooded because of the housekeeper, who she could hear, knocking on her room door.

The housekeeper was everything. She was Zee’s nanny when she was much younger. She was also the cook and like a mother to her. It was the reason why when her parents had wanted her gone as she grew older, she had begged them not to let her go, as she would end up being alone in the house.

“Zee, dinner is ready.” She called out and Zee forced herself off the stool, entered her room, and shuffled over to the door. Her movement was slow. Each time she changed to an older version of herself, she would feel her energy deplete.

“Thank you. Please leave it at the door.” Zee replied. Thank God, her voice did not reflect her current age. She still sounded herself. It was the only good thing about the last dare.

“Why? Are you wearing that big coat again? What is wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Are you okay?”

“I am.”


“I said I’m okay,” Zee shouted. She did not have time for questioning. She had a lot of thinking to do.


“It is no longer news.”

The housekeeper placed the food at the door of Zee’s room. She practically raised the girl because her parents were out all the time. It was pity for the girl that kept her in the house, and she was fond of her even though the girl was lazy and had a bad character.

“Eat your food. It’s Irish potato fries and eggs, your favorite.”

“Thanks. You know I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Zee listened to the woman’s footsteps fade away before she opened the door slightly and dragged in the plate of food. It smelled heavenly and she rapidly consumed it.

When she was done, she drank water and ventured into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She hated her reflection in the mirror. This was not her. At least it was not her time to look like this with wrinkles and all the features of age marking her. “Damn you.” She cursed at her reflection and sighed with relief, as she slowly became herself.

When she was done, she ventured back outside and continued smoking on the balcony. She had been having sleepless nights over the thought of crashing Michael’s wedding. The thought of it was a nightmare.

How would she do it? If she reported that Cassy was cheating, he would not believe her. He would think she was up to her antics again or something, and she was tired of being seen as a joke.

How does one crash a wedding? She pondered. God!

This was not about spoiling a relationship. It was about spoiling a wedding ceremony.

Zee spent subsequent days drinking and getting herself drunk. In her moment of drunkenness, she would forget her challenges. The temporary relief was always welcome.

On the night before the wedding, her loneliness and fear increased. She thought of Nathan. Ever since he eventually left her for the saucy girl back at school, she had never really dated.

She spent her days enjoying her allowance and hanging out with Inara. She had always liked Inara because she reminded her of her past self. Furthermore, she liked her pure heart and humility.

Zee had stayed away from having anything serious with guys because she was so afraid of having her heartbroken.

Zee managed to sleep off her frustration and the dread of the coming day. When it was morning, there was nothing she could do but prepare herself.

Despite all her thinking, she had not found a way to have the wedding crashed. All she had were pictures she had taken while stalking Cassy and her boyfriend with her car.

She dressed up in a black dress and red pumps, let her hair down, and took the pictures with her to the car. As soon as she slipped inside, the car mirror told her she was in her sixties again. She felt her energy drop. Damn, she thought and wore her sunglasses before driving towards the cathedral.

She parked the car at the parking lot and remained inside the car, watching guests pour into the massive structure. She was still looking like a woman in her sixties, and she sat there, waiting and hoping that she would change back to herself soon.

At some point, the premises became quiet, and she knew that the wedding ceremony had started. When she looked at her reflection in the mirror again, she was back to herself.

She took some deep calming breaths and summoned up the courage to leave the car with the pictures, inside her purse. When she walked into the cathedral, she was surprised to see that different halls were inside and each hall had the picture of the bride and groom outside.

She walked past the first two halls and the third. The last one was just ahead, and she saw Michael and Cassy’s picture gracing the outside. God, he was handsome. And she hated to admit it, but Cassy was also fine as hell. Her heartbeat pumped faster as she approached the hall.

At the doorway, she noticed the few guests inside. Then she quietly slipped inside, already sighting the couple at the pulpit, facing each other before the Priest. They were about to be joined. Zee sat at the back seat of the hall. She was so sorry for what she was about to do, but her life depended on it, and she was not ready to die. Her whole life was still ahead of her.

She took a moment to observe the guests. On the left were four guys in suits, including a couple of women who looked business-like. On the right were Cassy’s friends- Eve and Amy, only. Where the hell were the parents of the bride and groom? This wedding had taken low-key to another level. It worked for her. The less crowd, the better for her, considering what she was about to do.

Everyone’s attention was at the altar. The bride and groom were hot in their wedding outfit. Michael was wearing a pristine white suit, and Cassy’s lacy white wedding dress was divine.

She listened for her moment when the Priest would ask the famous question at weddings, and her heart thundered as he finally did.

“Is there anyone who would not see these two joined? Speak now or forever remain silent.”

Zee rose to her feet and everyone seemed to notice her for the first time as she stepped forward and raised her finger. “I will not.” She pronounced, to the shock of everyone present. At that moment, her eyes met Michael’s, and his amber eyes seemed to burn like an inferno as he glared at her with anger that chilled her to the bone marrow.

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