A Girl For Her

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Chapter 10

Scarlett back the car out of the driveway seeing as Angel was about in tears as she waved goodbye to them than she cleared her throat saying,

“So where is it that you live Scarlett?”

Scarlett watched the road replying,

“Oh, that is right you don’t remember it’s been so long....hmmmm let me rewind your memory a little bit. We fell in love at this location and it is going to be such a life of a memory for us both when we got to together. Oh...what was that county we lived in....oh why can’t I put a finger on it.”

Angel knew they were heading back to Rose County, Michigan the last place she wanted to return too and so the lying has begun on Scarlett from stating she was in Kansas when she hasn’t been. So, Angel sighed replying,

“We are headed to Rose County after I just left there, so you are desperately keeping me so far away from Jana that I can’t return since I wasn’t allowed to take anything with me at least since we left from my house.”

Scarlett snarled at her responding,

“What did I say about mentioning that chicks name?”

Scarlett pulled the car over then climbed out of it as she pulled Angel from it then started beating her until she was unconscious. Scarlett dragged Angel back into the car and placed her in the backseat. As she walked around the car then got into the driver seat an started driving again.

Scarlett slammed her hands against the steering wheel as the frustration of silence was driving her insane after three hours. She had to pull over again so she placed the car on the side of the road an than proceeded to wake Angel up an as she did, she realized blood on the blanket and cursed realizing she could of killed Angel so she tried again to wake Angel with a stir of motion an tossing the blanket aside Angel started whimpering in pain.

Angel felt the lump on her head from where Scarlett kicked her and saw dried blood on her hand she knew then that she had to tell Scarlett get her to the hospital but her mouth was so dry she couldn’t speak. That was when Scarlett spoke saying,

“I am going to get us to the closest hospital possible just hold on.”

Angel wanted to beat Scarlett herself so bad for making her this way, she missed Jana,Jonathan and Avery so bad it was hurting her inside so Angel wetted her mouth replying,

“I can’t go into a hospital you fucking bitch I don’t have any medical information let alone a ID as far as anyone would know I would be a Jane Doe in their terms, oh wait you will probably be giving me a new name as soon as we hit Michigan and give me a whole new style so not even my fiancee will know who I am anymore. This has been your plan all along is to make me a living nightmare away from the love of my life.”

Scarlett looked at Angel in the rear-view mirror with a evil grin knowing that she could knock the bitch out again if she kept up with the smart mouth on the “love of her life” bullshit. Scarlett loved Angel with deep passion even if it meant changing her name and everything just to get her out of Kansas and away from Jana Johnson.

Scarlett has been planning to kidnap Angel for a long time just to win her heart even though she didn’t expect her to fall in love with another chick especially this Jana woman and have kids to bond with that was her life now that they are engaged it has made it more complicated for Scarlett to get Angel so when they willingly came to agreement to let her go with Scarlett it was in the back of her mind completely.

Scarlett now has Angel and is glad to be willing to make this woman suffer the loss of her beloved Jana,Jonathan and Avery. Scarlett was super happy that Angel willingly gave in after they had sex and Jana caught them finally but they didn’t argue when they went upstairs which was odd, so now she has to wonder what them two have planned.

For now Scarlett is enjoying her sweet play toy, she hated beating up Angel but the woman wouldn’t stop bringing up that disgusting chick Jana that has stole her away. So now that they are on the way to Rose County,Michigan to relive their romance that shouldn’t have left them as long as Angel doesn’t steal the car.

Angel spoke softly,

“Scarlett, why must I suffer? I have stopped loving you when my mother disapproved of you abusing me and everything.”

Scarlett scoffed replying,

“Angel, your mom can’t stop who you love and neither can you, so now I am making you my wife and we will be happy together. By the way, I wasn’t abusing you I was showing you how much you mean to me.”

Angel rolled her eyes at that responding,

“I am not going to take this bullshit Scarlett, I am only willingly going to you is because...because I felt the need to show you that Jana is a good woman for me.”

Scarlett looked in the rear view mirror replying,

“You aren’t going to forget that woman are you? I mean seriously what does she have that I don’t?”

Angel tried not to laugh at the stupidity of Scarlett but knew to be nice so she responded,

“She treats me the way I should be treated even though we have only been together a year and several months.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes at that response as she replied,

“Only a year seriously? We were together all through High School and you disappeared off the world far as I was concern since I thought we were getting married.”

Angel had to laugh this time with a response,

“Scarlett you abused me how was I supposed to handle that with marriage.”

Scarlett drove for over ten hours and still had more to go before they arrived an she was ready to beat Angel over the head some more to make her forget about who she is an everything that involved her life before.

Though Scarlett came up with dangerous thoughts as time passed on as Angel complained about missing Jana and the kids it was getting to Scarlett badly that she was ready to just ditch the woman but she couldn’t because she wanted her to love her more than anything in the world even if it meant replaying history of their love life in High School.

Angel’s mother had ditched Angel when she was in her teens for being a bisexual and attracted to women the thing was that Scarlett couldn’t see Angel as much as she wanted so she always snuck over to be with her girlfriend at the time, she had tried to convince Angel to run away with her but she never did even when she had the perfect job too at her bookstore cafe before it had a name to it.

Scarlett would always sneak over to Angel’s grandmother’s to see if she could at least sneak her away every chance she got but Angel always had excuses for being around her grandmother though her and Angel’s relationship lasted through High School but soon faded with reality and this wasn’t going to happen again.

Jana felt so lost without Angel even as her boss Martha had been coming over to help with the kids and getting them settled. Jana had settled with the fact that she had to get Angel away from Scarlett somehow but not sure when since she has to take care of their children and everything else though Avery has been complaining about missing Angel a lot that she can’t even stay focus in school.

Jana got their breakfast ready and lunches done as she sighed then raised her voice for the kids saying,

“Jonathan,Avery time to get motivated your bus will be here shortly.”

They both came rushing down the stairs in their school clothes as Jonathan looked at Jana replying,

“I really wish mom would come back, I miss her so much, all I do is draw tons of pictures of her anymore. Mom, would be so proud of my drawings too, want to come see momma?”

Jana nodded then headed up to Jonathan’s room seeing that he had picture’s of her every where on his walls and notebooks even his computer screen had a digital version of her. Jana missed Angel so much it was killing her inside, as she headed back upstairs from the basement she looked at Avery’s room seeing that Avery had written Momma everywhere and had the picture of the four of them together sitting on her bed as Jana weeped in tears as the kids came by and held her giving her soothing words that their momma would be back.

The kids left for school as Jana just kept weeping over Angel really missing her badly until she heard the front door close and she sat up drying her tears as she saw Martha come in saying,

“Jana, sweetie, you have been working with me for a while their isn’t much you can do about Angel at the moment and try to figure out how to get life back on track including for Jonathan an Avery. I am sure we can get Angel back but it is going to take time and planning just got to figure out where Scarlett is taking her.”

Jana nodded as she could feel herself wanting to hug Martha for support and keeping her through this struggle of losing someone she deeply loves. Jana finally replied,

“I don’t think Scarlett would stay in Kansas knowing that their love started in Michigan which is where I met Angel. I could call Shauna to see if they have arrived in Rose County but I’m sure Shauna would have called if she saw them. Though it is a twelve to thirteen hour drive all the way to Rose County.”

Martha hugged Jana then turned Jana’s head toward her as their eyes were very serious to one another as Martha responded,

“Jana, if that is where Scarlett is heading then who knows what Scarlett could be doing to her now and it could look really rough if Angel is suffering any type of danger.”

Jana just sighed heavily as she replied,

“I willingly let her go to Scarlett for the fact, Scarlett wasn’t going to stop coming here until she left with Angel and now I am hoping to rescue Angel from Scarlett like I told her I would.”

Martha lifted Jana’s head and kissed her sweetly then released responding,

“Jana, even if we ever find Angel what will you do about me? keep me from your hidden life too.”

Jana shrugged replying,

“Martha you are my boss we’d probably go back to before and I don’t want to lose my fiancee she means everything to me. I am wanting to marry her eventually even if it means fighting to get her back from Scarlett.”

Martha slid her hands away responding,

“Jana, you realize fighting to get your future back means keeping me out of the picture and losing your job at the bakery?”

Jana understood that as she nodded replying,

“I knew that when you hired me, I will find another place to work at around town.”

Martha nodded then left the room and then the house without looking back as Jana just stayed put to be lost in her own thoughts being in Avery’s room. Jana felt like giving up completely with just the kids but she had to support them plus get to Angel some how some way even if it meant leaving the children with her parent’s until she can get Angel back home and with her.

Jana got up from the bed leaving Avery’s bedroom with the door closed as she went to her room looking at everything they had stored in from Pride Day,Festivities in town and much more. Angel had made Jana’s life an adventure and she couldn’t forget that especially when they welcomed the kids in the picture it had been worth everything to have Jonathan and Avery that was when she knew she could do something that Angel would be grateful for was changing the kids last names when they are married because Avery had beg since their parent’s were long gone.

Jana knew that she could take them to Maryland to see their Grandma as they search for their momma they had to find Angel even if it meant that they missed school and she was sure they would understand on finding Angel an getting her home.

Jana packed bags in all three parts of the house,checked her bank account seeing she had enough to travel as the excitement ran through her,she grabbed cold bags an kept moving on filling the truck up, she finally left the house,locking it behind her and as she got in the truck putting it in drive she headed to the kids school to speak with them on letting them go for getting their momma Angel they had to get her some how and the kids can make up the work on the road if it must be.

Jana got to the school spoke with the principal on taking the kids out explaining the situation luckily the principal knew they were good kids and didn’t mind one bit as long as she were able to bring Angel back for the sake of both kids.

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